Pepper Panniyur 1 Plants (Pack of 10)

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Pepper Panniyur 1 is the first Black Pepper variety developed by black pepper research institute in Kerala Agricultural University, Kannur. The above product is Panniyur 1 pepper variety. Panniyur crop is mainly cultivated in major parts of kerala, karnataka, Tamil Nadu.Panniyur-1 world’s first hybrid pepper was produced at Panniyur Pepper Research Station in Kerala over three decades ago. It is having long Spikes with large berries, early bearing, performs well in open.Suitable to all pepper growing areas, except under heavy shade.

The variety is said to be suited to all pepper growing regions, how ever do not tolerate high shade. This variety yields 1242 kg/ha (Dry). These have long spikes with large berries, early bearing, performs well in open. New spikes will be light greenish in color.

Pepperhub provides one of the best quality panniyur 1 plants india.  Panniyur 1 pepper variety is available online in Pepperhub. There are other varieties like Panniyur 2, Panniyur 3, panniyur 4, panniyur 5, Panniyur 6, Panniyur 7

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140 reviews for Pepper Panniyur 1 Plants (Pack of 10)

  1. Abubacker

    My first online order for black pepper plants. Happy with the service

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are happy to hear that, hank you for your order

  2. Rahul Menon

    Best quality plants. I got with 3-4 cuttings in a pack. Good service,keep it up.

  3. Shilga paul

    Good plants

  4. Meenu Prakash

    plants are soo good quality plants

  5. Hussain

    Best plants bought online, i have made purchases from other websites. But these plants are the best

  6. Sebastian philip

    Good quality plants
    Good service

  7. Rajan vazhayil

    Got my pack of one year old panniyur plants. happy with the service

  8. Midhun Ramachandran

    Healthy Plants!
    these are one of the healthy plants i ordered online. Safely packed and delivered.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Its our responsibility that you get the plant right. We at PepperHub take all measures to deliver you plants in good condition.
      We are happy to hear from you

  9. Arya Manoj

    Happy with the service

    • Vishnu Raj


      we are happy to hear from you

  10. Ratheesh Kumar

    Healthy plants delivered home with care. Quality packing

  11. Sreenesh Nair

    Best quality panniyur plants i have bought this year. It was hard finding good quality plants online. Now with this buy experience i would recommend my friends too.

  12. Sreelakshmi

    Good and quality plants.
    Delivered healthy

  13. Manjula

    Good plants, and healthy ones i received.

  14. Sarang Menon

    Happy plants received in good condition

  15. Mahesh Karun

    Had a good experience buying plants from here. I would suggest, with lower price people will be happy to buy

  16. Praveen PrasannaKumar

    praveenprayaga (verified owner)

    I am happy, plants recieved in good condition.

  17. Praveen PrasannaKumar

    praveenprayaga (verified owner)

    I am happy to buy this plants, also today recieved in good condition.

  18. Haripriya Hari

    Good quality plants received in good condition

  19. Hemanth

    Good service

  20. Sindhu Nair

    Good quality plants

  21. Sajeevan V K

    Received good and healthy plants

  22. Sukumar K

    Good plants with big leaves and long stem

  23. Rakesh Sharma

    Received in safe condition. Good service and nice service

  24. Reshma Sabu

    Good plants well packed. Loved the way they delivered the product

  25. Kavya Haresh

    Loved the service. When I called the support team, they were able to help me with my doubts.
    Good and healthy plants too.

  26. Sobin Mathew

    One of the best online to to buy black pepper plants. Providing the healthy plants

  27. graliontorile

    Very interesting information! Perfect just what I was looking for!

  28. Ramachandran

    1 year old longs plants that are healthy and fresh with lots of roots. I thought i ll be receiving pack of 3-4 stem small plants. But i recived this sigle stem big plants. This is better than the 3-4 stem small plant pouch.

  29. Anjitha Supran

    Long and healthy plants.

