Malabar Tamarind 500g

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  • 500 Gram Pack
  • Malabar Tamarind / Kudam Puli
  • Dried Tamarind (black in color)
  • Fresh From Farm

Malabar tamarind processed and dried naturally. This product is directly from farmers cultivating the product. PepperHub Collects it directly from the farmers and are packed and send to you.

Experience the true essence of Kerala cuisine with PepperHub’s directly sourced, naturally dried Malabar Tamarind (Kudampuli). Unlike other brands, our kudampuli is handpicked from local farmers, ensuring unmatched freshness, quality, and flavor.

Here’s what sets PepperHub’s Kudampuli apart:

  • Sourced directly from farmers: We work closely with farmers in Kerala to ensure you get the authentic taste and aroma of sun-ripened kudampuli.
  • Naturally dried: Our kudampuli is dried under the natural sun, preserving its nutritional value and intense flavor without any artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Big and well-dried: Each piece is carefully selected for size and quality, ensuring you get plump, flavorful fruits that add a delightful tang to your dishes.
  • Clean and packed with care: We meticulously clean and pack our kudampuli to maintain its hygiene and freshness, delivered straight to your doorstep.
  • Strong, authentic flavor: Experience the unique, citrusy punch of real Malabar Tamarind, perfect for elevating your curries, chutneys, and pickles.
  • Rich in antioxidants and health benefits: Kudampuli is not just delicious, it’s also a natural source of antioxidants and other health benefits.

Available in a convenient 500g pack for ₹120, PepperHub’s Kudampuli offers the perfect balance of quality, affordability, and taste.

Upgrade your Kerala culinary journey with PepperHub’s authentic Malabar Tamarind today!

The tree is popularly found across India and grows in almost every backyard in Kerala. The fresh puli grows in a bright green to pale yellow colour, but undergoes a two-month curing process to become eligible for cooking. It is a mix of chilli, salt and kudampuli that makes a Kerala-style fish curry. Apart from being a souring agent for delicious dishes, kudampuli is well-known for offering multiple health benefits. For several years, the rinds of the fruit have been dried and consumed as a remedy for stomach ailments.

Kerala’s traditional fish curry preparation makes use of this dried Malabar Tamarind or Kudampuli as one of its main ingredients. The use of Kudampuli imparts sour flavour which inturn combines well with this spicy recipe. Kappa Puzhukku or Mashed tapioca with grounded coconut mixture along with traditional fish curry is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Kerala cuisine.

Health Benefits of Kudampuli or Kodampuli 

In Ayurveda, Kudampuli is known to have medicinal values like providing relief for arthritis pain and ulcers, aiding digestion and weight loss. According to recent studies, some of the nutritive ingredients in Garcinia cambogia is considered to have a positive influence on weight loss. Having Garcinia cambogia would reduce the appetite and prevents the body from absorbing fat. Even when we consider all these qualities, clinical trials found no such compelling evidence with the use of Garcinia Cambogia.


Weight .6 kg

193 reviews for Malabar Tamarind 500g

  1. Suresh Babu

    The flavour of kerala. Today i made fish curry using your tamarind. it was after a long time i was having Kudampuli itta meencurry

  2. jyothish

    Nice Product

    • Vishnu Raj


      Thanks for your order

  3. Nisha V

    Got it yesterday. Nicely packed and delivered.

    • Vishnu Raj


      Happy to hear from you, Thank you for your order

  4. Ganga Sunil

    Good quality

    • Vishnu Raj


      Happy to hear from you

  5. Menaka Venu

    Good service

  6. Maneesha M

    Good one. Want more products like this.

  7. Durga Mani

    Got it delivered today.
    It was clean and fresh. Really satisfied

  8. Shanti Ram

    Nalla Product aanu. Nicely packed and delivered home

  9. Avani Manoj

    Looking fresh and good

  10. Lalitha Mohan

    Nalla Kudampuliyanu. Good service

  11. Sreenesh Warrier

    Good Product, I would suggest that if you could pack in a special manner, it would be special experience for the Customer.

  12. Madhu

    Tasty and pure Just like the image shown.

  13. Sangeetha Mani

    nicely packed and delivered. Like the quality of the product too Keep it up good work

  14. Sheena Shaji

    thank god found your products are now online, i had made purchases of plants from you. You ave always amazed me with your service same is with your tamarind. Keep it up young startup

  15. mahesh narayan

    pack of kudampuli was nice

  16. shinoj Mathew

    Best in quality

  17. Shaji Mathew

    Quality product

  18. Gangappa Raju

    Liked the plants, I think the one I got is more than 1 year old. So I can plant them confidently.

