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Welcome to PepperHub – Let your agriculture shine, and let’s cultivate success together!  Are you a passionate grower, dedicated to cultivating high-quality plants and contributing to the thriving world of agriculture? Become a Pepperhub seller and contribute to a community that values sustainable farming practices and the beauty of diverse plant life. Join us on a journey to nurture greenery, foster sustainable practices, and grow together.

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PepperHub offers a dynamic marketplace where your culinary creations can shine.Getting started is a breeze. Our user-friendly platform allows you to set up your store with minimal effort. Showcase your products, tell your story, and start selling in no time. Enjoy peace of mind with our secure and reliable payment system. PepperHub ensures seamless transactions, providing a safe and trustworthy platform for both sellers and buyers.

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Begin your journey by creating a seller account on PepperHub. Fill in the necessary details, upload your logo, and set the tone for your unique brand.

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PepperHub welcomes a diverse range of products that showcase your agricultural products. Determine competitive yet profitable prices for your products.

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Access a comprehensive real-time sales dashboard that provides a snapshot of your performance. Track sales, orders, and revenue at a glance, allowing you to stay informed about your business's health.

Get paid for your sales

Our vendor registration process not only opens the doors to a thriving marketplace but also provides you with a straightforward and secure system to get paid for your products.

Commission fee

Percentage of Order item value ( depends on category & sub-category

Shipping fee

Calculated on the basis of product weight and shipping location

Collection fee

Payment gateway or cash collection charges for every sale

Fixed fee

A small fee that we charges on all transactions

Shipping Fees

To ensure ease of selling and the best possible customer experience, we mandate delivery to all customers via our logistics partners and deduct the shipping cost from the selling price before making a payment to you. Shipping fee is calculated on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. This is to account for items which are lightweight but occupy a lot of shipping space.

0.0 Kg - 0.5 Kg₹44₹51₹65
0.5 Kg - 1.0 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg )₹4₹19₹26
1.0 Kg - 1.5 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg )₹13₹17₹28
1.5 Kg - 2.0 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg )₹10₹18₹22
2.0 Kg - 3.0 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg )₹8₹11₹17
> 3.0 Kg ( For every 1 kg )₹4₹10₹8
  1. Shipping rate for forward shipments is applicable for Bronze Sellers only.
  2. There is 20% and 10% discount on the forward shipping fee for Gold and Silver Sellers respectively.
  3. Mentioned rates are exclusive of all taxes.
  • Local (Intracity): Item shipped within a city.
  • Zonal (Intrazone): Item shipped within the borders of a zone (North, South, East, West).
  • National (Interzone): Item shipped across zones.

Collection Fees

A small payment collection fee is charged to you for all prepaid and postpaid orders that you receive. The Collection fee will vary depending on the payment type chosen by the customer (Prepaid/Postpaid) . For a prepaid order – Based on Payment gateway, For a postpaid order – Based on cash collection charges. The collection fee will be calculated on the final selling price of a product. The final selling price is a sum of the amount paid by the Customer including shipping charges, if any (Price of product + Shipping charges). This will remain the same for all sellers irrespective of the category and tier.

Selling PricePrepaidPostpaid

Fixed Fees

Fixed Fee is a small amount charged for every successful sale transaction. A successful sale transaction is an order which has been successfully delivered to the customer. In case of any customer return, this fee is charged. However, no fee is charged in case of a courier return. Also, this fee varies based on the order item value irrespective of the category and seller tier.

Order Item ValueRate