Coconut Oil 500g Pack

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  • Coconut Oil
  • 500g Pack
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  • Organic Product
  • Vegetarian Product

100% pure unrefined coconut oil from Pepperhub. Pepperhub coconut oil is made from sun-dried coconuts from Kerala. To retain its natural aroma and texture it is sun-dried and processed without adding any chemicals or colors. Freshly processed coconut oil smells differently from the coconut oil available in the market you can see the differences clearly. As a support to farmers, we are collecting coconut directly from the farmers of Kerala.

Our Coconut Oil is made from 100% pure, hand-picked coconuts, harvested straight from the farm. Our farmers use traditional methods to extract the oil, ensuring that its natural goodness and purity are retained. Coconut Oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making it a highly nourishing ingredient for hair and skin. It helps to hydrate and soften the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote a healthy, glowing complexion. It also helps to strengthen and condition the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and frizz-free. At Pepperhub, we are committed to bringing you the best quality products. Our Coconut Oil is unrefined, cold-pressed, and free from any harmful chemicals or additives. We work closely with our farmers to ensure that each batch meets our high standards for purity and quality. So why wait? Indulge in the goodness of coconut oil and feel the difference in your hair and skin today!

Buy best quality spices powders from India’s Agriculture store – Pepperhub. We provide best quality powders for household fresh from our farms in Wayanad. We always make sure that our customers get the best deal without compromising the quality. Buy more products from us to know more about us. Buy Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Chicken Masala, Coriander Powder, Coconut Oil

111 reviews for Coconut Oil 500g Pack

  1. Vijayamma Sathyam

    Good product 👍

  2. Annie Mathew

    This organic coconut oil is definitely worth trying out to anyone looking for a high-quality natural oil. Extremely happy with the purchase.

  3. Remya Vinay


  4. Mathew KV

    Real organic product!! I could tell that from the smell.

  5. seema

    Quality good healthy coconut oil

  6. Lissa

    Good quality Wayanad coconut oil

  7. Rema

    Highly recommendable product. Go for it. Its really organic.

  8. Ajmal Rashid

    Pure oil without chemicals

  9. Sandheep

    100% pure coconut oil

  10. Roni Nitheesh

    Quality coconut oil from pepperhub

  11. Nijitha.Biju

    100% pure unrefined coconut oil

  12. Kiran Mathav

    It had a rich organic coconut smell. Will definitely purchase again.

  13. Neena John

    I highly Recommend this oil, beacuse its purely organic

  14. Vinu Mohan

    It was delivered on time. The oil is pure and of exceptional quality.

  15. Sajeesh Raman

    Product was damn good 👍
    The oil we were using before seems to have to problems this one is soo good

  16. Jasmin

    I loved the product 👌

  17. sabu pk

    The packaging is convenient, and the resealable lid prevents any mess. It’s clear this coconut oil is pure and of high quality

  18. Nikhil

    Pure coconut oil

  19. Ranibai

    This is 100% pure coconut oil, quality in best and good smell

  20. Rajitha Sudheesh

    This coconut oil is good in health do not add any chemicals and colour

  21. anu Mohan

    Coconut oil from this brand is best . It’s add moisture and shine to hair my without heavyness.

  22. Sujatha Reji

    Will definitely come back to order later. 100% organic oil.

  23. sheela.vinod

    100% pure coconut oil

  24. Evlin Johan

    I highly recommend this coconut oil for its pure quality. Best in market for sure.

  25. Venkat P

    The oil is really good. It has strong organic smell. Highly recommended!

  26. Ramesh

    Good organic coconut oil

  27. sreejesh

    Good coconut oild

  28. Rajalekshmi

    Good natural Coconut oil, good smell and quality

  29. Sana Vimal

    Pure coconuts oil without chemicals for sure. Will definitely reorder.

  30. Aleena Biju

    Real coconut oil! Its really hard to find real organic products online. Will recommend this product to others. Thank you Pepperhub for providing genuine products.

  31. Nila.Dheeraj

    Pepperhub products are well quality products, especially Pepperhub’s coconut oil.

  32. Treesa Angel Jose

    The oil obtained from pepper hub is as pure as home-made oil

  33. Mallikabai

    Pepper hub coconut oil is 100% pure coconut oil, good for cooking and applying on scalp.

  34. anson vargese

    We do have coconut cultivation back in our so i know the difference between pure and adulterated oils. This is 100% pure ..Thankyou

  35. juliya george

    We do have coconut cultivation back in our so i know the difference between pure and adulterated oils. This is 100% pure ..Thankyou

  36. Nisha Varma

    Real coconut oil without artificial products. Will definitely reorder later.

  37. Angith

    Happy with my purchase. This is real organic coconut oil.

  38. Hima.syam

    100% pure natural coconut oil, nice bottle got in safe packing

  39. Lima Vinu

    Real organic coconut oil, good smell.

