Panniyur 2 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

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Buy best quality Panniyur 2 pepper variety online

Panniyur 2 – It is a variety released from Pepper Research Station, Panniyur in 1991. Panniyur 2 is an open pollinated progeny of “Balankotta”. This variety is shade tolerates shaded condition and suited to all pepper growing areas of kerala.It has pale purple coloured shoot tip, medium long spikes.It is high yielding and alternate bearing variety.Panniyur 2 is a vigorous in growth and has a non-pigmented growing tip. It gives a yield of 4.5 kg green pepper per vine with a dry recovery of 35.7%. The avarage dry pepper yield is 2,570 kg and the potential yield is 3,313kg/ha.


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6 reviews for Panniyur 2 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

  1. Dinesh Khanna

    I was little bit worried about the long delivery. But the plants were healthy and seems fine on watering. The packing is really good for delivering live plants. Thank u guys…

  2. Sureshbabu.M

    Evaluate the cost of the seedlings in relation to their quality and our budget.

  3. Vivek.Narayan

    Panniyur black pepper plants in their robust performance and exceptional yield they undoubtedly stand out as a top tier pepper variety

  4. Joy Mathew

    Panniyur 2 black pepper plants are highly regarded for their combination of high yield, quality pepper production, and resilience, making them a preferred choice for many pepper cultivators.

  5. manjunath p

    This is my second purchase of Panniyur 2plants from PepperHub. Both times, the plants arrived in good condition and are thriving.

  6. Darish.Sathyan

    Panniyur 2 plants often exhibit resilience to various environmental stressors, including pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions. This resilience contributes to their consistent performance and ensures a more stable harvest for farmers.

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