Mohitnagar-Arecanut/Betel Nut Plant

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This Mohitnagar variety is one of the high-yielding varieties of Arecanut and it is mostly cultivated in West Bengal, but it can grow in all Coconut & Arecanut growing regions.

The plant starts fruiting after reaching 2-meter height, which is almost 1.5-2 years after planting. Medium-thick stem, partially drooping crown, orange-yellow colored oval to round shaped nuts. Higher level of uniformity in fruiting and size. The bunches are well placed and nuts loosely arranged on spikes which help in uniform development. The average dry kernel yield is 3.67 kg/plant/year.  It is recommended for cultivation in Karnataka and Kerala Mohitnagar. Mohitnagar was released for commercial cultivation during 1991.

Arecanut/Betel nut/Supari Botanically known as Areca catechu from Arecaceae family.  It is available in dried, cured, and fresh forms. The effect of chewing betel leaf and areca nut together is relatively mild and could be compared to that of drinking a cup of coffee. It is Considered an auspicious ingredient in Hinduism.

5 reviews for Mohitnagar-Arecanut/Betel Nut Plant

  1. aswin G

    Got it today …plants are of good condition

  2. Tharun K

    Best Arecanut Plants

  3. Shijo. Kuriakose

    healthy plants got in good condition

  4. laljith darwin

    Healthy plants …suitable for large farms

  5. Shiju.Joseph

    It is a high yielding variety in Arecanut plants, got in good condition

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