  40. Mohan Raj

    I ordered the oil last week and arrived on time without delay. I am really happy with the purchase. The best quality oil. Will definitely reorder later.

  41. Jancy Thomas

    Pure coconut oil. Thank you pepperhub for providing the 100% organic oil when it is really had to buy natural oil.

  42. Filna Madav

    Highly recommended product. Real organic coconut oil received.

  43. satheesh k P

    Best coconut oil i ever seen

  44. anju s pillai

    Quality and texture are good. Just like the normal coconut oil. Highly recommended

  45. Jesvin Paul

    Real organic oil. Really happy with the purchase. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

  46. Mathew H G

    Real coconut oil…good quality

  47. Lekshmi.Libin

    Pure coconut oil offers a versatile and aromatic addition to cooking and skincare routines, known for its rich tropical aroma and numerous health benefits.

  48. Varaleksmi.S

    Pure coconut oil known for its high quality, characterized by its clarity, mild aroma, and a high concentration of beneficial fatty acids, making it a versatile and nourishing choice for various purposes.

  49. Vedha

    Coconut oil is a versatile edible oil with various uses, from cooking to skincare, known for its unique composition high in saturated fats, including lauric acid. 100% pure coconut oil.

  50. arub baby

    This Coconut Oil is exceptional! I’ve been using it for a while now, and I’m impressed with its quality.

  51. Arya Suresh

    This coconut oil is 100% virgin and pure. I using it for cooking and hair care. Amazing product.

  52. Mini Raju

    Wonderful product and great service.

  53. Anil Grover

    Nice product and flavoured when adding to curry. But dissappointed with the packing. I got the bottle damaged.

  54. Navami

    Pure coconut oil. Happy with the purchase and I have recommended the product to my friends too.

  55. valsa augusty

    The purity and freshness of this oil are remarkable. I’ve used it in my daily cooking, and the natural coconut flavor it imparts to my dishes is amazing.

  56. Nidha.Yadhav

    I got my order yesterday, really natural coconut oil good in smell ,quality and nice service, loved it..

  57. Vismaya.Vimal

    Coconut oil is commonly used in cooking ad skincare due to its versatile properties.

  58. Isha

    This oil is really organic. Never expected to receive real organic oil as mentioned. Got it for trying it. I will definitely reorder later. Recommended to my friends.

  59. asma usman

    he oil’s purity is evident, and it has become a staple in my household. Highly recommend this coconut oil for its versatility and quality

  60. Sreelekshi.M

    Many users praise coconut oil for its versatile uses, citing its moisturizing properties for skin and hair, as well as its potential health benefits when used in cooking

  61. veena vijayan

    I use it mainly for cooking, and it brings a fantastic taste to my dishes.

  62. Thejas v

    Very Good organic oil.

  63. Kannan Nair

    When reviewing the quality of coconut oil consider factors such as purity, extraction method and whether its virgin or extra virgin.

  64. Nitha Bhaskar

    I used it n my daily hair care routine and loved the quality. I would definitely recommend buying it.

  65. Remya Saneesh

    The quality of the oil is top notch. I am really happy with purchase.

  66. Vismaya Sebastian

    Very good quality and seems authentic.

  67. Bharath Goyal

    It’s good for both skin and hair.

  68. Lekhamani

    I like it a lot. It’s good for skin and hair especially even you can have one table spoon in your daily meal. 100% virgin.

  69. Lithra

    Coconut oil is highly praised for its versatility and potential health benefits. Many users appreciate its ability to moisturize skin and hair, leaving them feeling soft and nourished. In cooking, coconut oil’s unique flavor and high smoke point make it a popular choice for various dishes. However, opinions may vary, and some individuals may prefer other oils based on taste preferences or dietary considerations. Overall, coconut oil tends to receive positive reviews for its multifunctional use and natural properties.

  70. sariga biju

    I’ve been using this coconut oil for various purposes, and it’s a game-changer. The purity is evident in its light aroma and clear consistency. It’s perfect for cooking

  71. Meera Hareesh

    Its used in cooking skincare and haircare. many appreciate its mild flavor in recipes while other use it as a moisturizer or hair conditioner.

  72. Jasim

    Best coconut oil purchased far from online. Highly recommended product.

  73. lajna sha

    The purity is evident in its natural fragrance. I appreciate the non-greasy feel and the noticeable difference in my skin’s hydration.

  74. methika varma

    It’s perfect for cooking, skin care, and hair treatments. I appreciate the quality and value it brings to my daily routine.

  75. Senthil

    Best Coconut oil i have ever use.

  76. Sanjay Tiwari

    The oil solidifies below 25 deg, making it less convenient for dispensing. However, this is a natural characteristic of pure coconut oil. Thank you Pepperhub for providing 100% REAL natural oil.

