Karimunda + Panniyur 9 plants( Pack of 5+5)

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  • Karimunda Plants Pack of 5
  • Has high spiking intensity
  • Best Quality Karimunda Pepper plants
  • Most popular cultivar in Kerala
  • Wild Disease Resistant Variety
  • Panniyur 9 plants pack of 5
  • Preforms well even in hilly tracts
  • Average yield is  3150 kg/dry pepper /ha.
  • All India Delivery

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Karimunda Plants

Karimunda Plants: Pepper Karimunda is a wild variety that has been cultivated in Kerala from long  time. Now also it stands different from other varieties with its disease resistant nature. These plants are mainly grown in pepper farming areas of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

Karimunda plants have ovate small leaves with even margins, dark green leaves and spikes. They have high spiking intensity. Yield: Starts from 2-3 years after planting. Yield per vine is 3-5. Fruits start to turn red & hang low. New spikes will be dark in color. It has a climbing vine that can reach ten meters in height. It appears in the form of a hanging cluster, formed of twenty to thirty grains around the stem.

Panniyur 9 Plants

Panniyur 9 Plants: Pepper Research Station, Panniyur has developed a high yielding variety, Panniyur 9 which is tolerant to drought stress. It released on 2017  and notified in 2018 by Central variety release committee and released by State variety
release committee for Kerala in 2018.

The variety is well suitable to all the pepper growing tracts with better performance in high altitude/ hilly areas which contribute to 70 % of black pepper production in the country. The spikes are medium long with compact setting and medium sized berries. Panniyur 9 has a potential yield of 3.24 kg dry pepper/ vine with 38% dry recovery in hilly tracts.
The average yield recorded in CVT of different centers is 2.52 kg dry pepper / vine (6.3 kg green berries/ vine). The variety had better
performance in hilly tracts.

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3 reviews for Karimunda + Panniyur 9 plants( Pack of 5+5)

  1. K.Joshy

    The purchase of Karimunda pepper plants and Panniyur 9 plants has exceeded my expectations, laying the foundation for a thriving pepper plantation.

  2. Samir Das

    I was hesitant to order plants online, but Pepperhub exceeded my expectations! The pepper plants were well-packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

  3. kishore.Kishore .M

    Get healthy plants, like the packing

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