Karimunda + Panniyur 1 Plants (Pack of 5+5)

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  • Karimunda Plants Pack of 5
  • Has high spiking intensity
  • Best Quality Karimunda Pepper plants
  • Most popular cultivar in Kerala
  • Wild Disease Resistant Variety
  • Panniyur 1: Pack of 5 plants
  • New spikes will be light greenish
  • Average yield is 1242 kg/ha (dry).
  • Best Quality Black Pepper Plants
  • All India Delivery

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Karimunda: Pepper Karimunda is a wild variety that has been cultivated in Kerala from long  time. now also it stands different from other varieties with its disease resistant nature. Karimunda plants are maily grown in pepper farming areas of kerala, karnataka, tamil nadu.

Karimunda plants have ovate small leaves with even margins, dark green leaves and spikes. The have high spiking intensity. Their yield per wine is said to be 3-5. New spikes will be dark in color.

Panniyur 1: Pepper Panniyur 1 is the first Black Pepper variety developed by black pepper research institute in Kerala Agricultural University, Kannur. The above product is Panniyur 1 pepper variety. Panniyur crop is mainly cultivated in major parts of kerala, karnataka, Tamil Nadu.Panniyur-1 world’s first hybrid pepper was produced at Panniyur Pepper Research Station in Kerala over three decades ago. It is having long Spikes with large berries, early bearing, performs well in open.Suitable to all pepper growing areas, except under heavy shade.

The variety is said to be suited to all pepper growing regions, how ever do not tolerate high shade. This variety yields 1242 kg/ha (Dry). These have long spikes with large berries, early bearing, performs well in open. New spikes will be light greenish in color.

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4 reviews for Karimunda + Panniyur 1 Plants (Pack of 5+5)

  1. Trived.Pagadiya

    Just received the order, Get the quality plants pack of 5 each, Thank you Pepper hub

  2. John Lookka

    Karimunda Pepper Plants and Panniyur 1 Plants offer valuable options for pepper cultivation, each with its own set of advantages. For those prioritizing high yield and disease resistance, Karimunda emerges as a top contender. Panniyur 1 appeals to those seeking distinctive flavor profiles and aromatic qualities in their pepper produce.

  3. Rohan Mehta

    This was a fantastic purchase. I got 10 healthy pepper plants at a very reasonable price. Pepperhub’s shipping was fast and the packaging kept the plants safe. Highly recommend!

  4. Ganeshkumar.K.S

    Panniyur 1 is one of the most cultivated plants in Kerala, Karimunda is the highest yielding plants in pepper hub shop bought pack of two each , get the good and healthy plants from this shop

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