  77. Jeena anil

    I always like to buy traditional coconut oils from trusted shops.. One of my recommended this website and I am happy that i found the best one.

  78. Shruti Shah

    It’s incredibly pure and smells divine. I use it for cooking, hair care, and even as a moisturizer.I’ll definitely be buying again.

  79. Garima Arora

    Quality is good & price is also cheap Compared to other Brands , using since 1 year no issues faced yet.

  80. Vyas Basu

    Pure coconut oil in reasonable rate, thanks Pepper Hub

  81. Amit Trivedi

    To begin with, I thought it must have some kind of smell and may have a quality issue. But I was surprised that it was clear and with good aroma. Used the same box. No complaints at all. Recommended 💯

  82. Shahnaz Nazar

    Extremely happy with the product. I have been using coconut oil for cooking since very long and this brand is fresh with best aroma.

  83. Mridula Vijay

    Nice packaging. Oil is good. Scent and flavour is there. Reasonable price on offer. Go for it.

  84. Joshy Kabir

    Flavour and smell is that of coconut oil in Kerala. Money should be a little less as now the price of coconut oil in open market is very less.

  85. Ashish Mehra

    I am trying the coconut oil for the first time as I always used cold pressed coconut oil in the past and I am very happy with this Pepper Hub coconut oil… I will buy more if the quality is consistent as I buy huge quantity of coconut oil.

  86. Avanthika

    The oil came packed in a good can though the outer packing was damaged a bit. The oil is tasty and smells very good! I am very happy with it!

  87. Aavani

    I bought this coconut oil from Pepperhub a few weeks ago and I’m really impressed with the purity

  88. Madhumitha Raj

    Happy about the flavour. I not only use it for cooking but also use it for my hair. It’s very pure. Will surely buy Pepper Hub again.

  89. Lesna

    Amazing packaging. Awesome product. I bought this to make south Indian dishes and specially raw banana chips and I must say the product is authentic and tastes good.

  90. Devan Ravi

    Organic coconut oil with reasonable and the packaging was secure. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-quality coconut oil.

  91. Rashi Shakheer

    I ordered this coconut oil from Pepperhub and it arrived very quickly, which was great. The coconut oil is good quality and seems to be pure. Happy purchase …

  92. Sitha. Mrunal

    Natural coconut oil is prized for its high quality, boasting numerous health benefits and versatility in cooking, skincare, and haircare routines.

  93. Gayathridevi

    One of the standout features of this coconut oil is its purity. It’s cold-pressed from fresh coconuts, ensuring that all the natural goodness and nutrients are preserved. From the moment you open the jar, you’re greeted with the delightful aroma of fresh coconut, a testament to its high quality.

  94. Venu

    Good product

  95. Davis sunny

    This is my thirs order of coconut oil from pepperhub.. Highly recommended

  96. Aleya Kumar

    PepperHub Coconut Oil is often praised for its high quality. It is typically cold-pressed, which helps retain the natural flavor and aroma of coconuts. Many users find that it has a fresh and pure taste, making it suitable for a variety of culinary uses.

  97. maya ravi

    I love using this coconut oil for stir-fries and curries. It adds a subtle coconut flavor and high heat tolerance, making it perfect for various dishes.

  98. Kumar

    Very Good coconut oil, its smells too good

  99. Kiran

    Quality and texture are good. Just like the normal coconut oil.

  100. Anjana Udayan

    This unrefined coconut oil has seriously upgraded my cooking! Works fantastic for stir fries and add a lovely depth of baked foods.

  101. Rehana

    A great product at a sensible price. I’m a repeat buyer.

  102. Akshaya Takur

    Gets absorbed in body in no time. Have also used it in salad dressing, has a nice authentic coconut taste.

  103. Swati

    Good for hair and skin, light feel and soothing smell. Most important is its purity.

  104. Swaroop Krishnan

    The oil is actually multi purpose oil that it can be used for a variety of purposes. My purpose is fulfilled and I hope it also can be used for all other uses.

  105. Rajesh Prem

    We have been using this product for main two reasons. One, for applying on hair, and the other for cooking food. And for both uses, the product performs as promised.

  106. Sumam

    I am using coconut oil from last 8 years. It is original coconut oil. My whole family use it for cooking as well as for cosmetic purposes.

  107. Kriti Sharma

    Perhaps this is our 4th purchase, value for money excellent product.

  108. Gopi Krishnan

    Good quality and can the feel the difference. Simple traditional smell as of purity and good on hair and also not so stcky.

  109. Shweta

    I like it’s fragrance. I have ordered this second time because I use it for both food preparation and as my skin care.

  110. Geetha.Aneesh

    This coconut oil used for cooking, baking, or as a finishing oil, PepperHub coconut oil enhances the overall taste and aroma of a wide range of dishes, from savory to sweet.

  111. Chako

    Real coconut oil! Its really hard to find real organic products online. This is the best one

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