Jeeraka Mundi Black Pepper Plant (Pack of 10)

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  • Jeerakamundi is a unique variety.
  • Berries has distinct cumin-like flavor.
  • Best Quality Pepper Plants
  • Pack of 10 Plants
  • Weight – 10kg
  • All India Delivery

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The Jeerakamundi Black Pepper plant, scientifically known as Piper nigrum ‘Jeerakamundi,’ is a unique variety distinguished by its small leaves and spikes. The berries it produces are characterized by a bold and robust peppery taste with underlying hints of cumin and other spices, making it a prized addition to culinary endeavors. The name “Jeerakamundi” itself translates to “cumin-like,” signifying its distinct flavor. It boasts small leaves that contribute to its compact and manageable appearance. The plant also exhibits small spikes, with a spike length averaging approximately 10.36 centimeters. The ratio of spike length to leaf length, is approximately 1.16, which indicates a well-balanced and proportionate growth pattern. In terms of spike shape, Jeerakamundi Black Pepper plants produce straight spikes that hold their berries uniformly. Speaking of the berries, they are small and round, making them ideal for culinary applications.

One noteworthy characteristic of the Jeerakamundi Black Pepper plant is its impressive rate of bisexual flowers, accounting for approximately 86.83% of the total flower production. This high percentage of bisexual flowers enhances the plant’s reproductive efficiency, leading to a more abundant yield of peppercorns. These distinctive features, from its small leaves and spikes to its round and small-sized berries and the prevalence of bisexual flowers, collectively make the Jeerakamundi Black Pepper plant a valuable and sought-after cultivar among pepper enthusiasts and cultivators.

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6 reviews for Jeeraka Mundi Black Pepper Plant (Pack of 10)

  1. sino mahi

    Searched a lot in other websites …glad that i found it here

  2. Ravi.Menon

    Jeerkamundi variety black pepper plants,…got in safe condition

  3. Shankar Pattel

    I a happy with plants received. They were delivered with in 10 days to me
    and were well packed.

  4. Udhayabanu.P

    These plants offer a satisfying yield of flavorful Jeerka mundi peppers. The pepper clusters are abundant providing a consistent harvest throughout thee growing season

  5. Asna

    The best variety from pepperhub, I got big plants.

  6. uma shankar

    Delighted with my black pepper plants from PepperHub! Arrived healthy and well-packed. Following their care guide, they’ve already started putting on new growth. Highly recommend!

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