Wild Honey 480g Pack

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  • Fresh Honey
  • Collected from Forests of Wayanad
  • 400g Pack
  • Unprocessed Honey with Bee Pollens
  • Completely Natural
Best Value

Buy 2 and get one for Rs 280.

Natural Honey collected from the forests of Wayanad. These are unprocessed honey packed directly after being stored after taken from the forest bees. We make sure that the honey that is provided to you is fully fresh and pure. PepperHub honey is unprocessed containing pollen which adds flavour and appears as white layer on the top. This shows the purity of the honey taken directly from the bee hives. The organic honey from the forests. This is also called raw honey, which is the original forest honey. This forest honey is pure and safely packed.

PepperHub wild honey pack contains 400g of unprocessed wild honey, collected from Wayanad. Wayanadan honey is famous as it have more moisture content than that collected from other areas.

wild honey

Honey crystallization: A natural process 

Crystallization is one of the best identities of authentic raw honey. It’s not an indication of adulteration or spoiling; rather, it’s a natural process. The main reason for crystallization is (f/g) fructose/glucose and the (g/w) glucose/water ratio. If honey has high f/g and low g/w, then it will slow down crystallization and if glucose is high then crystallization will be fast. Everything is dependent upon the vegetation that the bees have foraged and the supply of nectar in the honey.

Crystallized honey can be consumed. So we strongly recommend using crystallized raw honey in the same form, without any heat treatment. 

No antibiotics & sugar 

We procure all our honey varieties from wild forest beehives where the bees are not treated with antibiotics or fed sugar syrup. 

Varied honey texture, colour, and taste 

The texture, colour, and taste will change between different batches in the same variety of honey as well. 

Texture can be dependent on the floral source. Color can also be affected by age as honey generally gets darker with age and another factor is the crystallization process. Honey generally appears lighter when crystallized. 

Pure raw honey straight from a hive is full of unique flavor notes based on its region and season. 

Weight .5 kg

174 reviews for Wild Honey 480g Pack

  1. Shabareesh varma

    Best product i have used. Really Tasty, loving it.

  2. Hema Ravi

    Tasty! One word for this product

  3. Sreeja M B

    Good Product

  4. Salini V k

    Very tasty and real! one of the best quality honey i have had in these years. Loved it so much will order more for sure!

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are really happy to hear from you, you can always order more!

  5. Nisha Selvan

    Got delivered to my place in Thirunelveli. My package was about to leak, so kindly take care of the bootle you are providing. Honey was just superb! Loving it.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for sharing your valuable review about our service, we will take measures to make our service better.

  6. Ajay Krishnan

    Nicely delivered product was amazing ,
    Credit all goes to the packaging ,nothing was
    Damaged all the way .Done with the planting . 😊👍

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are happy to hear from you, thank you for your purchase.

  7. Jamsheera

    Good Quality product, packing to be improved

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for your valuable advice, this will help us improve our service

  8. Manu s

    Got it delivered. happy with Product

  9. Rajmohan

    Got it home, want more organic products from you. When are new products coming?

  10. Praveen

    I have used honey for years, but this one was different.

  11. Shakir Hussain

    I have used the product. It’s good in taste.

  12. Manu


  13. Swarnalatha Dinesh

    Loved the taste…best I have bought from TVM

  14. Sameer

    One of the quality product, I have ordered online. Superb taste!
    Nothing else

  15. Manjusha

    Tasty! best one i have used in a while.

  16. Varsha Shaji

    liked the product, on my first purchase. Will recommend to my friends

  17. Himanshu

    First time experience of un processed honey. It so tasty and better than processed one.

  18. Sandhya Maneesh

    100% pure product! taste of real honey, good product

  19. Ardra Sasindran

    Quality product, the only problem with my pack was the seal was started leaking when I got them delivered.
    But the taste was the best. But I ll rate only 3 star as my pack came leaking

  20. Sebastian philip

    The real taste of honey

  21. Mahesh Mahi

    Awesome taste, have never tasted honey of this taste. Great product.

  22. Savitha Sasi

    Special taste, will order more and recommend to my friends. Its having a unique taste.