  19. Prajeesh Mathew

    These are fresh, compaired to other websites, i have bought from other sites but this one was good

  20. Amaljith N S

    Tasty one, and good in quality

  21. Neelima Shaji

    Good product. One of my best buys online. It’s fresh and tasty.

  22. Rajrao

    is it available for for Maharashtra?

  23. Sumesh kumar

    Good quality tamarind from wayanad

    • Vishnu Raj


      Happy to hear from you

  24. Sreeshma Gangan

    Good quality tamarinds. It can be seen from the color itself

  25. Anjana S


  26. Sreekumar

    Tasty & healthy. Will recommend this product.

  27. Diksha

    Nice product

  28. Harish Babu

    This one is too good!
    My mom said it was good quality than what we buy from our nearby store. She also asked me if there is other tamarind available here.
    Please add Vaalanpuli too!

    • Vishnu Raj


      Sure! Pepperhub Vaalan puli will be available soon.

  29. Neelima

    Good tamarind

  30. Thejus S

    Good quality product, Nice packing

  31. Mahesh Narayan

    Good quality 👍

  32. Harikrishnan P U

    Good quality.
    I recommend this product

  33. Sudheer

    Good product

  34. Anju Mariam Baby (verified owner)

    Good quality tamarind with nice packaging

  35. Sajeevan P

    Quality is good

  36. Catherine Theresa


  37. Divakaran Nair

    നല്ല പ്രോഡക്ട് ആണ്. ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു, ഉറപ്പായും ഇനിയും വാങ്ങുന്നതാണ്.

  38. anna (verified owner)

    good packaging and good quality

  39. Devananth

    Very Good Product

  40. saranya

    good quality product

  41. Jayram T

    Best Product

  42. Sradha

    Tasty Malabar Tamarind. good packing,reached safe.

  43. Rani Mathew

    good quality Malabar Tamarind

  44. Shekar T R

    Best tamarind. it taste more than buying from market

  45. Madhu Chandra

    Received nicely packed fresh and non sticky tamarind.

  46. Rima Tom

    Good Quality Product.

  47. Sijo

    A satisfying purchase. Good Product

  48. Sreeja .Manilal

    It is a good quality Malabar tamarind, good for our fish curry

  49. Resitha

    Healthy product, nice packing thank you Pepper hub

  50. priya mol saju

    when i first brought the price was high ,,,now its reasonable

  51. G Gangadharan

    Tasty Tamarind

  52. Mahi Midhun

    It’s pure and free from fillers or additives, which is essential for reaping the full benefits of Malabar Tamarind

  53. priya mol saju

    , I highly recommend Pepperhubs Malabar Tamarind

  54. Santhosh kumar

    Malabar Tamarind is good in quality and taste, thank you pepper hub

  55. Reheena. Abdurahman

    Kudampuli is enhances the taste of fish curry

  56. Thara Vijoy

    Big and nicely dried tamarind. Best quality tamarind in market

  57. Sethulekshmi

    good Malabar Tamarind

  58. Haritha

    Kudampuly best for fish curry, super taste.

  59. Nijitha Sundaran

    A well dried kudampuli is well coated

  60. Joseph George

    Big and nicely dried kudampuli. Will definitely reorder later.

  61. Jaimon Jake

    Received the order. Good product.

  62. Tharun K

    Best and healthy Tamarind

  63. sreejesh

    Best kudampuli

  64. Seethalekshmi.Menon

    Good tamarind ,quality is good Thank you pepperhub

  65. Seetha.Chandrasekhar

    good quality natural product

  66. Elmy Biji

    Good product. These have been nicely dried and well packaged.

  67. Chinnu Santhosh

    Good product. Big and strong flavored kudampuli.

  68. Saleena. Basheer

    Good Malabar Kudampuly, nice packing and affordable price, Thank you pepperhub…..

  69. Salija.Soman

    It is a good quality product, It tastes good when used with fish curry I recommended it to everyone.

  70. Manjima Manoj

    Good quality product received from Pepper hub It was well packed and good service

  71. bindu babu

    Pepperhub is a hidden gem for organic product lovers. Good quality and good packaging and affordable

  72. Anjali

    Best in market. Big and well dried kudampuli. I tried today, it adds strong flavor to the curry.

  73. Akhila

    The order arrived on schedule. To me, it just normal ones.

  74. Sheeja Sathyan

    Its better to have mixed sized ones that to have same sized small ones. please make mixed sized tamarinds too

  75. asna mariam

    Smells like the traditional tamarind …my amma liked it a lot …thankyou

  76. Vimala Rajan

    quality is good, fish curry has super taste .

