Traditional Cooking Clay Pot with Cap / Manchatti with cap

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  • Traditional high quality Clay Pot with cap/ Manchatti with cap made by well skilled village craftsman.
  • Premium quality Clay Pot with cap.
  • 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Best quality ” Traditional Cooking Clay Pot with cap / Manchatti with cap” online.
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Indian clay curry pots, or manchatti or simply chatti, are earthenware pots which are very traditional in kerala cooking. They are present in almost every household, some handed down from generation to generation. They are also widely popular in malayan cooking. The clay pots get heated slowly and cooks the food as compared to Aluminium or other metallic utensils.

Clay pots comes with a cap and porous nature allows both steam and heat to circulate through the food, which results in through yet aromatic cooked food.Earthen pot or clay pot is alkaline in nature which means it neutralizes the acidic nature of food, retains the PH balance and makes food easy to digest for you. Besides adding to the taste, the clay pot also adds the minerals in our food.
A type of pot that is commonly used to cook a variety of sauces stews, egg, potato, vegetable, meat, poultry, and fish dishes. Clay pots allow foods to be cooked with moist heat both from the juices of the foods as they cook as well as masture added to the porous day. Clay pots are your best bet, provided they are made from 100% natural clay without any additives or glazes.Does retains its natural colour and flavour, and your overall dish tastes better.
Pure clay cookware is made from primary clay, harvested from non industrialized and un farmed lands further more, no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process( not mechanized- they are handmade) or fo their colouring and finishing. So the clay pots turnout to be 100% non toxic.

52 reviews for Traditional Cooking Clay Pot with Cap / Manchatti with cap

  1. Leena

    Good product. Happy with my purchase.

  2. anupama

    I recently purchased this clay pot for my kitchen, and I must say it has quickly become my favorite cooking companion

  3. chithra p

    can be used in stove as well and affordable.

  4. aswin G

    Average …. same as we get from shops

  5. Sheena Madhu

    All curries taste good when cooked in a clay pot.

  6. Sajana Ajeesh

    As it is a covered pan, the food items has a special taste, good product.

  7. Anu Jayan

    This is good for cooking fish , and very tasteful curry

  8. Pavana.Pavi

    This is good for cooking fish , and very tasteful curry

  9. Thara.Binu

    Good quality clay pot with cap, good product

  10. Sindhu sabu

    Quality of the pot is good ….but delivery took a lot of time.

  11. Rajani.Manoj

    quality pot with cap good for cooking fish items

  12. Jinan.k

    Price is high….

  13. Druv Krish

    Not too big nor too small. It seems perfect for me. Good quality pot

  14. Minnara

    For tasty fish curry I recommended it, on time safe service pepperhub

  15. Midhun

    The order arrived today on time without delay in unique pack. The product is well wrapped to avoid damage.

  16. Poojitha

    I’m satisfied with this product and I’m love it

  17. Shekaran

    I received the order today and very happy with the purchase

  18. Falguni Yadav

    The product received safely. It was nicely packed. The pot is of good quality. Happy with the purchase.

  19. Jala Binoj

    products are good price is high…

  20. Kumari.Menon

    The clay pot with a cap enhances cooking by retaining and intensifying flavors through slow, even heat distribution

  21. Sunil Rakesh

    The well packed pot arrived safely just now. The pot is of good quality and is well made with smooth edges. Loved it

  22. Sameer

    Well made product. But I expected a little bigger sized pot.

  23. Annamma Chacko

    Recently I got my order. To be honest, the product was so good. I loved it. Such an elegant item. Thank You Pepper Hub

  24. aslam arsu

    . I’ve used it for slow-cooking soups, stews, and rice dishes, and the flavors are outstanding

  25. Vipanchika.Shenay

    Cooking with a clay pot and cap can be a rewarding experience, as it allows for even heat distribution, enhanced flavors, and the retention of moisture, resulting in delicious and well textured dishes

  26. Jayaprakash

    Good product and the food prepared in this pot is very delicious.

  27. Reshmi Suja

    I am very happy with the product. Will buy again. Thank you Pepper Hub

  28. Munna Simon

    Very bad packing. Bottle got leaked. But taste is very good.

  29. malavika menon

    Highly recommend this pot for those who appreciate traditional cooking!

  30. Sreekumar

    Fine and good Finished pot. Happy with my purchase.

  31. Ranjana

    Happy purchase. I loved to cook in Clay pots. It’s big enough and well made produt. It’s perfect to make fish curry.

  32. Biju Kunnamthaanam

    Best quality products I’ve ever received from online.

  33. Srindha.Arun

    Cooking food in a clay pot with a lid enhances flavors and retains moisture, resulting in delicious nd tender dishes

  34. bisma shareef

    It’s an excellent addition to my kitchenware collection and has quickly become my favorite for traditional cooking methods

  35. mahima nambiar

    The quality of the clay is excellent and adds a unique taste to my dishes. It’s versatile

  36. Nidheesh Bharathraj

    The clay pot with cap enhances cooking by imparting a distinct earthy flavor and ensuring tender, flavorful dishes its a unique culinary experience

  37. Venkit

    Always loved to cook food in clay pots. The pot received is really good with smooth finish.

  38. Nila Revathy

    Good clay pot I bought two of this , quality pot and pepper hub service is superb

  39. laiju babu

    I appreciate the airtight seal provided by the cap of this clay pot. It effectively retains the freshness of the stored items. The clay material is of high quality, and the pot’s size is perfect for various kitchen needs

  40. aleeena sunny

    This clay pot with a cap has a practical design that complements its functionality. The cap seals tightly, preserving the freshness of the contents.

  41. irine kurian

    The clay material gives a unique flavor to water, making it a delightful addition to my kitchen. The pot’s aesthetic appeal is a bonus.

  42. Kumar

    Good quality clay pot with cap & its a good product

  43. Priya Sharma

    It offers a unique and flavorful cooking experience, promoting healthy cooking and sustainable practices. Love it. 4 stars only as it is bit pricey.

  44. Sharun.Jacob

    Good for cooking the fish curry, fish curry has super taste in this clay pot

  45. Shruti Gowda

    The size of the Manchatti is ideal for cooking. The Manchatti arrived carefully packaged and protected.

  46. Baiju.Narayanan

    High quality clay pots should be made from aturaql non toxic clay that is free from contaminants. Ensure that the pot is sturdy and well crafted

  47. Anto.Antony

    The clay pot’s exceptional quality is evident in its sturdy construction, even heat distribution, and ability to enhance the flavors of dishes cooked within it.

  48. John

    Low price and good product

  49. Seenath

    Quality is far Better than other sites

  50. Tharagan

    Super quality, and fine work

  51. sathyan

    I recently purchased this clay pot for my kitchen. good one

  52. Sam tharagan

    i am happy with the purchase, It’s big enough and well made product

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