Wild Honey 400g Pack

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  • Fresh Honey
  • Collected from Forests of Wayanad
  • 400g Pack
  • Unprocessed Honey with Bee Pollens
  • Completely Natural

Natural Honey collected from the forests of Wayanad. These are unprocessed honey packed directly after being stored after taken from the forest bees. We make sure that the honey that is provided to you is fully fresh and pure. PepperHub honey is unprocessed containing pollen which adds flavour and appears as white layer on the top. This shows the purity of the honey taken directly from the bee hives. The organic honey from the forests. This is also called raw honey, which is the original forest honey. This forest honey is pure and safely packed.

PepperHub wild honey pack contains 400g of unprocessed wild honey, collected from Wayanad. Wayanadan honey to be have more moist content that honey collected from other areas.

Honey crystallization: a natural process 

Crystallization is one of the best identities of authentic raw honey. It is a natural process and not a sign of adulteration or spoilage. The main reason for crystallization is (f/g) fructose/glucose and the (g/w) glucose/water ratio. If honey has high f/g and low g/w, then it will slow down crystallization and if glucose is high then crystallization will be fast. It all depends on the honey’s source of nectar and the flora that the bees have foraged. 

Crystallized honey can be consumed so we strongly recommend using crystallized raw honey in the same form, without any heat treatment. 

No antibiotics & sugar 

We procure all our honey varieties from wild forest beehives where the bees are not treated with antibiotics or fed sugar syrup. 

Varied honey texture, colour, and taste 

The texture, colour, and taste will change between different batches in the same variety of honey as well. 

Texture can be dependent on the floral source. Color can also be affected by age as honey generally gets darker with age and another factor is the crystallization process. Honey generally appears lighter when crystallized. 

Pure raw honey straight from a hive is full of unique flavor notes based on its region and season. 

Weight .5 kg

40 reviews for Wild Honey 400g Pack

  1. Shabareesh varma

    Best product i have used. Really Tasty, loving it.

  2. Hema Ravi

    Tasty! One word for this product

  3. Sreeja M B

    Good Product

  4. Salini V k

    Very tasty and real! one of the best quality honey i have had in these years. Loved it so much will order more for sure!

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are really happy to hear from you, you can always order more!

  5. Nisha Selvan

    Got delivered to my place in Thirunelveli. My package was about to leak, so kindly take care of the bootle you are providing. Honey was just superb! Loving it.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for sharing your valuable review about our service, we will take measures to make our service better.

  6. Ajay Krishnan

    Nicely delivered product was amazing ,
    Credit all goes to the packaging ,nothing was
    Damaged all the way .Done with the planting . 😊👍

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are happy to hear from you, thank you for your purchase.

  7. Jamsheera

    Good Quality product, packing to be improved

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for your valuable advice, this will help us improve our service

  8. Manu s

    Got it delivered. happy with Product

  9. Rajmohan

    Got it home, want more organic products from you. When are new products coming?

  10. Praveen

    I have used honey for years, but this one was different.

  11. Shakir Hussain

    I have used the product. It’s good in taste.

  12. Manu


  13. Swarnalatha Dinesh

    Loved the taste…best I have bought from TVM

  14. Sameer

    One of the quality product, I have ordered online. Superb taste!
    Nothing else

  15. Manjusha

    Tasty! best one i have used in a while.

  16. Varsha Shaji

    liked the product, on my first purchase. Will recommend to my friends

  17. Himanshu

    First time experience of un processed honey. It so tasty and better than processed one.

  18. Sandhya Maneesh

    100% pure product! taste of real honey, good product

  19. Ardra Sasindran

    Quality product, the only problem with my pack was the seal was started leaking when I got them delivered.
    But the taste was the best. But I ll rate only 3 star as my pack came leaking

  20. Sebastian philip

    The real taste of honey

  21. Mahesh Mahi

    Awesome taste, have never tasted honey of this taste. Great product.

  22. Savitha Sasi

    Special taste, will order more and recommend to my friends. Its having a unique taste.

    • Vishnu Raj


      its the real taste of forest honey! Its tasty compared to the processed one.
      We are happy to hear from you

  23. Indulekha R

    Pepperhubs honey is one of the best i have used. Honey never this tasty before. Now i got to know taste of wild honey

  24. Midhun manik

    Yummy and best quality, I have purchased in recent times.

  25. Manjusha

    Good quality honey i have ordered online. Its so real

  26. Midhun mathew

    Good taste. I loved it

  27. Ramakrishnan Menon

    Tastiest honey i have had in past years. Loved the taste

  28. Sanjana Rajan

    I couldn’t resist myself from writing this review, the taste is so good. I haven’t had such a tasty honey in past years.

  29. Sreeenesh Kumar

    Loved the taste! Tastiest i ever had.

  30. Elizabeth Sabu

    Superb taste and quality!
    Honey never tasted this best before. First experience of forest honey!

  31. Kavya Suresh

    Tasty honey! 😋

  32. Sanjai Naresh

    Super Tasty honey!! Best I bought online

  33. Vineethan P R

    One of the best honey i have tasted in these days. The real taste of raw honey

  34. Sbnssn Jsjsjs


    Writing the review with honey in my mouth 🤭
    The taste the smell everything just heavenly. Now only I got to know that honey do have its own smell when it comes with pollen grain in it.

  35. Rama Menon

    Great taste. My children loved it, they have it with bread now.

  36. Amrutha P

    Tasty honey! 👍

  37. Rejani Mani

    Good taste. I am using it for my daily use as a part of my health diet. Its pure

  38. Sudha Nambiar

    Tasty honey.
    Last time I bought honey from Gandhi gram from Thrissur, it was said to wild honey. But was actually tasting like a sugar syrup.
    But Pepperhub wayanad honey is just amazing 😍🤤

  39. Sameeksha Reddy

    Tasty honey good quality 👌👌

  40. Sobin Kurian

    Good honey received. Tasty and healthy it’s different taste this time than last time. Both are good

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