  30. Hiran

    Good plants got

  31. Diljith Sunny

    Panniyur 1 plants received are good in quality. No damages

  32. Shahum Nazeer

    Real panniyur 1 plants. I have bought some plants from nearby nurseries but most them are just mix of some pepper plants. There is no single variety. I got 2 karimunda and 1 panniyur in a single pouch.
    This is where Pepperhub is different and unique!
    They do provide correct variety in eavery pouch. Thats why i love these guys!

  33. Mathew H G

    Good Plants

  34. kavitha

    good plants are got no damage



  36. manu


    good plants


    Real Panniyur plants, no damage arrived safely

  38. Bineesh. Subrahmanian

    Healthy plants

  39. Harichandran

    Writing the review after my 2nd purchase. Received the plants in good condition. 👍

  40. Krishnan nair

    I got good quality seedlings of Panniyur 1 pepper well packed, and reached safe

  41. Madhu Chandran

    Good healthy Panniyur seedlings arrived safely

  42. Aneesh Kuriyan

    I hesitated initially, but my purchase turned out brilliant. The plants were received in good condition. Now here to order 10 more panniyur 1 plants.

  43. Niroop P

    Good plants and quality packing

  44. Darshana

    Super plants

  45. Senthil Kumar

    Received the package. And the packing was very good, Thank you

  46. Vimala Rajan

    Plants seems to be health and more than 1 year old. Very happy.

  47. Neena

    Best Quality plants

  48. pavithra bhasi

    safe packaging and delivered on time.

  49. Renuka

    Best quality plants

  50. Kamal

    Thank you Pepperhub for providing best quality pepper plants. The plants are good and thriving.

  51. Anoop K

    The plants are healthy and thriving. Ordered 20 more plants.

  52. Siva Kumar

    As its my first online plant purchase I was little worried. I package arrived yesterday and I am really happy about my purchase. It was well packed and the plants were healthy.

  53. Christy Phililp

    I am so happy to purchase this plants this is quality plants, arrived safely

  54. vishwajith maohar

    Quality black pepper plants are of good length not like what we get from other nurseries…

  55. Krishnan.Nair

    It is the high quality pepper plants, nice packing

  56. Madhu.chandran

    Good plants, highly recommended pepperhub plants…

  57. Amit Patel

    The order arrived on time. The plants were big and healthy, with thick stems. The packing is awesome. Keep going with your good service.

  58. Prasanna

    Order received. The plants look healthy and arrived on schedule.

  59. Harikumar

    Panniyur 1 pepper seedlings was missing from my garden I ordered from pepper hub the seedlings I got was very good plant

  60. Priya Verma

    Best plants. Each plant had healthy lush green foliage, clearly showing the care and attention given to their growth and packaging.

  61. seethal v ram

    My first order from pepperhub…amazed with the packaging and plant quality…never seen this much alrge and healthy plants..hope the black pepper plants will grow healthy.

  62. Faisal Salam

    My first order from pepperhub…amazed with the packaging and plant quality. Plants were bigger than I expected and were healthy

  63. Sunil Kumar

    The Pepper Panniyur 1 Plant samplings I ordered arrived in good condition, with lively green leaves.

  64. Jithin.Jenson

    Pepper panniyur is a variety in large spikes with long berries, arrived in good condition

  65. Sheela Kumari

    Received my plants yesterday, any suggestions for me?

  66. sivakumat tp

    Had never seen such healthy plants thankyou pepperhub

  67. Rinosh

    I just got the seedlings yesterday and they are very healthy and the blogs on farming etc very helpful

  68. priya mani

    Packaging is amazing …had never seen such cute packaging..plants are safe and healthy

  69. archana rajeev

    Brought this for my father…appa said that all are in good condition and he planted it yesterday…

  70. Yeshvind

    The plants arrived on time. The plants were healthy but to me its bit pricey.

  71. George Joseph

    I received my order this morning without delay. They were well packed and arrived safely.

  72. Amal Joy

    Writing the review after 1.5 months. The plants are healthy and thriving. I am here again to place another order for Panniyur 1 and see more varieties and get confused.

