Bush Pepper Panniyur Plants (Pack of 3)

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Bush Pepper Panniyur is the Bush varity of Pepper Panniyur Plants. Bush Pepper Plants unlike Creeper variety doesnt have a season to fruit. They normally fruit most of the time. These have same fruiting power of the normal creeper variety. It grows as bush, can also be planted in pots, placed in indoors etc. This plant needs less care compared to the creeper variety. Fully grown bush pepper plants need support for standing such as sticks.

Having 5 bush pepper plant at home will help you have black pepper for household. Bush pepper plants can be placed in balcony and indoors where there is sufficient sunlight. For balcony and terrace, make sure the plants are irrigated as whole as black pepper plants are water pollinated plants. Bush peppers can be produced from any healthy high yielding black pepper vine. The branches that grow from the main stem are selected for growing bush peppers. The best of branches are a year old with buds.





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110 reviews for Bush Pepper Panniyur Plants (Pack of 3)

  1. Meenakshi Sivaprasad

    I have received 2 bush pepper plants yesterday in good condition and also well packed.. Appreciable service 😊😊….Good job….Thank you Pepper hub☺️

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are happy to hear from you

  2. Manju Manoj

    Good service

  3. Viswanathan Nair

    I ordered one bush pepper and ten high yielding pepper plants. Evening it was shipped and reached me the very next day,in very good condition. Will certainly buy more from Pepper Thekkan

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for your valuable feedback sir

  4. Reshma Raji

    Superb plants! I am loving it.
    These peppercorns are cute. Thank you Pepperhub

  5. Minnu Jose

    good plants and service

  6. Ganesh S

    Got my plants in good condition

  7. Rajeswari Pannu

    Loving these tiny bushes with cute black peppercorns in it. Good service

  8. Shilga Kuruvila

    Nice plants would like to buy more.

  9. Sebastian philip

    I have received 10 bush pepper plants yesterday and the packing was very satisfying

  10. Vijay

    Bought 5 plants to Banglore area, Delivered in good condition

  11. Thanuja M

    Good service. If you could include mre details on ho to plants and grow them in balcony will be more happy.

  12. Rahul R Menon

    Got my plants with black pepper on it. it was good seeing fruits while opening the pack.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Your satisfaction is important for us, Hope to do more business with you!

  13. Sangeetha Subramanyan

    Loved It! Fresh plants

  14. Jisha S

    Good service

  15. Aiswarya Rajesh

    Happy to have plants delivered. Good to see black pepper in it

  16. Renjith K S

    Nice plants, Good condition

  17. Renuka Anil

    i a reviewing after 2 month of my purchase, The plants bought have now began having new leaves. It growing pretty well. I have also got black pepper corns which was already in the plant. I am so happy and satisfied with the service.

  18. Sooraj P

    Received good quality plants

  19. Varma Manohar

    Good plants

  20. Karishma Lokesh

    Good quality plants

  21. Sai Ganesh

    One of the good service available for black pepper plants. They are specific to this field as has more than what a beginner wants to start black pepper farming

  22. Maheshwari

    i had a good experince in buying plants here. Keep it up

  23. Shamsudheen M K

    I am happy with plants received. Recommended service

  24. Saneesh kp

    Good quality plants received in good condition

  25. Suryananda

    Happy to receive plants with pepper!
    There were real black pepper corns in the plant 😍😍😍 it was lovely and cute!

  26. Gayathri Lakshmi

    Plants i got were cute!! It had small berries hanging. First time a receiving a fruited plant. Loved the service and packing.
    Its worth of cash.

  27. Ragin Dhar

    Got fruited plants. They seams Healthy

  28. Deena George

    Best bush pepper plants purchased online. Best in quality from my experience of online purchase.

  29. Dilna Mathew

    Best bush pepper plants purchased online. Best in quality from my experience of online purchase.

  30. Maneesha Raj

    Fresh plants as shown with peppercorns in it. Really happy with the plants.

  31. Daksha

    Good plants for balcony.

  32. Nisha Manu

    Good plants with berrys. Loved the packing πŸ™‚

  33. Rajasenan P K

    Plants received in good condition and is healthy.

