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Indian Coral Tree (Murikku)

Most of our customers ask us – which is the best support tree for black pepper farming.

But due to lack of this plant in most areas we ask them with available trees and recommend them with what they have. This plant has its own significance in black pepper cultivation. As the availability of this tree decreased people started using other trees instead of The Murikku tree or the indian coral tree. But this was once the most essential one in black pepper farming.

The indian coral trees are said to be destroyed due to the climatic changes occured in the areas.

Traditionally, The Indian Coral Tree (Murikku) is the best support tree for black pepper farming.
Our ancestors used this tree to propagate black pepper. this was once seen everywhere where there is black pepper cultivation like the regions of (wayanad, idukki)kerala, karnataka. This tree is one of the best thing we could give to a black pepper plant as the support tree itself will provide the essential nutrients for the plant.

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Why is indian coral tree or murikku considered the best support tree?

1)It only need a small piece of its branch to take life (easy to plant). 2) it propagate by stakes of about 6 to 8 feet in length (grows fastly)

3). Contributes to fertility of the soil by shedding it’s leaf (pruned once or twice each year)

4) ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen (contain Rhizhobium bacteria in its root)

When comparing to other support tress been used today, the indian coral tree stands different due to the contribution it gives to the plant rather than the support. There are no other support trees been considered as effective as the indian coral tree or murikku

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So here is it The Best Support Tree!
The Indian Coral Tree

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