Panniyur 10 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

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Buy best quality black pepper variety – Panniyur 10 pepper plants online.

Are you seeking the finest quality black pepper plants? Look no further! Pepperhub brings you Panniyur 10 pepper plants, a remarkable hybrid variety developed by Kerala Agriculture University (KAU Panniyur). Known for its exceptional yield and resilience to various climates, Panniyur 10 pepper plants(Patent – Panniyur 1 *Cul 54(OP of cv. Karivalli) are a top choice for farmers and gardeners alike.

Panniyur 10 pepper plants are bred to withstand both drought and heavy rainfall, making them highly adaptable to different environmental conditions. It has been tested in various climate conditions and it proved to withstand all climate changes. With a fruiting period as short as two years from planting, these plants yield up to an impressive 3.1 kg per vine. The long spikes and bold berries, coupled with resistance to phytophthora infections, ensure a robust harvest.

Ideal for growers of all levels, Panniyur 10 pepper plants are relatively easy to cultivate and maintain. They thrive in well-drained soil with partial shade, making them suitable for a wide range of growing environments.


Panniyur 10 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)


Key Features of Panniyur 10 Pepper Plants:

1. High Yield: Expect up to three times more pepper production compared to traditional varieties, with yields of up to 3.1 kg per vine within two years of planting.

2. Disease Resistance: Panniyur 10 plants exhibit resistance to common pepper diseases like wilt and foot rot, ensuring healthier crops and higher yields.

3. Climate Resilience: From hot and humid climates to cool and dry conditions, Panniyur 10 plants thrive across diverse environmental settings, making them a versatile choice for growers worldwide.

4. Long Spikes and Bold Berries: Enjoy the distinctive flavor and aroma of black pepper with Panniyur 10’s long spikes and bold berries, rich in piperine content.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a novice gardener, Panniyur 10 pepper plants offer an excellent investment for your agricultural endeavors. Pepperhub is your trusted source for premium-quality Panniyur 10 plants, conveniently available online.

Pepperhub provides one of the best quality panniyur 10 plants india. Panniyur 10 pepper variety is available online in Pepperhub.

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21 reviews for Panniyur 10 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

  1. Kiran

    Good healthy plants received. Perfect packing and great service.

  2. chithra p

    quality of plants are more than expected

  3. Neelima Karun

    Good quality plants

  4. Pradeep

    Happy with my purchase.The plant looks healthy and promising. Looking forward.


    healthy plants at good condition

  6. raju kp

    Healthy plants

  7. Gopi Naadhu

    Just unpacked the order. The plants were packed nicely and arrived safely. Healthy plants.

  8. Syam.Sasidhar

    It is a good high quality plants , well packed reached at good condition.

  9. Handhan Muhammad

    Best plants, high yielding variety in Panniyur family….

  10. Kannan

    The plants arrived safely and we’re healthy. Plants with thick stem and dark green leaves received. I was looking for this variety but couldn’t find in nearby nursery. Thank u Pepperhub

  11. Gagan Menon

    Panniyur 10 black pepper plants are a favored choice among growers for their productivity and resilience in diverse farming conditions.

  12. Damu gutta

    The plant looks exactly as shown here. They looked healthy. Hoping to thrive well.

  13. meenu sunny

    I was delighted to receive a pack of 20 healthy and vibrant plants.

  14. ahalya menon

    . Their growth is robust, and the leaves are lush green. The quality of these plants is exceptional, and I’m excited to watch them flourish and produce fresh black peppers.

  15. Jood.Jacob

    I got a pack of 10 plants ,healthy plants with stem and leaves happy to inform you thank you pepper hub

  16. rahul vargheese

    I’m thrilled with my purchase of the panniyur 10 black pepper plant! The quality exceeded my expectations

  17. sathya abhilash

    I love having the black pepper plant in my garden. It’s such a joy to pick fresh peppercorns and grind them for my dishes

  18. laljith darwin

    The plant is healthy and has adapted well to its new environment. A must-have for those who enjoy the satisfaction of growing their own spices.

  19. Deepak Singhania

    I’m happy to review that all 10 plants have flourished. They’ve shown steady growth, healthy leaf development, and seem well-adapted to their new environment in 1 month.

  20. SHARMA

    Plants arrived safely, but one seems to have some minor leaf damage. Hopefully, it recovers well. Will update my review in a few months.

  21. Alexander

    It is a good high quality plants , well packed reached at good condition.

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