  73. akshra binu

    This is the only site where i have seen this many black pepper varieties …i got Panniyur 1 and 6 plants in cute packaging and all are f good quality

  74. Sanoj VP

    The order received on time and plants were good. The plants seems ok to me but bit high price.

  75. Chandran Chemmanad

    Received my plants today, plants are in healthy condition

  76. Aravind Sabu

    Got Panniyur 1 and Panniyur 5 today…thankyou pepperhu b

  77. manu vargheese

    First order from Pepperhub . Customer support is very good and packaging is different from all others. I can see the difference and wuality from packaging to quality of plants.

  78. sourav

    Best Quality plants

  79. Vijesh.Vijayan

    Panniyur 1 is the high yielding plants in black pepper plants got good condition healthy leaves and stems, recommended it….

  80. Rakesh M

    Healthy plants and the package was reached here safely.

  81. John Varkey

    The plants are healthy and big enough to plant right away. The order arrived on time.

  82. Jayan Raj

    Got it at the correct time, healthy seedlings ,good service

  83. Shiju.Divakar

    Happy to inform you, good service

  84. Paulson Jony

    The order received on time and were well packed. Plants were supper healthy with thick stem.

  85. aparna mathew

    not satisfied with the delivery ….took 14 days and some plants are not in good condition.

  86. mallika varalakshmi

    Panniyur 1 plants have exceeded my expectations! good, and thriving plants

  87. lokesh rajanayak

    Writing review after 6 months …I’ve had a positive experience with Panniyur 1 plants. They are disease-resistant and have shown exceptional adaptability to different soil types.

  88. Devasy

    The delivery took more than 1 week. But the plants are araived here in good condition

  89. babu pk

    A site with all black pepper varities …. This is my second order of Panniyur 1 …100% satisfied

  90. Ajith.Ajay

    All varieties of black pepper plants are available in this site…….Good service

  91. Varun Lal

    The plants arrived on time safely and was perfectly packed to avoid damage on delivery. Good job guys. Plants were lively and healthy.

  92. Sijin

    I am totaly satisfied with this order. I got good and healthy plants

  93. Renuka vijayan

    Best Quality plants.

  94. Tanvi Mishra

    Super Happy with my purchase, it arrived in excellent condition. The plants with well developed roots were provided. Great customer support too.

  95. Chirag

    The plants were well packed and provided good customer support.

  96. Sahil

    Thank you pepperhub. The plants were in good condition on arrival. Great packing…

  97. Jake C Mathew

    Happy to inform you, really satisfied to this purchase, thank you Pepper hub….

  98. Arshal Rahman

    I got the best plants in Pepper hub

  99. Sujaya Ramaswamy

    நேற்று எனக்கு மிளகு செடிகள் கிடைத்தன, செடிகள் நல்ல நிலையில் இருந்தன. Thank You Pepper Hub

  100. Rajat Aryan

    The plants were well packed and arrived on time. Just normal plants as we got from near nursery.

  101. arshad

    After a few weeks, these pepper plants have adapted well to my garden environment and are thriving

  102. Mahadev.Shenay

    Panniyur 1 black pepper is renowned for its exceptional quality, characterized by a robust flavor profile, high piperine content and consistent yield, making it a preferred choice among cultivators and consumers alike.

  103. Raji Devesh

    Received good plants and well packed.

  104. Ganesh Madesh

    The plants were well packed and arrived on time. Then plants were a little weak on arrival. But fine after watering. Well cared plants provided. They provide me with the best customer support too.

  105. abeesh mathew

    The packaging ensured that they arrived in perfect condition. Their health and vitality upon arrival were impressive.

  106. Vivek.Jagannathan

    Just received the order good seedlings healthy stem and leaves, loved the packing recommended it….

  107. Thomson Joseph

    One of the most important variety got in pepper hub, nice covering got its in good condition

  108. Nehal bhasi

    It’s my 2nd order. Good plants. The plants arrived in great condition as expected. Quick delivery too.

