Vakathi / Iron Billhook

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  • Heavy use iron Billhook.
  • Made by traditional ironworkers
  • The knife is made single-plane-edged.
  • Strong wooden handle
  • Easy to handle
  • All India delivery

Made by traditional ironworkers with their own hands for those who want high quality and performance.  This knife is a classic & famous traditional South Indian style vegetable/meat/farming knife. The knife is made single-plane-edged. This knife is so good for cutting, that it will cut right through heavy vegetables, like jackfruit, elephant yam, pumpkin…, etc. And other delicate vegetables without squishing or damaging their soft skin in the process. It’s also ideal for home/restaurant cutting, & outdoor activities (cutting wood & farming purposes).

The knife’s single-brass riveted construction securely attaches the handle to the iron-steel FULL TANG which runs from the blade through the end of the wooden handle hard enough for the whole blade for the hard work and durability. It can offer comfortable to grip and non-slip effect. The handmade knife showing great beautiful and impeccable performance this strong design for a good strength.


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26 reviews for Vakathi / Iron Billhook

  1. Anand Rajendra

    Good quality product with sharp edge. Perfect for heavy use.

  2. Mercy Yohannan

    I bought it for my grandmother. The knife is so good and sharp. It cut both vegetable and meat smoothly and perfectly.

  3. manikutti

    This Vakathi is a sturdy and reliable tool! The iron build feels robust and durable. I’ve used it for various tasks around the farm, from clearing brushwood to cutting branches, and it has performed exceptionally well.

  4. Libin.skariya

    Quality product, sharp edge iron billhook

  5. Aneesh T

    The iron billhook impressed with its sturdy construction and sharp blade, providing a reliable and effective tool for various cutting and chopping tasks, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.

  6. Bipin

    The iron billhook impressed with its sturdy construction and sharp blade, providing a reliable and effective tool for various cutting and chopping tasks, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.

  7. Rajendran

    I ordered it for my farm, It’s absolutely fine and sharp.

  8. paul kurian

    The Vakathi I purchased has been a valuable addition to my gardening tools! The iron billhook is excellent for cutting and shaping wood. It’s sturdy and durable, handling tough tasks effortlessly.

  9. Hareesh

    The product has firm handle and is of good quality iron. The edges become supper sharp on sharpening.

  10. vishal

    Very strong and sharp edges

  11. sharan

    The edges are sharp. and the wooden handle is too strong. I’m happy with this product

  12. biju babu

    The blade is sharp and holds its edge, making the job efficient. The wooden handle provides a comfortable grip and allows for precise cuts

  13. bismy bas

    I’m impressed with the quality of this Vakathi! It’s well-crafted and designed for heavy-duty tasks. The iron blade is solid and remains sharp after multiple uses

  14. Dineshan .P

    Its commonly used for agricultural purposes and has a reputation for durability, However, opinions on its effectiveness mat vry based on individual preferences and specific use cases.

  15. santhosh sivan

    The handle provides a comfortable grip, and the overall construction is durable. A must-have tool for any outdoor enthusiast!

  16. Shaji Kuriakose

    I’m very impressed with the billhooks. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for billhooks.

  17. Mani Kumar

    These are the best billhooks I’ve ever used. They are easy to use and strong.

  18. Rejani Swamy

    I recently purchased the billhooks and I’m very pleased with them. They are well made and very sturdy.

  19. Manoj Madhav

    Item was as described. Shipping was pretty fast.

  20. Robert

    The item is very good in terms of quality compared to the price and it’s also very light and sheath is also very nice.

  21. Vidhyadharan.M

    The iron billhook is sturdy and reliable too. Its sharp blade and durable construction make it effective for various cutting and chopping tasks. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip enhancing user control. Whether for gardening or light brush clearing the Iron billhook proves to be a versatile and well crafted tool.

  22. alan mathew

    A solid investment for any gardening enthusiast.

  23. Jayan

    The blade’s sharpness and the well-crafted handle make it easy to maneuver.

  24. Rajesh Kumar

    This Heavy-Duty Iron Billhook is a top choice for users who demand a robust and reliable tool for heavy-duty cutting tasks. Its exceptional strength, sharpness, and comfortable grip make it a valuable asset for landscapers, farmers, and anyone tackling demanding outdoor works

  25. Dheeraj Raj

    Good quality product, better than I thought. Last time I bought one online had lesser quality and got issues. But this seems to be strong

  26. Madhusoodhanan Nair

    Assess the quality of the iron used in the billhooks construction. High quality iron ensures durability and longevity.

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