  77. Angitha Menon

    They were of good quality, big and well dried non sticky kudampuli. I will definitely reorder later.

  78. elsa joseph

    Good one..highly recommended.. packaging was also good ..satisfied with the order

  79. anjana thomas

    My third order… satisfied with the orders…all of my family loves to use these malabar tamarind…thats why i am buying …thank you pepperhub

  80. Pavithra Vijay

    Good Wayanad kudampuli curries taste good and I recommend them to everyone

  81. Thanu

    I am happy to buy good quality kudampulli online. I will definitely recommend Pepperhub to my friends.

  82. Priya Joby

    Almost all the kudampuli’s are big. Adding a small amount of this kudampuli adds great flavour to curry. So remember not to add too much on the first try.

  83. Askash

    I enjoyed that a lot.

  84. amitha sabu

    Delivery took 2 weeks not satisfied with the courier service. Malabar Tamarind is of good quality

  85. Bileena Shaji

    One of the best quality product. Never expected to buy such an quality product online. Thank you pepperhub

  86. Enosh George

    Good quality . The product received on time as expected.

  87. Nikhil

    Best quality Product

  88. Godwin Binoy

    Brought for my wife …she loved the malabar tamarind …its best suited for fish curries…far better than the one we get from markets

  89. bineesha mathew

    Smells very good and safe packaging. Clean and Large pods and all are of good color and smell. one or 2 pods is maximum needed for a fish curry. That much good

  90. Pradeep

    Good product Got it yesterday. Nicely packed and delivered.

  91. Girish

    Good quality tamarinds

  92. Santhosh

    Quality product

  93. Veena. vinod

    Got good Malabar Tamarind, affordable price….like this product.

  94. Vishal Krishna

    I am really happy with the purchase. Good quality product from Pepperhub. Will definitely reorder later.

  95. Sreekumar KV

    Very good product.

  96. Rag Lawrance

    Quality product. thank you Pepperhub

  97. Bhomika Vijayan

    Happy with the purchase. Big and nicely dried Tamarind.

  98. Vidhya.Vinay

    Tasty kudam puli, perfect smell and color nice packing.

  99. Paul

    Big and good quality kudampuli received. Timely arrival and order status updates too.

  100. Ciny Joy

    Really good product. Adds good flavour to the curry

  101. abinaya madhav

    best for fish curries

  102. gokul saji

    I’ve used Malabar Tamarind in my fish curries, and its citrusy undertones add a refreshing twist to traditional recipes.

  103. ajith abraham

    I’ve been impressed by how Malabar Tamarind intensifies the taste of seafood dishes, bringing out their natural flavors more vibrantly

  104. sohan

    Good Tamarind. Best in market

  105. surya anil

    I had this in my home in my childhood …. Its glad that i got the same type of tamarind…I have been searching for such good quality one for a long… Thank you pepperhub

  106. Sukanya P

    Supper product. Received yesterday, all the tamarindis were big and well dried.

  107. Ravi Jaymon

    Good quality product received.

  108. Kavida

    The received yesterday. This is of the best quality kudampuli. Well dried too.

  109. Arpitha.Pramod

    Good product received really good tasty malabar tamarind, reasonable price

  110. Mohan k

    Much better than other available ones

  111. Shekar

    This is a good quality product and value for money

  112. Medha Dinan

    Malabar tamarinds, known for their sour flavor, have gained popularity as a natural weight loss aid due to their hydroxycitric acid content. This tropical fruit adds a tangy twist to culinary delights while being celebrated for its potential health benefits.

  113. Aditya Sharma

    The Malabar Tamarind I purchased exceeded my expectations with its rich, tangy flavor and exceptional freshness. The pack contain really big tamarind. Good quality.

  114. Ananya Das

    The Malabar Tamarind I bought recently boasts exceptional quality, elevating my dishes with its distinct and flavorful. Thank you Pepperhub for providing best quality products.

  115. Neha Prakash

    Ordered Kudampuli which was absolutely delicious and fragrant. I am very happy with your service

  116. Priya.Amal

    Tamarind adds a delight tangy flavor to dishes, enhancing their complexity and depth

  117. Surya Rahul

    The kudampuli received is really good and so flavorful. Will definitely reorder later.

  118. sona sunny

    I’m thrilled with the Malabar Tamarind I purchased! The product arrived fresh and well-packaged.

  119. Janaki

    In my opinion, Malabar tamarind adds a unique and delightful tanginess to dishes, enhancing their flavor profile.

  120. Lekshmi Rajendran

    Tamarind I got were absolutely fantastic and aroma was also nice.

  121. Renijin Xavier

    Tamarind I ordered was good. I add it in my fish curry. The taste was fantastic.

