health benefits of honey

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is the most delicious natural product from honeybees, which has a series of health benefits. It’s the only food which contains all the essential substances necessary to sustain our life. Honey has 2 uses: as food medicine and as medications. For years it is known as “nature’s nutritive sweetener,” making it a healthy substitute for white sugar. The health benefits of honey are wide. 

Health benefits of honey and its medicinal uses

Do you know the interesting health benefits of honey? The Phyto nutrients in honey possess cancer preventing and anti-tumor properties. Nutritionally, one table spoon of honey contains 64 calories and 17g of sugar. It contains no fiber, fat, or protein, so it helps in modest weight loss. Taking one spoonful of honey with few drops of lemon juice in warm water speeds up weight management (also helps in constipation and hyperacidity).Taking one spoon of honey before sleeping can create a good sleep pattern. Also taking honey daily can improve our immunity and memory power in children. Buy best quality honey from Pepperhub here.

Major Health Benefits of Honey

High quality honey contains antioxidants which have been linked to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. It has also the benefits of improving our eye health. Antioxidants in honey can help in lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol. i.e. it reduces the bad LDL cholesterol and raising good HDL cholesterol.

Honey is serves as a nutritious easily digestible food for weak people. According to Ayurveda honey is an all –purpose medicine for all diseases. Ancient texts recommend taking (before going to bed) a glass of water with honey and lemon juice can improve the functioning of our heart. Ayurvedic experts recommend honey for palpitation and cardiac pain. As honey is rich in iron and copper its remarkable in building hemoglobin which is beneficial for the treatment of anemia.

Honey promotes increased potassium and water intake. Thus consuming honey is helpful when experiencing diarrhea. Honey is also effective to treat coughs and insomnia in children. Adding one spoon of honey with drinking water can instantly boost our energy level. So honey is good tonic for all age groups.

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