Pepper Karimunda Plants (Pack of 10)

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  • Pack of 10 plants
  • best Quality Karimunda Pepper plants
  • Wild Variety
  • Disease Resistant
  • Weight – 8kg
  • Free Delivery

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Pepper Karimunda is a wild variety that has been cultivated in Kerala from long  time. now also it stands different from other varieties with its disease resistant nature. Karimunda plants are maily grown in pepper farming areas of kerala, karnataka, tamil nadu.

Karimunda plants have ovate small leaves with even margins, dark green leaves and spikes. The have high spiking intensity. Their yield per wine is said to be 3-5. New spikes will be dark in color.

Buy best quality karimunda pepper plants for cultivation from Pepperhub farms, the trusted name in black pepper farming.

Weight 9 kg

89 reviews for Pepper Karimunda Plants (Pack of 10)

  1. Kaithakuzhy Mohankumar

    I have received all the 40 plants despatched by you (30 karimunda & 10 thekkan) in good condition. I have planted the same yesterday with rubber trees. Thanks for the good services.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thank you for you purchase

  2. Krishnankutty Nair

    It is really great pleasure to write my experience here today. When I brought to your attention about bad experience I had about the plants sent to me, you immeditely made arrangement to send to me same quantity of very good plants, which I receieved now. It is beyond words to express here your dedication, commitment, value for customer satisfaction etc. that you are giving importance to in your business to develop a green revolution in the coming future. Pls keep it up. I shall surely recommend anyone who want to buy quality plants from you. Wish you all success.

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are always happy to help you. We always try to make your purchases more hustle free, we also make sure you receive the right value for your product. Thats why we follow Strict replacement policies which help customers facing damage issues. Because Your Plant is our RESPONSIBILTY, till it reaches you safe.

  3. Joseph Naren

    Got my 20 plants in good condition

  4. Sasidharan

    Happy to write this review, as am so happy with this service. Good support team.

  5. Anigha Selvan

    Got my plants in good condition. Good service

    • Vishnu Raj


      thank you for your purchase

  6. Jithesh Purushithaman

    Good quality plants. Will buy more plants

  7. Rajisha Shaji

    Got delivered to Idukki in the next day itself. Appreciable service

  8. Jithu

    Good quality plants. Trustable service.

  9. Megha Biju

    Nice service

  10. Sreeja mol

    I have ordered plants. I dont have much experience cultivation of black pepper. How can i grow plants in a better way?

    • Vishnu Raj


      You can find more details about planting from our blog

  11. Mirsha Saji

    Good quality plants. Liked them very much. My first pack of online plants

  12. Sebastian philip

    I have received 110 plants yesterday. Good quality plants and the package is well packed.

  13. Jalaja Sani

    Very good plants received in good condition. Good service, i have also talked with the representative and they have explained me about the plant and how to plant and care them

  14. Vyshnav Soman

    Really good plants these are one of the best in the market. i think its better to buy from these guys than from a random nursery who dont even know about the plants they sale

  15. Manu Shankar

    Good plants

    • Vishnu Raj


      Happy to hear from you

  16. Surendran nair

    Best qulaity plants available online for agriculture

    • Vishnu Raj


      We are glad to have regular customers like you
      Happy Farming!

  17. Gopinathan

    Quality plants. One of th best buys in the season even at off-season. They are having good and healthy plants in all season.

  18. Sanjana Varma

    Received best quality plants

  19. Sabu K R

    Nice plants, received in good condition.

  20. Hareesh Kumar

    Good quality tamarind

  21. Sajush

    Happy to tell you that i have received good quality black pepper plants from pepperhub

  22. Sumitra

    Got my plants delivered home.

  23. Rashmi Sree

    Good plants are one of the best thing i have felt with pepperhub

  24. Sumesh Raj

    Healthy karimunda plants received in good condition. Thank you

  25. Manjunath

    Good plants

  26. Srinda Saji

    Plants are big with single stem. They were more than 30 cm in length, mostly i buy plants that are just 15 -20 cm in length. Then i just tried when i saw plants were 2 years old. I recommend their plants they are healthy and good

  27. Akhilesh

    Just received my order in a unique pack. The plants were in great condition.

  28. manu


    Good Plants.
    Plants Received in healthy Condition

  29. vorbelutrioperbir

    I like this web blog very much so much excellent info .

  30. Vinu.k.Baby

    The plants are big with single stem ,good quality Karimunda plants

  31. Niranjan Mohan

    Healthy Plants.

  32. siju np

    I purchased this black pepper plant a few weeks ago, and it’s not thriving as I expected. will wait few more days and update

  33. Hareesh Kumar

    Plants received looks superb. I love the way you guys packed it. 👌

  34. Sundaran M

    നല്ല തൈകൾ ലഭിച്ചു

  35. Naveen Pranav

    Ordered 10 plants. Great packing. Plants arrived safely.

  36. Syamgopal

    good plants received in good condition

  37. Vijayan nair

    good black pepper plants

  38. saju

    quality of plants are good and reached on time

  39. manu


    Good plants

  40. Rebin .Basker

    good plants in healthy condition and well packed, reached safe

  41. vanaja siva kumar

    Packaging and plants both are good. Will recommend for my friends and family

  42. Naveen Kumar

    The plants were really good with thick stem. Great packing

  43. Pradeep R

    I got my order yesterday in good condition. The plants were healthy and great customer support too.

  44. Manojkumar

    Plants are healthy root & stem nice packing, loved it…

  45. Kannan Marar

    Healthy pepper seedlings with good roots are I got when ordered

  46. Abhishek

    Again here to reorder 10 more Karimunda plants. Really happy with my last order. The plants were really good and thriving.