  122. Namita

    Top garde kupampuli. The pack contains well dried and non sticky big sized kudampuli. Thank u Pepperhub

  123. Kiran

    Best quality product. I’m very happy with this order.

  124. Vinay

    Tasty one, and good in quality

  125. aranya manohar

    I’m impressed with the quality of Malabar Tamarind I received. The packaging was great, ensuring the product’s freshness.

  126. Hima.Vyshak

    Malabar Tamarind with its tangy and slightly sour flavor, adds a zesty kick to dishes its versatility makes it a culinary gemperfect fot both savory and sweet recipes, enhancing the overall dining experience

  127. Madhurima Mahesh

    I ordered 1Kg of Malabar Tamarind. Our family likes fish curry very much. I’ll definitely add it in my fish curry.

  128. Rupesh Pramod

    Tamarind was good and quality was also great.

  129. Leela Das

    Big and well dried malabar tamarind as shown. Well packed product arrived on time .

  130. bindu krishna

    The quality is excellent, and I appreciate the natural and pure form it comes in.

  131. bibin joy

    Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for that traditional taste

  132. Madhumathy.R

    Super tasty kudam puli, good for fish curry

  133. Tharun K

    Good quality tamarinds

  134. Ravi Tharagan

    Best quality product i have ever seen

  135. Dhwani Sunil

    Received as per expectation. Kudos to Pepper Hub.

  136. Vishnuwardhan

    Kudampulli bought here was really good and they shipped out very fast with nice packing.

  137. Gopu Karingattil

    I ordered Kudampully and received without any delay. I am really thankful.

  138. Hema Dev

    Finally found a genuine website to buy Malabar Tamarind online. Thank You for the quick delivery.

  139. Ashamol

    Kudampully sold on this website is really awesome. The packing was also good and the product looked fresh. Will recommend to my family and friends.

  140. lina

    Best quality kudumpalis…amazed with smell when we open the packet

  141. Elizabeth thomas

    The product was well-packaged, and it arrived sooner than expected. I appreciate the attention to detail and will be a repeat customer for sure.

  142. Nandhana

    For my second order, I would like to have a good taste for Kudam puli curries

  143. Preeja.Kishan

    Its my fourth order Super quality kudam puli dried in naturally, good taste and color,

  144. Unni krishnan

    Nicely packed and delivered. Like the quality of the product too Keep it up good work

  145. Ajay Chauhan

    This Malabar tamarind boasts a deliciously tart and tangy flavor, unlike any other tamarind I’ve tried. It delivers a satisfying punch that perfectly complements curries and is really big in size.

  146. Dileena.Deepesh

    Its strong flavor might not appeal to everyone’s palate and moderation is key to fully appreciate its unique contribution to dishes.

  147. Sonali Banerjee

    This Malabar tamarind is absolutely fantastic! The pods are plump and juicy, with a perfectly tart and tangy flavor. The quality is excellent, and the pods are free from any impurities. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves to cook South Indian cuisine.

  148. Sunil Malhotra

    I use it primarily in sambar and find it adds the perfect amount of tanginess without being overpowering. The pods are a good size and easy to work with.

  149. Sameer Desai

    The flavor is excellent, and the pods are nice and juicy. I use them in sambar, rasam, and even to make tamarind water. Highly recommend!

  150. Dilsha Manu

    This was the most tasty tamarind I have bought online.

  151. Abiya rajeev

    Good quality kudampuli. We loved it a lot… Will order from pepperhub from next time

  152. Charu datheesh

    Taste like authentic Malabar tamarind… Soo good and well packaged…

  153. Aanya Sharma

    The pods are good quality and offer a decent level of tanginess. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable introduction to Malabar tamarind.

  154. Varun Prasad

    I am very happy with this purchase and would definitely order this Malabar tamarind again. It is a high-quality product that is delivered quickly and priced competitively.

  155. Megha Vincent

    Looks fresh and not like old stock and strong flavour distinct to Kodumpuli. Awesome product Thank you guys.

  156. Minnu Susan

    Great Product, I always use this instead of the mess of using raw tamarinds for cooking.

  157. Varalekshmi Venkitachalam

    This is my all time favorite tamarind. Excellent texture and flavour. Easy to use. Much better than what is offered in the local market.

  158. Moncey

    I like this kudampuli very much. Good product and value for money. Will definitely recommend for friends and family.

  159. sharan

    Best Quality Product

  160. Vijay Kumar

    The price was very reasonable, especially when considering the high quality of the product. I would definitely recommend this tamarind to anyone looking for authentic flavor.