  109. basil mathayi

    They’re showing healthy growth, and their resilience is commendable. It’s a joy to watch these pepper plants thrive

  110. Bijoy.Mathew

    Panniyur 1 black pepper plants are renowned for their robust growth, high yield, and exceptional spice quality,making them a preferred choice among farmers.

  111. meenakumari sarath

    Panniyur plants are in good condition and all my family members liked the packaging..will update after planting . satisfied with the order

  112. Ravinash M

    Packaging is amazing & plant are in helathy condition

  113. vishbin sabu

    The delivery was prompt, and the plant came in excellent condition. Highly recommended for anyone looking

  114. Umesh

    The plants delivered on time. Package was unique and perfect for live plants delivery. Healthy plants too.

  115. Gopinathan.Nair

    The best plant got in pepper hub online shop, healthy plants reasonable price

  116. sakthivel

    Impressed with the Quality and Growth! I recently bought the black pepper plant, and I’m impressed with its quality and growth.

  117. Jishin.Mahadevan

    Got the best plants in pepper hub agricultural shop, safe packing and reasonable price

  118. Kurup M

    Best quality plants

  119. Aarti Kapoor

    The sapling arrived well-packaged and in good health.

  120. Amal M Mathew

    How do you guys manage to deliver plants this safe?? Wow just love it

  121. Sujith sabu

    Got my 2 nd order on jan first.. First of all the packaging is of new Christmas wishes…. My kids loved the package… And i planted it that day itself… After one month I am writing this review… All plants are good and thriving well.

  122. Sidharth

    Good quality plants

  123. Midhul Shaji

    Excellent quality plants! I’ve been looking for authentic Black Pepper Panniyur 1 Plants for a while, and these exceeded my expectations. Great packaging and fast shipping too

  124. Vivek Murthy

    The seller provided excellent customer service, and the plants themselves are thriving. I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future.

  125. Manjunadh

    The pepper produced by Panniyur 1 plants is known for its superior quality. It typically has a rich aroma, bold flavor, and a high piperine content, which is responsible for its characteristic spicy taste.

  126. sharan

    Best quality plants.

  127. Vishnu Prasad

    I received my Panniyur 1 plants today, and they’re truly robust and healthy! Excited to cultivate this pepper variety.

  128. Surya Menon

    As someone looking for a high-yielding pepper, the early bearing nature of Panniyur 1 is fantastic. Thanks, Pepperhub for providing with good quality plants.

  129. Sandeep Kumar

    Pepperhub delivered the Panniyur 1 plants incredibly fast, and they arrived in perfect condition. The packaging was impressive!

  130. Rohan Nair

    The customer service team at Pepperhub was fantastic. They promptly answered all my inquiries about Panniyur 1 cultivation, giving me confidence.

  131. Nikhil Mohan

    As a first-time pepper cultivator, I found these Panniyur 1 plants ideal. The high yield potential of Panniyur 1, combined with the healthy plants I received, makes me optimistic about a successful harvest.

  132. Devan

    Good quality plants

  133. Nisha Mathew

    The plants arrived in excellent condition and are thriving. Great quality

  134. Guru

    The seller provided excellent customer service, and the plants themselves are thriving

  135. Nidheesh.Menon

    These plants often exhibit resilience to various environmental stressors, including pests and diseases. This resilience contributes to their consistent performance over different growing conditions.

  136. Pranav Thejasvi

    PepperHub impressed me with their secure packaging. The plants arrived in great condition.

  137. Akash Chandran

    The Pepper Panniyur plants from PepperHub are in top shape, and the shipping was incredibly fast. Highly recommend!

  138. Mithran Krishna

    The Pepper Panniyur plants from PepperHub are exactly as pictured online. They’re healthy and ready for planting.

  139. Vinod Balakrishnan

    Ordered 10 plants and just recived the plants. The quality of these Pepper Panniyur plants inspires confidence that I’ll have a bountiful harvest. Thanks, PepperHub!

  140. Soorya Devadas

    PepperHub not only provided exceptional plants but also fantastic customer service.

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