How To Plant Black Pepper Plants | Step By Step Process

Planting black pepper includes the following steps such as
1) digging a Pit.
2) Adding manure in the pit.
3) Covering the pit with soil.
4) Placing plant in the right direction within the pit.
5) Covering the Filling the pit with soil.

Today i am to show you step by step procedure of planting Black Pepper. Let it be any Black Pepper Variety, Its all the same way to plant. All you need is a fresh plant, A tool to dig a small pit, Cow dung Powder, small knife.

Step 1

Dig a small pit with tool in the north side(side with least sunlight) of the tree on which you are going to plant black pepper (Buy Now).

Step 2

Add a considerable amount of cow dung powder or Organic Mixtures to the pit. Add soil above the cow dung powder, so that the root of the plant do not have direct contact with the cow dung powder. Th root should not have direct contact with cow dung powder,as it is harmful for the plant.

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Step 3

Cut the covering of the plant with a knife. using knife is the best practice because tearing the cover may leed to breaking of the soil and displacement of the root within the soil. The best thing you can do is not disturbing the roots so use a knife to uncover. Place the plant in the pit towards the tree. Place the plant a slit tilted towards the tree so that i can climb through when growing up.

Step 4

Fill it completely with soil covering the plant. Fill it completely with soil covering the plant.

Step 5

Now the plant have been planted succesfully, do give them some shade such that no direct sunlight or water/soil droplets fall on the leaf during rain. Use a cut branch of some plants and cover the pepper plant.

Hope you enjoy the article. Happy Farming!


Watch video of the above step by step process here

5 thoughts on “How To Plant Black Pepper Plants | Step By Step Process”

  1. Shrimang solunke

    I have 700 melia dubia tree
    I want to plant black peper
    Near tree so that I can get shade from melia dubia tree to black pepper
    I m from jalna Maharashtra

    1. Vishnu Raj

      Yes black pepper plants can be grown in Maharashtra, with good shades and water.
      You can ever grow them without shade in case of Vijay Pepper.
      But water is must.

      Happy Farming! 🌱

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