    • Vishnu Raj


      its the real taste of forest honey! Its tasty compared to the processed one.
      We are happy to hear from you

  23. Indulekha R

    Pepperhubs honey is one of the best i have used. Honey never this tasty before. Now i got to know taste of wild honey

  24. Midhun manik

    Yummy and best quality, I have purchased in recent times.

  25. Manjusha

    Good quality honey i have ordered online. Its so real

  26. Midhun mathew

    Good taste. I loved it

  27. Ramakrishnan Menon

    Tastiest honey i have had in past years. Loved the taste

  28. Sanjana Rajan

    I couldn’t resist myself from writing this review, the taste is so good. I haven’t had such a tasty honey in past years.

  29. Sreeenesh Kumar

    Loved the taste! Tastiest i ever had.

  30. Elizabeth Sabu

    Superb taste and quality!
    Honey never tasted this best before. First experience of forest honey!

  31. Kavya Suresh

    Tasty honey! 😋

  32. Sanjai Naresh

    Super Tasty honey!! Best I bought online

  33. Vineethan P R

    One of the best honey i have tasted in these days. The real taste of raw honey

  34. Sbnssn Jsjsjs


    Writing the review with honey in my mouth 🤭
    The taste the smell everything just heavenly. Now only I got to know that honey do have its own smell when it comes with pollen grain in it.

  35. Rama Menon

    Great taste. My children loved it, they have it with bread now.

  36. Amrutha P

    Tasty honey! 👍

  37. Rejani Mani

    Good taste. I am using it for my daily use as a part of my health diet. Its pure

  38. Sudha Nambiar

    Tasty honey.
    Last time I bought honey from Gandhi gram from Thrissur, it was said to wild honey. But was actually tasting like a sugar syrup.
    But Pepperhub wayanad honey is just amazing 😍🤤

  39. Sameeksha Reddy

    Tasty honey good quality 👌👌

  40. Sobin Kurian

    Good honey received. Tasty and healthy it’s different taste this time than last time. Both are good

  41. Nirmala Mathew

    Best quality raw honey 😋

  42. Meenu suresh


  43. Sari. Bineesh

    Good quality product

  44. Saranya

    Good quality product

  45. Saranya

    Good quality WILD HONEY

  46. Rajan Singh

    Best quality honey




    Best honey, The tasty Wayandan wild honey

  49. Sayanamol

    pure tasty Wayanadan honey, good for health

  50. Babu Immanual

    Tasty honey is good for babies

  51. Manilal

    Quality Wayanadan honey is well packed, good to give to children.

  52. Faseenafathima

    wild honey .. the real taste of nature….

  53. Sudhan Kumar

    Best honey i have tasted ever

  54. Stephan

    Good Taste and good quality

  55. Mandari Nair

    Super honey 😍

  56. Binju Janardhanan

    good tasty wild honey

  57. anju krishna

    Colort,exture,taste everything is amazing..a pure form of honey.

  58. Neha mathew

    Best honey

  59. Preetha Bibin

    This wild honey is 100% pure and tasty , good for children.

  60. Sandhya.Vinod

    It is a good natural product, really good in taste

  61. alocious peter

    I recently purchased Pure Wild Honey, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. This honey is a true gem

  62. Liya Mathew

    Really satisfying purchase. Pure taste…
    Just buy it. Will never get disappointed.

  63. Saritha

    good quality wild honey

  64. Sujatha.Saji

    good product, color is good, honey is also a medicine.

  65. Prasanna Venkatraj

    Real unprocessed honey. Go for it.

  66. Siby Varkey

    Best honey ever bought online. Thank you Pepperhub

  67. vishnu

    Best product

  68. sreejesh

    Good product

  69. Mahesh Singh

    The best wild honey ,super taste and color.

  70. Mahesh Singh

    Good product, super taste

  71. Anju Benny

    Great purchase! Its real unprocessed honey. I ordered this as it is mentioned unprocessed honey for medicinal purpose. Thank you Pepperhub

  72. Evlin Shinto

    Received the order just now . Its 100% Pure Honey! But the price is bit high.

