Inter C Mangala (Dwarf) Arecanut Plant Pack of 10

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Inter C Mangala Areca nut Plant is a hybrid variety of Mangala Areca nut. It is a high yielding variety with 1500-2000 nuts per tree when grown up. Inter c Mangala is most cultivated in Mangalore region of  Karnataka. This dwarf variety has attracted many farmers around for its high yield and dwarf nature. This variety is also tolerant to a variety of diseases. Requires moderate water and Good sunlight. The plant produce provide 15-20kg of areca nut (betel nut) if taken care correctly.  That’s a significant increase when comparing with other varieties, translating to more income for you. The areca nuts from this variety also have more weight than other mangala varieties.

Inter C Mangala (Dwarf) Arecanut Plant Pack of 10

Specialties and Benefits:

  • Heavy Nuts; Not only does the Inter C Mangala produce a high quantity of nuts. But these nuts are known to be heavier than those of other Mangala varieties. Hence result in more value for your harvest.
  • Manageable Size; The dwarf stature of the Inter C Mangala makes it ideal for smaller farms. You can pack more trees into a manageable area, maximizing your yield potential.
  • Reduced Maintenance; The ease of caring for the Inter C Mangala due to its size. The disease resistance translates to lower maintenance costs. You’ll spend less time and money on upkeep, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your farm.

Inter c mangalastarts fruiting early, from the 3rd year onwards. This makes it a highly desirable variety for farmers. Consequently, Inter c Mangala has become one of the best areca plants cultivated in India. Here’s why it’s so popular:

  • Hybrid dwarf variety of Mangala areca; This characteristic contributes to its manageable size and potentially higher yields.
  • High yield variety; Inter c Mangala is known for producing a significant amount of fruit.
  • Tolerant to a range of diseases; This translates to reduced need for pesticides and overall lower maintenance.
  • Requires moderate water; This makes it suitable for areas with varying rainfall patterns.
  • Full sun; Inter c Mangala thrives in areas with ample sunlight exposure.

So, if you’re looking for a high-yielding arecanut variety, the Inter C Mangala is an excellent choice. Its easy to manage, and disease-resistant also. This superstar plant can be a valuable addition to your farm.

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96 reviews for Inter C Mangala (Dwarf) Arecanut Plant Pack of 10

  1. Sooraj M

    Good service, received my plant pack safe. Good packing

  2. Mallika

    i was looking for dwarf plant for planting near my house. This is the right one.

  3. Renjith Kumar

    Inter Mangala is one of the beautiful dwarf variety for garden and farm.
    Plants i ordered was fresh and healthy.

  4. Kamala Reji

    Fresh & healthy plants 👌👌

  5. Nandakumar

    Plants received in good condition. Kindly also share how to plant and details so that first timers like us can get an idea of how plant. Thank you

  6. Samuel Arakkal

    Received good quality plants well packed and ready to plant saplings. Good to have services like your in Agriculture field.
    Good job 👍

  7. Rishi Sharma

    Pack of 10 beautifully packed 😍
    Initially i tried to reach them through call and was not able to, then i had a second thought to buy, then just tried messaging them and got reply. (Glad I did)
    Got my pack in like 10 days.
    Well packed bundle

  8. Seethakumari

    I received plants packed well and of good quality.

  9. Rajesh kumar

    Good plant good service

  10. Veena Nandan

    Best in quality. Good plants

  11. Varadaraj

    I want high yield shart Verity areca net 2000 plant for my land send me price

  12. Sachin Mathew

    Good plants delivered

  13. Varadaraj

    Pl call me. 9944490516. I want pure inter mangala arecanet plant for two acrer land at coimbatore

  14. Varadaraj

    Send me prise of inter mangala arecanet plant

  15. Amal Rajeev

    good plants, in safe packing

  16. Sijamathew

    Best quality good plants


    Quality plants, I also bought 10. better yield in shorter period.


    Good plants, well packing

  19. Jaisy Boby

    Ordered 10 plants. Received top-tier quality plants at my doorstep. Thank you Pepperhub

  20. Mathew p

    Reached here in good package

  21. Saji Vattakulathil

    I got good quality plants , healthy plants, nice packing

  22. Shiju.Asha

    healthy plants, well packed, received in good condition

  23. സുശീല പി

    നല്ല സർവീസ് ആണ്‌. മികച്ച തൈകളിലാണ് പെപ്പർഹബ്ബിൾ നിന്ന് കിട്ടിയത്

  24. Shekar G

    Healthy Plants


    good plants , affordable price , nice packing

  26. Binu.Karunakaran

    seedlings for good health

  27. lalit joseph

    Service and product both are good. affordable price too.

