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all know so well as “black pepper” actually come from a flowering vine in the Piperaceae family of plants. Pepper vines are native to India, but these days they’re found and cultivated all around the world; vietnam grows and exports about 35 percent of the world’s supply of black pepper, with #India, brazil, china and srilanka making up much of the rest.

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Archaeologists have found evidence of people in India using pepper as far back as 2000 B.C. It appears that there existed some kind of pepper trade between India and egypt after this, since peppercorns were stuffed into Ramses the Great’s nostrils during mummification.

A couple of thousand years later, the Romans were making a fair bit of bank out of exporting peppercorns out of India. And the Romans really loved the stuff, too: When Rome was besieged in 410 A.D., the city’s rulers even offered the Visogoths three thousand pounds of pepper (among other things) in a desperate and futile attempt to avoid being sacked.

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After the fall of Rome, the Arab world came to dominate the pepper trade, and by the 10th century the spice had become well-loved among Europe’s royal families and aristocracies. Before long, however, other traders had figured out where the arabs were getting their pepper from, and soon portuguese, Genoan and Venetian merchants began to tighten their grip on the industry. Pepper didn’t exactly get cheaper for this, though, and even in the High Middle Ages, pepper was a hugely valuable spice which came with an astronomically high price for the consumer, largely because moving it from India to the West required the efforts of so many middlemen.

Control of the spice trade later switched hands again, first to the Dutch and then the british. Today, things are much different, and #pepper is produced and #exported by various nations all over the #world.

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