  73. Jewel Mariya

    Super taste wild honey

  74. alakrutha balachandran

    Tastes different from other brands.. 100% pure and chemical free

  75. Niranjana

    I will definitely recommend it to others who are looking for real, unprocessed honey. Thank you, Pepperhub.

  76. Jeena Thomas

    Pure honey, But expensive.

  77. Riyas Muhammed

    I purchased this honey and it exceeded my expectations! The flavor is rich and delicious, making it the perfect addition to my morning tea. The quality and taste are exceptional, and I highly recommend it to all honey lovers.

  78. anjaly baby

    100% satisfied with the purchase … tastes soo good..highly recommended.

  79. Nirmala. Santhosh

    Pure honey is expensive but good product

  80. akshara sabu

    Delivery took a lot more than expected .

  81. Sharanya

    This purchase really amazed me.. Real unprocessed honey received. This has the exact taste of honey I had at my home in early days. So happy that I could buy real honey online.

  82. manjima mohan

    authentic honey..i have brought many honey varieties online and this one taste different from all..this has a thicker consistency and dark color…

  83. Sidharth

    The price is high but the service is good and I got it on time

  84. Rajan Baby

    Received the order just now. It is really good without any artificial flavour. I could tell that its is real honey directly from bee hives as mentioned.

  85. Jithish Jacob

    My 2nd order from Pepperhub just received. I ordered coconut oil last time and received good quality organic oil. I have seen Honey that time and came back to order honey. As expected, the honey is really good and organic. Highly recommended product.

  86. ajith vijayan

    Good quality honey and nice packaging ….Its taste is different from that of dabour..i was using dabour for 4 years …this tastes like pure honey.

  87. Bobi Krishna

    The quality of this honey is just amazing. Organic product for sure

  88. Jisha Shinto

    Pure honey. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends.

  89. Vidya Thulsi

    Totally happy with the purchase. The best quality product at this price really amazed me. In my locality it cost a lot more for pure honey. Thank you pepperhub.

  90. Santhosh

    Awesome taste & its taste different from other brands

  91. ameena ali

    One of my friends brought this last month and she said this was so good.So i was waiting for this one . I got it yesterday and my daughter loved it …Affordable and 100 % pure…

  92. asna salim

    Tastier than any other brand. Goos and affordable honey.

  93. G Gangadharan

    Good Product

  94. John Kalathiparambil

    Super tatse.

  95. Mathew H G

    Pure honey

  96. Mridula

    Natural wild honey, good for children price is high but product is super taste

  97. Kedhar

    super tasty wild honey

  98. Megna Vimal

    Amazing product. This is 100% natural honey. No doubt! Thank you Pepperhub.

  99. Sreejith K C

    Wowww… Pure taste of honey. i loved it

  100. Karthik k

    Super packing… and the honey is also too good.

  101. Nivedya

    Best quality product. Thank you Pepperhub for providing 100% organic honey

  102. Vani Vijayan

    Exceed my expectation. Good quality natural honey provided. One of the best online purchase. Thank you Pepperhub

  103. saranya sasi

    mind blowing purchase. haven’t seen honey with this much quality.

  104. alisha b

    I’m impressed by the quality of this honey. This pack lasts a good while, and the taste is consistently delightful

  105. shamla basheer

    Great packaging and excellent taste! This Wild Honey is a staple in my pantry now, and I use it for both cooking and drizzling over pancakes.

  106. Rtheesh K

    100% organic product. I loved the taste.

  107. Smith

    yummy.. Very Tastey honey

  108. Abidha Rasheed

    A must buy from pepperhub …awesome quality

  109. Laya.Madhu

    100% pure wild honey got in pepper hub, quality is too good,& good service

  110. Sooryadev.

    Perfect product on time delivery loved it….

  111. ismail bava

    This Wild Honey is absolutely divine! The 400g pack contains pure and flavorful honey.

