IISR – Shakthi Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

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  • IISR Shakthi Pepper plants
  • Tolerant to Phytophthora foot rot.
  • Dry weight 2253 kg dry pepper/ha
  • Pack of 10 plants
  • Weight – 10kg
  • All India Delivery

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IISR Shakthi Pepper is a variety released by ICAR-Indian Institute Spice Research on 20o4. Shakthi pepper is an Open pollinated progeny of Perambramundi. Which can be grown on both plains and high ranges under rain fed conditions. This black pepper variety belongs to Medium Maturity Group.

PepperHub is proud to offer IISR Shakthi pepper plants, a high-performing variety. These robust plants are ideal for home growers seeking a reliable source of pungent black peppercorns.

The plant Yield is as

Yield – 5.216 kg/vine

Fruit Set% – 60
No. of fruits per spike – 49
1000 fruit weight (g) – 360
Yield per vine – 2253 kg dry pepper/ha
Dry recovery – 43%

Key Features of IISR Shakthi Pepper Plants

  • IISR Shakthi thrives in diverse environments, making it suitable for planting in both plains and high ranges. This versatility allows pepper growers across India to cultivate this exceptional variety.
  • Even in regions with limited rainfall, IISR Shakthi shines. These plants are well-suitable to rain-fed conditions, requiring minimal additional irrigation, making them a water-efficient choice for eco-conscious growers.
  • Compared to other varieties, IISR Shakthi falls under the medium maturity group. This means you won’t have to wait an extended period to enjoy your first harvest. Typically, these plants reach maturity within 3-4 years of planting.
  • Get ready to be rewarded for your efforts! IISR Shakthi boasts an impressive yield potential, averaging approximately 5.2 kg of dried pepper per vine. This translates to a bountiful harvest that will keep your spice rack well-stocked for years to come.
  • IISR Shakthi isn’t just about quantity; it prioritizes quality as well. These peppercorns boast a desirable level of piperine, the key compound responsible for the characteristic pungency of black pepper.

Special characteristics

Tolerant to Phytophthora foot rot.

By adding the IISR Shakthi pepper plant to your collection, you’re not just cultivating a plant; you’re cultivating a source of culinary inspiration. Imagine the satisfaction of harvesting your own black peppercorns, adding a touch of freshly ground pepper to your favorite dishes, and savoring the aroma and flavor that only homegrown spices can offer.


Buy Best quality Black Pepper Plants
Buy Best quality Black Pepper Plants
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  1. Regha Sunil

    Good quality healthy plants received. This is a good variety.

  2. Smitha Chakravarthi

    Good plants received

  3. Vishnu Raj


    Good plants received

  4. ALBIN Xavior

    Received plants today and all are of good quality

  5. Jayan Karanavar

    Plant I received is strong and healthy.

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