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Dried black pepper, derived from the Piper nigrum plant, is a widely used spice known for its bold flavour and culinary versatility. With a history dating back thousands of years, black pepper has been a staple in global cuisines and traditional medicine. The key component responsible for black pepper’s pungency is piperine. This compound not only gives pepper its characteristic taste but also contributes to its potential health benefits. Piperine has been studied for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making black pepper more than just a flavour enhancer.

Beyond its culinary uses, black pepper has been valued for its medicinal properties in various cultures. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, black pepper is believed to aid digestion, stimulate appetite, and alleviate respiratory issues. The piperine in black pepper has also been investigated for its potential to enhance nutrient absorption, making it a valuable addition to meals.

When it comes to culinary applications, black pepper is incredibly versatile. It is used in both savory and sweet dishes, adding depth and warmth. Whether used in marinades, rubs, or sprinkled over finished dishes, black pepper elevates the overall taste profile. The process of obtaining dried black pepper involves harvesting the green unripe berries of the Piper nigrum plant. These berries are then dried, typically in the sun or through mechanical drying methods. The outer layer of the dried berries, known as peppercorns, is rich in essential oils that contribute to the spice’s aroma and flavour.

There are various types of black pepper, each with its unique characteristics. Tellicherry and Malabar pepper, for example, are renowned for their bold and complex flavour profiles. Understanding the differences among these varieties allows chefs and home cooks to choose the perfect pepper for their culinary creations. In addition to its culinary and potential health benefits, black pepper has played a role in trade and economic history. It was once considered so valuable that it was used as a form of currency in ancient civilizations. The spice trade, including black pepper, influenced global exploration and commerce, shaping the course of history.

Dried black pepper is more than just a spice; it’s a multifaceted ingredient with a rich history, diverse culinary applications, and potential health benefits. Whether enhancing the flavour of a dish or contributing to traditional medicine practices, black pepper continues to be a globally cherished and indispensable ingredient.

Best quality Black pepper. unprocessed and completely natural, ready to use product. These are packed directly from the farmers  of Wayanad Kerala.


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Weight .5 kg

48 reviews for Black Pepper 500g Pack

  1. Sameera Shah

    Bought the half kg pack. Nice packing and pepper is of good quality.

  2. Sebastian philip

    Good quality pepper

  3. Saraswati Nair

    Good spice for household use. Clean and ready to use pepper

  4. Vignesh Sivan

    Good quality black pepper received

  5. Jeena Mathew

    Good product 👍

  6. John Kalathiparambil

    Quality Product

  7. Manoj

    good quality pepper

  8. Dennis Chako

    Nice quality product….value for money

  9. Akash

    Best quality Black Pepper

  10. Reghu Raj

    Top Quality. I’m really satisfied with this purchase and recommend it!

  11. Lincy Mathew

    The quality of the black pepper made me super happy. The packaging kept it fresh, and the peppercorns were mature. Highly recommended product.

  12. Sugan Babu

    Best black pepper. Too good smells after crushing

  13. SHALIN Roy

    Good quality black pepper… And fast delivery

  14. Shankar V

    Good Quality Black Pepper

  15. Saji kurian

    Good product

  16. amal b

    This black pepper has a robust flavor and a little goes a long way in enhancing the taste of my dishes.

  17. vishnu babu

    Amazing quality and packaging .. highly recommended

  18. Mathew

    Good Black Pepper

  19. Sidhu Raman

    Good quality pepper cone. Nice packing too.

  20. Jithin p Joseph

    looks like natural and fresh

  21. Muraleedharan

    The best black pepper in Pepperhub

  22. Sanjumon

    Fresh quality black pepper got in pepper hub

  23. Deepthi.Dipin

    good in Quality nice packing reasonable price

  24. Thanvi

    Perfectly dried black pepper. Good product

  25. Sangeetha .Sudheesh

    Dried pepper, good smell after crushing, nice packing

  26. Lilly Jose

    The black pepper is well packed and of best quality.

  27. jaya sasi

    Haven’t seen black pepper with this much quality. Affordable and good packaging

  28. Gokul Das

    Good quality black pepper cones delivered on time.

  29. minnu thomas

    The dried black pepper I purchased was aromatic and flavorful, enhancing the taste of my dishes. Highly recommended for spice lovers!

  30. Dhisha.v

    Dried Black pepper, good aromatic flavor, really spicy

  31. Venkid

    The black pepper ordered arrived is well dried and packed. Good product

  32. Ramachandran.A

    Just received the order perfect dried black pepper, super quality nice packing

  33. Gayathri G

    Dried black pepper offers a potent and versatile spice that elevates the flavor profile of numerous dishes

  34. Ayesha Kishan

    Great quality pepper! Great value for money with this 500g pack of Black Pepper.

  35. Shalini Prakash

    Absolutely satisfied with the quality and quantity of this black pepper pack.

  36. Mira.Vasudev

    Quality dried ground black pepper should be uniform in texture and consistency. Avoid pepper that contains large pieces or impurities, as they can affect the overall quality of the spice.

  37. SHALIN Roy

    Got it yesterday… Big peppercorns and of good quality

  38. Vinu s

    Strong, aromatic black peppercorns! Exactly what I was looking for. Fresh and delivers a real kick. Arrived quickly and well-packaged.

  39. Maanik

    Unadulterated product. Fresh from the farms. Neatly packed and aroma protected. Pepper quality is good. This one does not have any fungus.

  40. Jafar

    It truly is authentic and fresh as stated. Quick to deliver and Packed well! Will definitely Recommend!

  41. Sreedevi Prabha

    Nice product, I put one grain in my mouth and I could feel the punch for more than half an hour.

  42. Varsha Vipin

    It has the natural earthy flavour .Its lil pricey but good taste

  43. Vinay T K

    best pepper corns available at good reasonable rate, using it from quite some time. Go for it.

  44. Kriti Balu

    Good Quality of Pepper. Any one can go head for purchasing this.

  45. Shankar

    Very pleased with the product. Fresh quality product nicely packed.

  46. Saroj Kumar

    Product is good, I purchased two packets of it and used it for a while. The packet(whole) were of even sized black colour seeds. I kept it for 4 months and it still smells like fresh.

  47. Meghna

    Got it right today…peppercorns are aromatic…great stuff at almost half the price of the market !

  48. Uthara Krishnan

    It’s natural. It’s good for health . The taste is amazing. And the size is probably same . It’s clean

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