  112. Midhila

    The quality of wild honey is often praised for its unique taste, diverse nutritional profile, and potential health benefits derived from the varied plant sources in untouched ecosystems

  113. Miranda.Ijo

    Wild honey offers a delightful culinary experience with its diverse menu featuring unique and flavorful dishes , showcasing a harmonious blend of fresh, high quality ingredients.

  114. Indhu Prakash

    I ordered it or my children. They loved it.

  115. Manjula Mehta

    Very tasty honey and superb packing. Excellent service.

  116. Kalarenjini Vaadhyar

    Honey was great and got the pack at correct time. I ordered it for my son. He really liked it.

  117. Akhil Jayaram

    Tasty honey I’ve ever tasted. I suits well for both cooking and medicine purpose.

  118. amala bindhu sajan

    This honey has become a staple in my kitchen, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking pure and flavorful honey

  119. Angaj

    It’s my 3rd order. Just go for guys if you are looking for organic honey. It’s supper tasty.

  120. Varun.Chakraverthy

    Wild Honey captivates the palate with its harmonious blend of floral and earthy notes, delivering a rich and versatile sweetness that enhances any culinary experience

  121. Kanaka balan

    Best quality and tasty home I bought so far. Look no further for real organic honey.

  122. seema mathew

    just a wow product

  123. Surendra.shetty

    Wild honey captivates the palate with its rich, complex flavors, delivering a unique and untamed sweetness that reflects the diverse floral landscapes from which it is harvested

  124. jishnu joshy

    my kids loved the taste of this honey..it taste different from the ones that we get from markets. Highly recommended.

  125. Kumar

    100% Pure Wild Honey

  126. John

    Really sweet and quality honey. The real one without any processing. Thank u pepperhub

  127. Vinitha. p

    Wild honey often boasts a rich ,diverse flavor profile derived from various nectar sources.

  128. Natasha.Das

    It’s my third order my kids are very like this wild honey ,its good for kids health

  129. babitha

    I like the purchase a lot. Easy to carry and use during my run.

  130. Madhumitha Sen

    My kids love it. They ask for it everyday now with bread and fruits.

  131. Komal Pandey

    Nutritious!! I’ve tried various honey, but this honey stands out with its flavor.

  132. Arunima Akhil

    As someone who values organic products, I appreciate the purity of this honey.

  133. Aswathy Arun

    This is my favorite honey of all time. It’s thick and tasty and also part of my breakfast.

  134. biya sabu

    I can’t get enough of this wild honey. The taste is unparalleled, offering a unique blend of floral and earthy notes.

  135. Geetha

    The honey is really tasty. Price is little high. But if looking for organic wild honey just buy it.

  136. Riyaa.Uthup

    Wild honey often boasts a unique and rich flavor profile influenced by the diverse flora within a specific region Its raw and unprocessed nature appeals to those seeking a more authentic taste. However preferences vary, and some might find its intense sweetness overpowering

  137. revathy sanal

    The taste is unparalleled, offering a unique blend of floral and earthy notes. The fact that it’s raw and unprocessed adds to its authenticity.

  138. Silsila divine

    My sister told to me this online shop ,pepper hub wild honey is very healthy my kids are very like this honey

  139. nisha basheer

    he smooth consistency and lingering taste make it a luxurious addition to my culinary creations. A must-try for those who appreciate the finer nuances of honey.

  140. nisha basheer

    the smooth consistency and lingering taste make it a luxurious addition to my culinary creations. A must-try for those who appreciate the finer nuances of honey.

  141. Swathi

    Tastiest honey i have had in past years. Loved the taste

  142. Kavita Yadav

    Free from additives, sugars, and processing, wild honey offers a taste of nature’s pure sweetness. This purity also makes it a preferred choice for those seeking natural remedies and alternative sweeteners.

  143. Mintu.Mohan

    Wild honey offers a rich and distinct flavor profile, often characterized by floral and fruity notes. Its complex taste is influenced by the varied flora from which bees collect nectar. The texture is typically thicker than regular honey, creating a delightful experience. While it may be more expensive ,the unique taste and potential health benefits make wild honey a worthwhile indulgence for enthusiasts seeking a premium honey experience.