  47. Rohith

    Great Purchase! It was my first online plant order and I was really worried about the plants condition. The plants were in healthy conditionand arrived on time. The support was Great. Received updates in WhatsApp, which is really helpful and assessable to me.

  48. anu sabu

    A completely healthy, bug free, rot free plant reached. Good packaging thts why its reached safe. Rest, survival is upto care . Thanks.

  49. Aman Yadav

    The plants arrived in excellent condition, well-packaged to ensure their safe delivery. To me price is bit high. Anyway, overall good purchase.

  50. Ritu Srivastava

    Hats-off for the perfect packing. The plants arrived safely without any damage and in good condition.

  51. Nidhin.Krishnan

    The pepper seedlings were healthy, there was no damage and the packing was good and the seedlings started vigoously

  52. James Mathew

    Karimunda variety seedlings good looking ,got in good condition, nice packing

  53. Sali Mathew

    I recently purchased the Karimunda Pepper Plants for my Farm, and I must say, I’m quite pleased with the ones received. Healthy and big plants that are ready to plant. They were safely home delivered in a professional packing. Overall, I would recommend the Karimunda plants and Pepperhub to my friends who are looking for better quality plants for their farm

  54. Sreekumar

    Very happy ,I received the pepper seedlings ordered the other day, good seedlings, well wrapped and arrived safely

  55. minnu thomas

    Delivered healthy plants. The packaging was soo good and all the plants are in good condition.thankyou

  56. joseph mathew

    Had searched Karimunda variety in many other sites …nOT anywhere…surprised to see this website ….got all my plants in good condition

  57. Nisar

    Ordered and got it late ….but good seedlings

  58. Thejas Dev

    This is my second purchase. I had my 1st purchase last season. They were good and thriving too. So here again to place another set of Karimunda plants and combo pack. Thanks for adding combo packs

  59. viswanath

    One of my friend showed this website …i had some varities of black pepper plants and was searching for more …glad that i found this website…My first order of Karimunda delivered yesterday.. will buy more for sure…but it will be better to get 2 or 3 pieces …it will be more affordable

  60. Deepak Benny

    The plants arrived on time and were healthy. The unique packing really amazed me. They really put great efforts in packing and support.

  61. Sunil Lijo

    Big and healthy plants with dark green leaves received. The perfectly packed plants arrived safely without any damage during transit. Perfect packing for live plants.

  62. lalu joseph

    Expected big plants.. All are of good condition and healthy…

  63. Alkesh Rana

    The plants seemed lively on arrival. I ordered the plants last week and received yesterday. I got notification in whatsapp at every status change which is some thing new to me.

  64. Hasif Meeran

    All plants were big and well nourished plants. The arrived safely yesterday. Unique and safe packing.

  65. Monohar lal

    I got here through Instagram and placed my order last week for karimunda and panniyur combo. The plants just arrived on time. The packing was really unique and perfect for live plants. I can clearly see the efforts you guys putting into it and for customer support. Great job. Keep going…

  66. seena hari

    Got healthy plants and all are in good condition …satisfied with the order

  67. bineesh babu

    I brought Karimunda plants from a nursery nearby and it was of small size. The one i got from Pepperhub is big size and is in good condition.

  68. Shyam Kumar

    i’m very happy, beacuse of theses big plants. Thank you

  69. Madhav

    Best qulaity plants available online for agriculture

  70. Satheesh

    Got my plants in good condition. Good service Thank you

  71. Maneshkumar

    Got healthy plants happy to inform you satisfied to this purchase

  72. Karanchand

    Got healthy plants, it is a high yielding variety got in pepper hub, and good service

  73. albin mathew

    These black pepper plants are a fantastic addition to my spice garden! I was delighted to receive a pack of 20 healthy and vibrant plants. The packaging ensured that they arrived in perfect condition.

  74. anupama sathyan

    They were well-rooted and healthy, showing signs of vigorous growth.

  75. John.vargees

    The best plants got in pepper hub, affordable price with nice service loved it…

  76. Alok.Seshadri

    Black pepper plants are commonly grown for their spicy berries and local variations may exist in different regions

  77. sathya abhilash

    I recently purchased the pack of 20 black pepper plants, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! The plants arrived promptly and in excellent condition.

  78. sathya abhilash

    . Highly recommend this pack for anyone looking to start their pepper farming

  79. sharon mathew

    The plants arrived promptly and in excellent condition

  80. Nidhan.Yackoob

    Karimunda is a high yielding variety its highly disease resistant plants finally got in pepper hub

  81. Sarang

    I ordered 20 Plants in last week. Now the are in good condititon

  82. Savanth kumar

    Happy to inform you I got healthy plants recommended it….

  83. nineetha sagar

    I purchased the black pepper plant a few months ago, and it’s flourishing! The plant arrived in great shap

  84. sebastin kuruvila

    I purchased the black pepper plant a few months ago, and it’s flourishing! The plant arrived in great shap

  85. Sanjo.Joy

    This is my second order, quality plants delivered in pepper hub.

  86. Neelakandan

    Karimunda Black pepper plans are renowned for their robust growth and high quality pepper production

  87. binto tomy

    The black pepper plant I received is a great addition to my spice garden. It’s easy to care for, and the aromatic leaves add a pleasant fragrance to my outdoor space.

  88. Arjun Malhotra

    The saplings arrived carefully packaged and in excellent condition. They were healthy-looking with vibrant green leaves and strong stems, indicating proper care during transit.

  89. Nishanth

    Karimunda pepper plants are renowned for producing high-quality, aromatic peppercorns with a distinctive flavor profile, making them a preferred choice among pepper enthusiasts.

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