Kasargodan Arecanut Plants Pack of 10

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  • Pack of 10 plants
  • Best quality Areca nut Plants
  • High yielding variety
  • Tall plant
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Kasargodan Areca nut plants are one of the high yielding tall areca nut varieties. Some of the details on the plants are

  • Growth Habit – Tall
  • Size and shape of nut – Round and bold
  • Yield Chali (kg/Palm) – 2.5

Cultivate a Legacy: Plant the Promise of Kasaragod Arecanut

The Kasaragodan Arecanut is a prized variety known for its robustness, consistent yields, and high-quality nuts. Cultivated for generations in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, this variety offers numerous advantages for farmers seeking a dependable and profitable crop.

Strength and Disease Resistance

Kasaragodan Arecanut plants are known for their robust build. These resilient trees boast tall, sturdy frames with medium-thick stems. This strong structure allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist common diseases that can plague other varieties. The longer internodes on these plants contribute to their overall health and longevity, ensuring your plantation prospers for years to come.

Consistent Yields, Year After Year

Unlike some arecanut varieties that produce inconsistently, the Kasaragod plant is a champion of predictability. These trees are known for their homogenous population, meaning the characteristics are similar across the board. This translates to consistent bearing habits, so you can expect reliable yields season after season. You can plan and manage your harvest with confidence, knowing the Kasaragodan Arecanut will deliver.

Harvesting Potential: On average, a well-maintained plant can produce between 2.5 kg to 6 kg of arecanut per year, depending on climatic conditions and management practices.

Vibrant Bunches and Bold Nuts

The Kasaragod Arecanut is not only productive but also a visual treat. As the seasons change, your plantation will be adorned with well-positioned bunches on the sturdy stems. These bunches burst with a beautiful orange hue, adding a touch of vibrancy to your land. Within each bunch lie the true treasures – bold, round-shaped nuts. These perfectly formed nuts are a testament to the quality and care that goes into cultivating the Kasaragodan variety.

The Benefits of Choosing Kasaragodan Arecanut Plants

  • Strong and resilient: Built to withstand harsh weather and disease.
  • Consistent yields: Reliable harvests year after year.
  • High-quality nuts: Bold, round-shaped nuts for premium value.
  • Easy to manage: Predictable growth patterns for informed planning.
  • Time-tested tradition: A legacy of quality and expertise.

Cultivating arecanut plants

Sustainability and ethical sourcing are woven into the very fabric of the Kasaragod Arecanut journey. From the careful selection of seeds to the eco-friendly processing techniques, every step reflects a deep respect for the land and its people.

Kasargodan Arecanut Plants Pack of 10
Kasargodan Arecanut Plants Pack of 10

Plant the Seeds, Reap the Rewards:

So if you’re looking for a high-performing, disease-resistant, and visually appealing arecanut plant, the Kasaragodan variety is an excellent choice. With its consistent yields and rich heritage, the Kasaragodan Arecanut plant promises to be a valuable addition to your plantation for years to come.

Order your pack of Kasaragod Arecanut plants today. Embark on a journey of success, sustainability, and a legacy that unfolds with every harvest.

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23 reviews for Kasargodan Arecanut Plants Pack of 10

  1. Chandran Cheriyedath

    Healthy plants. Good packing

  2. Rajan Kuriakose

    Plants are good looking and big. Thank you

  3. Sindhu S

    Plants are big ones healthy and reached safe.

  4. Sujith kumar

    Good plants

  5. saritha

    Healthy plants received. Thankyou Pepperhub

  6. Baby

    Brought this and 2 other varieties of areca nut …package arrived on time, and all are in good condition.

  7. Faisal

    Plants were in great condition.

  8. Shankar Sachidev

    Good plants received

  9. Abdul Raheem

    High yield variety arecanut plants

  10. Anju Mariyam

    Anju Mariyam

    Good packaging ….plants are of good height..perfect for plantations. brought this and robusta together ..both delivered testerday

  11. Jinu Mathew

    This is disease resistance variety. Plants received were really good and well cared plants

  12. Nehal Janesh

    Healthy plants received. The well packed plants arrived just now without damage. Good plants. Hope to thrive well.

  13. Subin santhish

    All plants are in good condition and ready plant

  14. Jai Shah

    The arecanut plants arrived vibrant and healthy, exceeding expectations. They’re clearly well-maintained by Pepperhub.

  15. Pranav Gupta

    The plants arrived much sooner than anticipated when ordered, and the packaging ensured they were safe during transport.

  16. Rajan Verma

    Compared to other retailers, the price for the pack of 10 plants was very reasonable, especially considering their exceptional quality. The lush foliage clearly shows the quality of the plants

  17. Rakesh Nair

    The plants were even larger and more developed than I anticipated, giving my new plantation a head start.

  18. Akhilesh Patel

    The pictures in page accurately reflected the size and condition of the plants I received, avoiding any surprises. Thank You Pepperhub

  19. Minto John

    Kasargodan arecanut plants are known for their exceptionally high and consistent yields, making them a potentially profitable choice for growers. Compared to other varieties, Kasargodan arecanut plants are said to have stronger resistance to diseases, potentially reducing the need for pesticides and leading to a more sustainable cultivation process.

  20. aju joseph

    Kasarkodan arecanut plants are top-notch! Ordered them for my plantation, and they arrived in pristine condition. Healthy, well-rooted plants that are thriving in their new environment

  21. Meenu Sunny

    Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent addition to any plantation, and I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future.

  22. Leji VB

    Kasarkodan arecanut plants are a must-have for any serious farmer. I’ve been growing them for years, and they never disappoint. High yield, disease-resistant, and easy to maintain

  23. Kishore Chakravarthy

    Pepperhub online shop is a best choice for farmers , because we get all variety plants like coffee plants, Areca plants and black pepper plants in this shop, I bought pack of 10 Areca plants, Get the healthy plants in this shop really happy to this purchase

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