  144. Aleena ajitjh

    My go to choice for honey is pepperhub.. Highly recommended

  145. Viswanathan

    Thanks for sending pure honey and it really tastes well. It reminds me of my childhood days of tasting real honey and lost it over the years due to adulterated honey available in the market. Thanks for bringing back the real experience.

  146. Sathyanarayan

    I trust these are genuine Honey, please continue to provide goood products

  147. Kaveri Chadhurvedhi

    This is the third or fourth time I have ordered the Pepper Hub Wild Honey, this time as Diwali gifts for my close family and friends. It is a staple in my house consumption and I wanted to share the delight with others.

  148. Gokul Prakash

    The taste and essence was good and no added sugar felt. Will buy again!

  149. Bisha Krishnan

    I have purchased honey twice and the quality of honey is really awesome, and I like the taste very much. Much recommended to all.

  150. Rajalekshmi

    All products from Pepper Hub have been good. I am a repeat customer for long.

  151. Milu Vinay

    The overall experience is Very Good. Great product. Extremely satisfied with it…

  152. Pramod Nair

    Prompt and Safe delivery. Packed Neat. Quality of the product also good and authentic.

  153. Yamini Ganesh

    All I wanted was raw honey that I could trust with purity. Keep making pure product like this. Thanks

  154. Yeshas

    Product description on the website is detailed and appropriate for making the purchase. Delivery and receipt was comfortable as well. Taste of the product was exemplary. I would recommend this strongly.

  155. Maya Devi

    Authentic taste. Real honey. I won’t buy honey from anyone else. Kudos Pepper Hub team. Just don’t compromise with quality in future. Wish you the best. Thank you

  156. Biya Dhanesh

    The packaging was really good, the honey tasted great. I am no expert but it did look like good honey to me. Will recommend.

  157. Rakhi Das

    I have ordered honey from Pepper Hub , the product I got is simply amazing , packing was so good , product quality was awesome , loved the product , will order more.

  158. Nagma

    I like to sweeten my yogurt with honey and enjoy it as my dessert after lunch. For me “Pepper Hub” is a one stop place, for getting quality and trustable honey.

  159. Navin Patel

    So glad I tried this honey. Amazing taste and texture.

  160. Renuka Sathyamurty

    This honey has a nice flowery taste, light smooth texture and amazing aroma. Great treat with the hot cup of lemon tea.

  161. Vaisakh Thampi

    It was wonderful and a lo different from the honey I’ve tried so far. The honey doesn’t crystallizes and it rejuvenates you from within.

  162. Seethamma.Ayyar

    Unlike processed honey, wild honey is raw and unfiltered, retaining all of its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients. It’s like a concentrated essence of nature’s goodness.

  163. Jeo john

    Best Wild honey

  164. Surya nandhu

    Tastes sooo good… Highly recommended

  165. ameya v

    I appreciate Pepperhub’s commitment to sourcing high-quality, ethically produced honey. It feels good to support a company that cares about sustainability.

  166. Sree

    Got it delivered. happy with Product

  167. Kumar

    Nicely delivered product was amazing. Thank you

  168. Rishikesh Kurup

    This Wild Honey from Pepperhub is incredible! The taste is so rich and flavorful, unlike any honey I’ve had before. You can really tell it’s raw and unprocessed. Highly recommend!

  169. Vijay Aditya

    Great quality and fast shipping from Pepperhub.

  170. Amal Darshan

    This Pepperhub Wild Honey is a perfect addition to my morning routine. It’s raw and unprocessed. The 400g size is perfect for my needs.

  171. Arjun Mukundan

    This Wild Honey from Pepperhub is simply delicious. Love the thick texture and the hint of pollen.

  172. Jeevan Prakashan

    So happy with my purchase of Wild Honey from Pepperhub! The packaging is secure and the honey itself is fresh and flavorful. Will definitely be buying again.

  173. Devika.P.Harikumar

    The quality of Pepper Hub wild honey is evident from its purity and authenticity.

  174. Nazeer

    One of the best honey i have tasted in these days. The real taste of raw honey. Thank you

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