Panniyur 6 + Panniyur 10 Plants (Pack of 5+5)

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  • Panniyur 10: Pack of 5 Plants
  • Fruit within 2 years of planting
  • Has long spikes and bold berries
  • Panniyur 6: Pack of 5 Plants
  • Characterized by vigorous growth of vine
  • Average yield of 6460 kg green pepper/ha
  • Best quality Panniyur Plants Varieties
  • All India Delivery

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Panniyur 10 : The high-yielding and climate-resilient hybrid variety of black pepper was developed by the Kerala Agriculture University (KAU Panniyur(Patent – Panniyur 1 *Cul 54(OP of cv. Karivalli). This variety can survive drought and heavy rainfall issues. Panniyur 10 has been tested in various climate conditions and it proved to withstand all climate changes.
It can fruit within 2 years of planting and can obtain almost 3.1 kg/vine. It has long spikes and bold berries. It is also resistant to phytophthora infections.

Panniyur 6 is a high yielding variety of Panniyur black pepper. Panniyur 6 is characterized by vigorous growth of vine, high number of spikes per unit area, close setting of berries, attractive bold green colour and high yield. Panniyur 6 is a colonial selection of variety of Karimunda with average yield of 6460 kg green pepper/ha and 2127 kg dry pepper/ha.

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2 reviews for Panniyur 6 + Panniyur 10 Plants (Pack of 5+5)

  1. David D

    Fast shipping! I was impressed with how quickly my pepper combo pack arrived from PepperHub.

  2. Mohandas.Vijay

    With a combination of both varieties, growers can expect an abundant yield of peppers, ensuring a plentiful supply for culinary use or sharing with friends and family.

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