Multi Purpose Traditional Handmade Long Iron Bill Hook / Long Heavy Iron Vakathi

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  • Tempered Long Iron Steel Knives
  • Made of pure Iron
  • Wooden handle
  • Long lasting quality product

This felling knife, With Sharp Cutting Edge and Comfortable Handling, is suitable for all kind of Domestic work like hard wood cutting, Coconut Peeling-Breaking, etc. The handicraft heavy curved Billhook is an absolutely essential tool for every gardner. The correct size for trim away the unwanted items. It is suitable for all kinds of household activities like clearing up the garden by cutting down branches of trees etc.

This is Long Lasting and an indispensable accessory in every kitchen. Its made of premium quality Spring Steel for long lasting, best quality assurance. Comfortable grip, slip-resistant, Wooden handle, comfortable for long use. Martensitic spring steel makes our products flexible hence less breakable. Made by traditional iron workers with their own hands for those who want high quality and performance.

A billhook (bill hook) or  Wood cutting knife, also called a pruning knife, vettukathi or spar hook, is a versatile cutting tool used widely in agriculture any forestry for cutting woody material such as shrubs, small trees and branches. This is long lasting and an in dispensable accessory in every kitchen made up of pure Iron. Handle is made from Iron good looking easy to hold.


19 reviews for Multi Purpose Traditional Handmade Long Iron Bill Hook / Long Heavy Iron Vakathi

  1. beena joys

    Good quality vakathi….Quality of product can be seen from the metal itself…

  2. Bineeh Subrahmaniyan

    It is a good quality metal product, good vaakathi

  3. Joerge Korra

    This is long lasting and an indispensable product in every kitchen, it s a good metal product.

  4. Vimal Kurian

    Good quality product received. Good handle. Happy with the purchase

  5. Daya Aravind

    Its a quality iron material product , quality wood handle its needy for every households

  6. Paulon

    The order arrived on time without delay. It is of good quality.

  7. Raja

    Quality Item and very strong

  8. Kannan k

    Strong and Quality item

  9. Eshaan Mehta

    Good quality Vakathi. It very sharp and suited for heavy use.

  10. Lalu.Dasan

    Good iron material, arrived on time, reasonble price

  11. Satto Vargees

    strong iron billhook, highly recommended it……

  12. Joonish.prabhakaran

    Quality material for multipurpose uses, strong material , reasonable price

  13. Ravikumar

    Long and sharp billhook with firm handle.

  14. Kadhir

    Iron vakkathi used for farming and kitchen uses, Quality iron material

  15. Kishor

    The order arrived on time without any delay. It is a good quality product

  16. Chithra.Nair

    The billhook’s traditional design makes it suitable for a range of applications, from cutting and chopping to shaping wood or clearing vegetation. the handcrafted aspect adds a touch of authenticity appealing to those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship.

  17. Chinmay.Thakkarea

    Evaluate the design and construction of the handle.It should be ergonomic and comfortable to hold reducing strain during prolonged use.

  18. Prajeesh Mathew

    The Vakkathy iron billhook is often praised for its durability. Constructed from high-quality iron, it’s capable of withstanding tough cutting tasks without easily bending or breaking. Users frequently highlight the sharpness of the blade. A sharp edge ensures efficient cutting and chopping, reducing the effort required by the user. This billhook is designed to be versatile, suitable for a range of tasks including pruning, trimming, clearing brush, and cutting small branches. Its multi-functional design makes it a valuable tool for gardeners, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

  19. Remo K

    Super strong material. Very easy to handel

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