Thippali Plant (pack of 10 plants)

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Thippali is one of the Medicinal plants found all over India. It is also vital ingredient of more than 320 ayurvedic and herbal preparations.

About Thippali Plant

Thippali belongs to Black Pepper Family Piperaceae. The plant is a slender, glabrous, climber or creeping shrub that spreads on ground striking roots at each node. It produces two distinct dimorphic branches – vegetative main branch that creep on ground and erect growing reproductive axillary branches.  Thippali plant flowers throughout the year and diecious in nature with male and female flowers produced on different plants. Inflorescence is spike about 35 millimeter’s long 5 millimeter’s thick, composed of large number of minute grayish green or darker gray fruits, which together with bract that support them, are embedded in elongated axis and the whole being covered with greyish dust.

Climate and soil

Thippali grows well in soils with high organic matter content and moisture holding capacity are also suitable for the cultivation. Optimum elevation for its cultivation is between 100 to 1000 m  and higher elevations are not conductive to high yields. Partial shade  20-25 per cent intensity is found to be the optimum.


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    Thippali plants are the best. Got the plants today. Recent packing and quality packaging

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