  34. Jensi Mathew

    I got my plants yesterday. Box I received looked so cute. Appreciate the efforts to make your boxes look cool.
    Plants i received had pepper in it. Happy with the service.

  35. Aswathy K

    Leaving a review after 2 months! now its been 2 months i have planted Bush pepper, it have grown good and started fruiting which took me to this review box now!

  36. Sreeshma Nair

    Fresh Plants with berries. Loved the packing

  37. Ramanadhan

    good product

  38. Sujana Ramesh

    Wow!! i love the plants just received. It has real black pepper in it. Never received something like this before, I am loving it.

  39. Sruthi M

    Healthy plants nicely packed and delivered. Loved the boxes and quality of plants. I have never received something live like this. All the plants have black pepper fruited in it.

  40. Sruthi C P

    I love bush pepper plants and have like 30 plants in my home. Most of them are from Pepperhub. Most of the time buy plants from other plants, plants get damaged in like a week. But Pepperhubs plants are good. What makes me more happy is their beautyfull package and when we open we will have fruited bush pepper plants ❀️

  41. Sam

    I ordered the plants but the I am amazed at the quality of the plants they delivered. Some of the plants were weak but I guess that’s due to the travel.

  42. Vrundha sunil

    Nice packing! ❀️ I love the way you people send your plant boxes. Simple, informative and attractive.
    Plants seems to be safe and happy in there πŸ₯°

  43. Nitheesh Kumar

    Quality plants πŸ‘

  44. Shimna Saji

    Lovely product! The packing, Plants, peppercorns all are just amazing!! This is my first order for black pepper plants. This product is worth money.

  45. Monisha Firos

    Plant with Live Pepper
    i received Bush pepper with corns in it. it was live and fresh. I would recommend this product. Best for household and garden kitchen.

  46. Usha V G

    Plant with. Berries 😍😍
    Just received a pack of plants with berries. I also liked the packing πŸ‘Œ

  47. Nithin Sunil

    Well packed and received at good condition

  48. Vijaya Krishnan

    Exceeds my expectation. Received healthy plant with pepper spikes.

  49. faseena

    Good plants are well packed

  50. Joy

    Lovely plant with berries. Well packed.

  51. Sreedhar

    Plants with berries good packing reached safe.

  52. manu


    Fresh plants

  53. Manilal

    Plants with berries, healthy condition and good packing

  54. Vinayak Tilak

    Got my plants today. Plants are in good condition. Quality packing.

  55. Mathew Georage

    Plants reached, yesterday with good condition

  56. Akhil Karunakaran

    healthy plants

  57. abhi manu

    The plants themselves are healthy and robust, with lush green leaves. A perfect option for space less people who love to cultivate black pepper

  58. Sherin Immanueal

    I got very good bush pepper with berries, nice packing

  59. Iby.Shibi

    good plants with long berries, got safe packing reached safe.

  60. Jagdish Kumar

    Ordered big plants last week, got it delivered today with all the plants having fruited pepper in it. Well done, will buy more from you.

  61. Sreedharan M T

    Super Bush Pepper plants

  62. Ramsanjay

    Bush pepper Panniyur is a bush variety of Panniyur plants

  63. Manoj Mohit

    I ordered a bush pepper plant, and it arrived right on time in good condition.

  64. Alan

    Good plants. i got my plants yesterday, well packed


    good healthy plants , nice packing arrived safely

  66. Ramesh Kumar

    Even though its little pricey, I am extremely happy as pepper plants comes with lot of berries. Never expected that.


    good plants with berries

  68. Maya

    It arrived in good condition

  69. Aby Rangith

    The order arrived one day late so got little worried. But plants were in good condition.

  70. Akhil

    Good plants

  71. ALBIN Xavior

    high quality plants in a reasonable price

  72. Vikram Suhas

    I ordered small bush pepper. Even those comes with small berries. Really happy. Thank you Pepperhub

  73. arya rajeev

    I got fruited plants..soo happy

  74. Vishal Dev

    Received plants with small berries . Great packing and service too. Happy…

  75. Saji.Kumaran

    It is the Bush variety of pepper Panniyur plants, healthy plants arrived in safe

  76. Lokesh

    I ordered the small bush pepper plants. Even these are of descent size plants.