  161. Senthilnathan Murugan

    The tamarind pods were a good size and mostly whole, with just a few broken pieces. They had a nice dark brown colour and a slightly sticky texture.

  162. Nitha.Kartha

    Kudampuli should have a sour taste with a distinct aroma. High quality Malabar tamarind will impart a tangy flavor to dishes without ay bitterness or off notes

  163. Vandhana M

    Its tangy flavor and distinctive aroma enhance a variety of dishes, especially seafood curries and soups. Renowned for its potential health benefits, including aiding digestion and weight management, kudampuli is a sought-after ingredient valued for its quality and culinary versatility.

  164. Vikas R

    Absolutely love this Malabar Tamarind! The taste is tangy and refreshing, perfect for adding a kick to my dishes.

  165. Roshni Sharma

    It adds a wonderful depth of flavor to my curries and chutneys.

  166. Anjusha.M

    Malabar Kudampuli is a true culinary treasure that adds a burst of tangy flavor to a wide range of dishes. Its versatility, health benefits, and unique taste make it a must-have ingredient for anyone looking to explore the vibrant flavors of South Indian cuisine. I highly recommend giving it a try—you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference it makes in your cooking!

  167. vishal

    Got it yesterday. Nicely packed and delivered.

  168. Akshara anil

    From now on this will be my favorite brand for Malabar tamarind.. Loved it

  169. Sajana Varghese

    This Malabar Tamarind is the real deal! The intense, flavour elevates my curries to a whole new level.

  170. Roshan P

    I love that Pepperhub’s tamarind is sun-dried and free from artificial additives. It not only tastes amazing but feels good to use

  171. Aadithya Nambiar

    Each piece of tamarind is perfectly sized and bursting with flavor. It adds the perfect tang to my dishes without overpowering them.

  172. Akash Menon

    The tamarind arrived in just a few days, even though I live far away. Pepperhub’s prompt delivery is impressive.

  173. Amara Nair

    For the price, the quality and quantity of this tamarind are unbeatable. It’s a great value for anyone looking to add authentic South Indian flavors to their cooking.

  174. Anjali Prakash

    I love that Pepperhub sources their tamarind directly from Kerala farmers. It feels good to support local communities and get a superior product. The quality is of the best too..

  175. Anu Krishna

    Adding this tamarind to my dishes has been a game-changer. It adds a depth of flavor to the dishes. Happily become a regular customer.

  176. Aparna Soman

    My order arrived within a couple of days, much faster than I expected. The packaging was also excellent.

  177. Arya Varma

    The price point for Pepperhub’s Malabar Tamarind is very reasonable, especially considering the exceptional quality and freshness.

  178. Devika Unni

    You don’t need a lot of this tamarind to add a delicious tang to your dishes. The 500g pack will last me a long time, making it an even better value.

  179. Vibha.Shenai

    Its quality can vary depending on factors like ripeness processing and storage conditions. Look for fresh, Viripe fruit or reputable sources for extracts to ensure better quality

  180. Balram

    Good Product

  181. neenu m

    If you’re looking for authentic Malabar tamarind, this is the one! It captures the unique sourness and smoky notes perfectly

  182. John

    It’s pure and free from fillers or additives

  183. Krishnadasan

    Just got my 500g of Malabar Tamarind from Pepperhub and it’s fantastic! The pods are well dried and are of good size.

  184. Sathyan Nambiar

    This kudampuli is the real deal! The quality is excellent. Worth buying.

  185. Madhavan

    It has a well balanced flavor that’s perfect for Kerala-style curries.

  186. Yadhu Krishnan

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this Malabar Tamarind. The pods are clean and fresh, and the price is very reasonable for a 500g pack. I’ll definitely be buying from Pepperhub again.

  187. Vikram Aditya

    A little bit of this kudampuli goes a long way in adding a delicious tang to curries.

  188. Mathew Joseph

    Pepperhub delivered the order quickly and it arrived fresh and fragrant. The pods are a good size and easy to use. Very happy with this purchase!

  189. Shreyan Eliah

    Happy purchase!…The 500g pack is of best quality and will last me a long time.

  190. Alan Sunny

    Pepperhub always delivers the best quality spices. The flavor is so much brighter and well dried pods received.

  191. Roya Mathew

    I use it in everything from sambar to fish curries. The 500g pack is the perfect size for my needs. Will definitely buy it later.

  192. Vinod Peter

    The flavor is so authentic and delicious. Thanks, Pepperhub, for the best quality kudampuli.

  193. Manvy .Gopakumar

    The quality of Malabar tamarind depends on factors such as freshness, ripeness, and sourcing. High-quality Malabar tamarind should be fresh, plump, and firm, with a vibrant color.

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