  28. Binoy Thomas

    Ordered 20 plants last month. The plants are healthy and thriving.

  29. Reema.Roy

    Its a a high yielding variety of Mangala arecanut plants, i got healthy plants in pepper hub

  30. Siddhu Shankar

    Plants were healthy and well packed.

  31. Vinoth Kumar

    The plants arrived on time in good condition. Great customer support. Keep going…

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    Fresh and healthy plants

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    Plants Reached here in good condition.

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    Good plants in healthy condition arrived safely

  35. Rana Siva

    Great packing and plants looks healthy

  36. Joseph MV

    Healthy plants. Great service too.

  37. Kalidas

    The plants were strong, the roots were well developed and the leaves were healthy

  38. Varun

    I ordered 10 plants and they arrived on time. The plants were tightly packed with air circulation, which helps to keep them healthy. Great effort

  39. peter babu

    Online delivery of these types of plants is good. as we are not getting this type plants in any other sites

  40. syam sankar

    Big plants and all are healthy…packaging is also good.

  41. Vikas Sharma

    The plant appeared healthy. Satisfactory customer support too. They were responsive to my initial inquiries and provided the necessary information about caring for this arecanut plant.

  42. Visal.lopase

    It is good yielding arecanut , I got healthy plants in pepper hub

  43. Rajeev Krishnamoorthi

    I expected plants to arrive 3 days before, my order was delayed for 3 days by your courier..please make sure this dont happen

  44. ajin mohan

    Plants are in good condition…and arrived on time …satisfied with the order

  45. Vijayamohan

    My friend told me about this website when I decided to plant some Arecanut seedlings in my place, any way i ordered and got good plants

  46. Sojin

    The plants were well packed and arrived on time. They were big enough to plant right away. The seem lively on arrival despite of my worries. Well packed.

  47. abin thankachan

    Good quality areca nut plants…safely delivered. Hope it will grow faster

  48. arya mol sasidharan

    special mention for packaging. its because of the packaging that all plants stay healthy in transit ..

  49. Vikas Nair

    The seedlings are well wrapped and received safely

  50. Suraj Mehta

    This was my first online plant purchase and I had amazing purchase experience with Pepperhub. I received the order today morning as expected. The have updated the order status promptly though whatsapp too which is really new to me in online purchase. The plants were well packed.

  51. Jayan.Janardhanan

    The plants are well packed condition, no damages healthy stem, grow in my garden

  52. Manohar Gopal

    The order arrived safely yesterday. Good plants. Hope to thrive well in my region and climate.

  53. John Kalathiparambil

    Good & healthy plants.

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    Great packing and plants looks healthy

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    I ordered the areca and bush pepper together and arrived on time. The plants seem healthy on arrival. Great customer support too. Good jobs.

  56. Roni T

    Unique packing . The plants arrived on time in well packed boxes. Good service and support

  57. sanal p mathew

    I got Inter C Mangala Arecanut Plants yesterday all are in good condition and healthy…

  58. ajith vijayan

    Packaging is amazing all plants reached in safe condition and all are looking good.

  59. manikandan

    I’m impressed with the disease resistance of Arecanut plants. They’ve shown remarkable endurance, minimizing the need for extensive pest control measures.

  60. Ragavan

    Plants Reached here safely. And i purchase inter-c, 2 months back but the plants leaf got diseased. Can you suggest any remedies for that.
    Thank you

  61. Martin jacob

    Inter C Mangala Arecanut Plants impress with robust growth, disease resistance, and efficient nutrient absorption, ensuring a bountiful and high-quality arecanut harvest. This variety stands out for its reliability, making it a top choice for farmers seeking both quantity and consistent quality in their cultivation.

  62. Abdulkalam

    Inter cropping with Mangal arecanut plants enhances overall agricultural productivity by promoting biodiversity and optimizing land use.

  63. Pavan K.Menon

    Inter C Mangala areca plants are known for their vibrant green foliage and care often cultivated for their decorative and ornamental purposes.

  64. Metha

    It a inter crop plant, quality is superb in pepperhub plants

  65. Antony.Soju

    Inter c Mangala areca plants exhibit robust growth, vibrant green foliage and yield high quality areca nuts, making them a commendable choice for cultivation.