  77. Rajesh Singh

    Great purchase! The plants arrived in superb condition. Plants with lush and green received. And to my delight, they were adorned with beautiful clusters of berries

  78. Sankar tp

    healthy plants received ..hope it will survive in our weather condition. thanku

  79. Vinod kumar

    I had ordered bush pepper from pepper hub after my father told me, I got healthy seedlings and they were well packed

  80. Arjun Joshi

    Received my order of big bush pepper plants last week. They arrived in good condition and appear to be thriving so far. Excited to see how they progress!

  81. Jeevan K Menon

    Got my order yesterday, good leaves strong healthy stem happy to purchase this black pepper plants

  82. Manjunadan S

    Wow! these plants really had the fruits in it!!!!! When i ordered the product, i didnt think they will be sending me with the all fruited plants. It was written that fruited plants will be delivered, mostly companies dont do that, instead they make it normalise it sending unfruted plants. Thanks for these plants

  83. Mathew.Immanueal

    I am very happy to purchase this plants in pepper hub because I got good plants with stem and healthy leaves,Thank you pepper hub for giving such an offer

  84. aswin thampi

    I got fruited plants and all are matured and healthy..packaging 😍

  85. abdul hameed

    Not satisfied … team was not as cooperative.

  86. Sam

    I got a seedlings with nice leaves and healthy roots ,reasonable pricein pepper hub plants

  87. Elvin Thomas

    Its really amazing to see plants with berries when unpacked. The plants were big and had many spikes with small berries. Hats off for the packing. Great effort.

  88. beena anil

    Brought 2 sets for my kitchen garden. Delivered them yesterday ..all are in good condition.

  89. Sajith Sam

    The plants were good and healthy. They had small berries on arrival. They have a good support team too. I am giving 4 stars only because of the price.

  90. Rahul Harsh

    I ordered small sized bush pepper. On arrival the plants seemed healthy and is not too small as I expected. Even have small berries in it.

  91. Jagadesh Rahul

    I got the order yesterday evening and were of best quality plants with well developed roots. Great customer support too.

  92. saritha hari

    The perfect option for small spaces or terrace gardeners who wish to cultivate black pepper … I had planted this in some pots …waiting for the harvest .. got healthy plants.

  93. Saajan Kottapuram

    I am very happy with my purchase. I got healthy plants with very good condition

  94. Sajan John

    The plants are well cared on delivery and arrived safely today morning. Its nice to see the plants with small berries as mentioned.

  95. Jestin Joy

    The order just received. I ordered big sized bush pepper plants. The plants are bigger than the plants we got from Nursery and had lot of berries on it.

  96. aaradhya mohan

    Bush peppers are good for kitchen gardeners… no need to buy black pepper from anywhere we can cultivate our own black pepper corns ..highly recommended

  97. bobina thankachan

    Bush pepper was delivered yesterday.. I was confused about the packaging and delivery as this was the first time i am ordering live plants. And am surprised with the packaging. Thankyou Pepperhub

  98. Rajinikaanth

    Loved it. Very healthy and good plants

  99. Mathew H G

    Good plants and service

  100. Sajan

    Nice plants, Good condition

  101. Shekar G

    Super Plants

  102. Manoj.Madhavan

    Happy to inform you , I got my plants yesterday plants are healthy and good condition and safe packing

  103. Devananth

    Got my plants today in good condition

  104. Sreerag

    Good Quality bush pepper. Loved the packing

  105. Pavan Kumar

    The plants were healthy and even had berries in it. The customer support i received is really appreciable. Thank you Pepperhub

  106. Vijay.Nambiar

    Quality plants got good condition, safe packing on time delivery

  107. Vinil.Karunan

    Plants are arrived in healthy condition, happy to say that good service pepper hub

  108. Sinil

    Good Quality Plants & Healthy plants

  109. Jagan

    Arrived the plants yesterday. your packing is very good.

  110. Priya Patel

    Thrilled with the bush pepper plant I received; it arrived in perfect condition and has already enhanced my garden. Thank you pepperhub for providing plants with small berries.

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