White hard Plastic Gallon 2.5Litre /5Litre /10Litre /20Litre /35 Litre

(6 customer reviews)


  • White plastic gallon
  • Available sizes 2.5Litre /5Litre /10Litre /20Litre /35 Litre
  • White color
  • Quality product
  • All India Delivery

White hard plastic can is the ideal choice for storing a wide variety of liquid substances. Easy to store with an interlocking design making them safe to stack. They are highly durable, practical and functional, offering an advantage over steel alternatives. Its uses traditionally they were used for storing and transporting fuel available in a range of sizes and designed to be
durable and long lasting. Chemical plastic cans are also commonly used for strong and transporting chemicals.
However, most plastic jars coconut oil is stored in are BPA free which os one of the main concern with the safety of plastic containers.

Plastic is used across every sector. Strength and durability, because plastic is resistant to corrosion, impact, UV rays and many other enviornmental factors. It doesn’t have be replaced
as often as other materials. The light weight plastics are used in numerous packaging applications including containers.


2.5 ltr, 5 Litre, 10 Litre, 20 Litre, 35 Litre

6 reviews for White hard Plastic Gallon 2.5Litre /5Litre /10Litre /20Litre /35 Litre

  1. Joby Babu

    I ordered a 5-litre gallon, and it arrived on time. It is strong and has a tight seal.

  2. THEJA

    This plastic gallon is so good. Is used it for storing coconut oil

  3. Savitha Reji

    The container is sturdy and well-made.

  4. babu pk

    I brought 10 litre one..little over priced

  5. Raj

    Really good container with tight lid and strong also

  6. Gourynadh

    This container is made in good material, using saved our oil items, good material

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