  66. sathya abhilash

    good plants and good packaging

  67. chandhu charan

    got it today. plants are in good condition waiting for planting …good packaging

  68. Dileep.Divakar

    High yielding areca nut plants ,its a best inter cropping areca plants

  69. Sekhar.T

    Reasonable price for this healthy plants , safe packing with good service

  70. abhu mathew

    I highly recommend this variety for its superior yields.

  71. Nithin mathew

    I’m consistently impressed with the excellence delivered by Inter C Mangala.

  72. rahul babu

    I highly recommend this variety for its superior standards.

  73. Vipin Samuel

    Inter c mangala is highly disease resisteble plants.

  74. Prateek Dubey

    The quality of the saplings themselves exceeded my expectations. They were strong, vibrant, and free of any visible damage or disease. The root systems were well-developed, indicating healthy growth

  75. Nikesh Mooppan

    In terms of cultivation Robusta plants are hardier and more resistant to pests and diseases, making them easier to grow

  76. Hash.Jitto

    Inter c mangala is a high yield hybrid mangala variety It starts yielding fruit from 3rd year onwards, its highly pest resisting variety I recommended it…

  77. Sulochana ratheesh

    Got the package today… All plants are good in condition… Highly recommended

  78. Binu.Thomas

    One of the key advantage of the Arecanut inter c mangala plant is its relatively short gestation period allowing farmers to start harvesting nuts with in a few years of planting

  79. Vedhanth.Misra

    The Inter C Mangala arecanut variety is known for its relatively shorter flowering time, typically exhibiting robust blossoms during the appropriate growing season.

  80. Farish.Ahammad

    Inter C Mangala Areca nut Plant is a hybrid variety of Mangala Areca nut.

  81. Nehal Jain

    I’ve been searching for Dwarf Arecanut plants for a while, and I’m so glad I found it here. The plants were really healthy and order received within in 2 weeks.

  82. Jaisal Vikas

    Ordered 10 Inter C Mangala plants from Pepperhub and they arrived in excellent condition. I’m excited about the high-yielding potential of this variety. My plants arrived quickly and securely packaged. Thanku Pepperhub…

  83. SHALIN Roy

    This is my second order from pepperhub. Good packaging and good quality plants

  84. Suresh Menon

    The Inter C Mangala plants arrived healthy and vibrant. I’m impressed with their quality.

  85. Chirag Joshi

    The price point for the pack of 10 plants was very reasonable, especially considering the potential yield and quality of plants provided.

  86. Darshan Kumar

    This dwarf variety has attracted many farmers around for its high yield and dwarf nature. The plants arrived quickly and securely, exceeding my expectations.

  87. Harish Mehra

    I haven’t noticed any signs of pests or diseases on my plants, which is a relief. I’m so impressed with these plants and Pepperhub’s service that I’m already considering purchasing more in the future.

  88. Inderjeet

    Healthy plants and frequent updates regarding the status was impressive. I’m very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend these plants and Pepperhub to anyone interested in growing dwarf areca nuts.

  89. Anilkumar.G

    Inter C Mangala plants are known for their high yield of quality areca nuts. They produce a significant quantity of nuts per plant, contributing to increased productivity for farmers.

  90. Kaasinath.Jayan

    pepper hub plants, Inter C Mangala Arecanut is a premium product that embodies quality, tradition, and cultural heritage.

  91. Ragav

    Reasonable price for this healthy plants. I’m impressed with your quality.

  92. seena hari

    Thrilled with the quality of the arecanut plants! They arrived promptly and in excellent condition.

  93. Antony raju

    Inter C Mangla Dwarf arecanut plants are a game-changer for my farm! They’re compact yet vigorous growers. Planted them a few months ago, and they’re already showing signs of healthy growth. Couldn’t be happier.

  94. alshar v

    Highly impressed with the Inter C Mangla Dwarf arecanut plants. Despite their dwarf nature, they’re proving to be resilient and productive. Perfect for smaller spaces or those looking to maximize yield per area

  95. apsara sam

    Absolutely delighted with my purchase of Mohit Nagar arecanut plants. The plants arrived promptly, and customer service was excellent. Highly recommend these plants to anyone looking to start their arecanut plantation

  96. Hariraj. Menon

    This dwarf variety has attracted many farmers around for its high yield dwarf nature. This variety is also tolerant to a variety of diseases.

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