Pepper Thekkan Plants (Pack of 10)

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  • Pepper Thekkan (Climber plant)
  • Pack of 10 Plants
  • Weight – 6kg

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The variety is an improved high yielding pepper variety with highly branched spikes resistant to quick wilt disease.

Pepper Thekken is noted for its highly branched spikes, which result in high yield. Eight hundred to thousand berries can found in a single spike of this variety against 60 to 80 berries in locally popular variety. The berries are present on both main and branched spikes. Increased Lateral branches with more nodes and inter nodes, resistance to insects and diseases particularly quick wilt, thin epidermis, negligible air cavity etc are other distinguishing features of Thekken.

The negligible air cavity leads to the enhanced dry weight. About 8600 kg dry pepper can be produced from one hectare. Since the pepper is produced in bunches, harvesting is also easy. Having bearing period of three years, the variety is found to be pest and disease resistant and tolerant to adverse climatic conditions. Thomas has been cultivating this variety for the last twenty five years using only organic manure, cow dung, vermin compost etc.

Ninety per cent of the pepper in the area is affected by the quick wilt disease (locally known as vattam), which is a fungal disease caused by the phytophthora (Palmivara var. piperis). This disease affects the roots of the pepper plant during the monsoon season. Thomas shared that Thekken is not affected by this disease as it is grafted on Pepper Colubrinum, a wilt tolerant pepper variety. He further informed that grafting is done at a height of 50cm to prevent pepper strings from touching the soil directly.

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44 reviews for Pepper Thekkan Plants (Pack of 10)

  1. Kaithakuzhy Mohankumar

    I have received all the 40 plants despatched by you (30 karimunda & 10 thekkan) in good condition. I have planted the same yesterday with rubber trees. Thanks for the good services.

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are really happy to hear from You, Thank you for your Purchase.

  2. Priyadarshini

    Received in Good condition

  3. Amogha Mavinakuli

    I have received 10 plants in good condition
    Best packing
    I m happy thank you pepper hub

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are so happy to hear from you

  4. Prema

    I have received 20 plants in good condition, good service.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Happy to hear from you

  5. Stephen

    Very Good service

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for doing business with us

  6. Abhai k

    Nicely delivered product was amazing ,
    Credit all goes to the packaging.

  7. Murali Idachira

    Superb plants, got my plants yesterday. happy with the service

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for Your Order.

  8. Madhan Kumar

    Received my 20 plants in good condition. Is there anything i have to specially while planting?

    • Vishnu Raj


      Its same as others. You can read our blog for more details

  9. Maya Mohan

    Good service

    • Vishnu Raj


      Happy to hear from you

  10. Rajesh Mannathur

    Courier Handling issue, my box was a little torn, thank god plants were not destroyed. Kindly take care of this problem.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for your valuable review. It will definitely help us improve our service

  11. Suresh K

    Delivered in good condition

  12. Rosemary

    Nice plants

  13. Midhun P Nair

    Loved the service got my plants fast

  14. Gayathri vinod

    My first online plant booking.
    Got it delivered, nicely packed.
    I ordered 10 plants

  15. Shaji

    Good service. Got my plants in good condition

  16. Maneesh kp

    Good plants quality plants and well packed!

  17. Pranoy

    Product received in good condition

  18. Meenu Suresh

    Appreciable service, is

  19. Reshma Pradeep

    Good service, got my plants home delivered in good condition

  20. Raju M

    Got my plants delivered today in good quality. Well Packed

  21. Mala mani

    received my packs, i would like to know how to plant and take care them?

    • Vishnu Raj


      You can read our blog of more information

  22. Meenakshi Raj

    Plants are good, i bought the pepper thekkan plants before, but was not healthy. But the one i got now looks good and healthy

  23. Samuel john

    good variety

  24. Sreevalsan

    I have heard about pepper thekkan from my friend who bought from here. So i also bought a pack, Decent packing and quality plants

  25. Elisabath Mathew

    like the service and good plants

  26. Sasi P N

    Good plants. Liked the service and will order more during the season

  27. Anil Kumar K C

    Loved the service. Will order more

  28. Ramanujan P

    High yielding variety! I first saw this product on youtube. Then i searched online to find it here. Got my pack home, good packing, plants are healthy

  29. Syamjith Raj

    nice plants, received in good condition

  30. Murugan

    Quality service, good packing, my doubt was how would they deliver 10 plants. But after receiving plants, am happy. Plants are healthy

  31. Gopi N N

    i like the way plants are packed and delivered. Plants look healthy.

  32. Ramachandran

    The quality of pepper thekkan plants i ordered from pepperhub is good. The one i ordered before has fruited now, thats why i ordered it again. I have seen people having bad experience with pepper thekkan. But my experience was good.

  33. Mani P

    Good condition plants received

  34. Avindra HS

    Please inform once the stock available for purchase

    • Vishnu Raj


      Will Let You Know!

  35. Vaishnavi Raj

    This website has a good range of products when it comes to black pepper

  36. Prem

    When this stock will be back ?

  37. Manjima Sunil

    Good service and quality plants

  38. Dona

    Good Product

  39. Varada Lakshmi

    Good plants in box. The box was attractive and safe.

  40. Sona

    Received plants in good condition. Nicely packed.

  41. Bhanupriya

    Planst were good but it took like 15 days to get the plants

  42. Girish Kumar

    I loved the packing and plants. Bigger ones than i ordered last time.

  43. Sujith Kumar

    Good plants i got

  44. Varus Das

    Plants look good and healthy. Thank you

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