Mohitnagar-Arecanut/Betel Nut Plants Pack of 10

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  • Pack of 10 plants
  • Best quality Arecanut Plants
  • High yielding variety
  • All India Delivery

The Mohitnagar variety, known for its high yield, thrives in West Bengal and other suitable regions. This fast-growing plant starts fruiting within 2-3 years, offering medium-thick stems, orange-yellow oval nuts, and well-spaced bunches. Expect an average dry kernel yield of 3.67 kg/plant/year.

Experience the Difference with PepperHub

Authentic Mohitnagar Origin: Discover the true essence of this sought-after variety, known for its unique taste and texture. Directly Sourced: We partner with trusted farmers who use traditional methods to ensure freshness and authenticity. Rigorous Quality Control: Every nut undergoes meticulous selection for consistent size, texture, and flavor. Natural Processing: Sun-dried and free of artificial additives, preserving the natural goodness of the arecanut. Distinctive Aroma & Flavor: Savor the complex aroma and rich, slightly sweet flavor characteristic of Mohitnagar arecanut. Hygienic Packaging: Sealed, tamper-proof packaging ensures freshness and hygiene.

Additional Information:

  • Botanical Name: Areca catechu (Arecaceae family)
  • Availability: Dried, cured, and fresh forms
  • Effect: Similar to a cup of coffee when chewed with betel leaf (considered mild)
  • Religious Significance: Considered an auspicious ingredient in Hinduism

What sets PepperHub’s Mohitnagar Arecanut apart:

  • Authentic Mohitnagar Origin: Experience the true essence of this sought-after variety, known for its unique taste and texture.
  • Direct Sourcing: We work closely with trusted farmers who uphold traditional cultivation practices, guaranteeing freshness and authenticity.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: Each nut undergoes a meticulous selection process to ensure uniform size, texture, and flavor.
  • Naturally Dried & Processed: Sun-dried and processed without artificial additives or preservatives, preserving the natural goodness of the arecanut.
  • Distinctive Aroma & Flavor: Savor the complex aroma and rich, slightly sweet flavor that’s characteristic of Mohitnagar arecanut.
  • Hygienically Packed: Delivered in sealed, tamper-proof packaging to maintain freshness and hygiene.

Upgrade your betel nut experience with PepperHub’s authentic Mohitnagar variety. Order yours today!

Arecanut/Betel nut/Supari Botanically known as Areca catechu from Arecaceae family.  It is available in dried, cured, and fresh forms. The effect of chewing betel leaf and areca nut together is relatively mild and could be compared to that of drinking a cup of coffee. It is Considered an auspicious ingredient in Hinduism.


Areca nut | Arenut plant | Mohitnagar Arecanut | Mohitnagar Areca

Weight 10 kg

33 reviews for Mohitnagar-Arecanut/Betel Nut Plants Pack of 10

  1. aswin G

    Got it today …plants are of good condition

  2. Tharun K

    Best Arecanut Plants

  3. Shijo. Kuriakose

    healthy plants got in good condition

  4. laljith darwin

    Healthy plants …suitable for large farms

  5. Shiju.Joseph

    It is a high yielding variety in Arecanut plants, got in good condition

  6. Balaraman

    Got healthy plants, price is high…

  7. Kehav.Balachandran

    Mohitnagar Arecanut is one of the best plants in arecanut family,it is the high yielding variety

  8. Rajesh S

    Plants arrived healthy and well-packed. They were the perfect size for planting and have taken root well in my nursery. I’m confident they’ll grow into strong, productive trees. Thanks!

  9. Anand Prakashan

    Very impressed with the fast shipping and careful packaging. The plants look healthy and vigorous. Great experience!

  10. Suresh Gopi

    I’ve been growing Arecanut for years, and these Mohitnagar saplings are some of the best I’ve seen. They’re strong, disease-resistant, and have excellent potential for yield. Highly recommend to anyone looking for top-quality plants!

  11. Diya babu

    Loved this mohitnagar variety… All plants are in good conditions too.. Highly recommended

  12. Rohan Das

    The Mohitnagar Arecanut saplings were a bigger than I expected. So far, they seem healthy and are putting on new growth. Will update my review later

  13. Kiara Malhotra

    Happy with my purchase of Mohitnagar Arecanut saplings! They arrived promptly and in good condition.

  14. Vishnugopal

    Consider the potential yield of the plants based on their growth stage and vigor.

  15. Kunchukurupp

    The mohitnagar Arecanut plant is a well regarded variety known for its robustness and high yield potential. it is favored by farmers for its adaptability to various soil and climate conditions making it suitable for cultivation in diverse agro- ecological regions

  16. Karthik Subramanian

    Order arrived promptly and in good condition. The seller was also very helpful in answering my questions about planting and care. Overall, a positive experience

  17. Mohanraj Ramasamy

    Satisfied with my purchase of Mohitnagar Arecanut plants. They were healthy, well-packed, and arrived on time. Thank you Pepperhub

  18. Akhil Krishnan

    The Mohitnagar arecanut plants I ordered arrived healthy and in excellent condition within 2 weeks. They were well packaged and protected during shipping. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  19. Anan Desai

    Happy with the purchase!… I received my pack of 10 plants in good condition and I’m really happy with it as it seems healthy on arrival.

  20. Jai Bhatia

    I can already tell the difference! The plants look healthy, and I’m excited to cultivate these Mohitnagar arecanut plants. I’m confident they’ll thrive and provide a good yield.

  21. Naveen Shah

    The plants arrived fresh and healthy, thanks to the secure and well-thought-out packaging.

  22. Rajeev Malhotra

    From the quality of the plants to the excellent customer service and fast delivery, I’m very happy with my purchase from Pepperhub.

  23. Vikram K

    The price for these plants was little high but when considering the quality of plants provided and potential yield that will produce its is very reasonable. I feel confident I’m getting my money’s worth.

  24. Anish Joshi

    The packaging was exceptional, with each plant individually secured and protected. No damage whatsoever!

  25. Jared Manoj

    Just received my 10 Mohitnagar Arecanut Plants from Pepperhub and I’m thrilled! The plants are healthy

  26. Elias Binoy

    Pepperhub did a fantastic job packaging the Mohitnagar Arecanut Plants. They arrived safely and securely, with no damage to the plants.

  27. Alex Kurien

    Thanks, Pepperhub, for these high-quality plants!

  28. Manu Daniel

    They look healthy and strong, and I’m confident they’ll thrive in my climate. The plants arrived quickly.

  29. Joseph Abraham

    the shipping on these Arecanut plants was fast, and the plants arrived in excellent condition. Very happy with Pepperhub’s service!

  30. Harish.Madhavan

    Mohitnagar arecanut plants are known for their high quality and robustness. They are cultivated using best practices and expertise to ensure healthy growth and development.

  31. arjun syam

    The Mohit Nagar arecanut plants exceeded my expectations! I was initially hesitant about ordering plants online, but these arrived healthy and well-packaged. Can’t wait to see them mature and produce

  32. mary v

    Impressed with the robust growth of the Mohit Nagar arecanut plants. Within just a few weeks, they’ve shown significant growth and seem to be adapting well to the climate. Very satisfied with my purchase.

  33. Unni. Damodhar

    The best plants got this shop

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