Combo – Organic Chilli Powder 500g + Coriander Powder 500g + Turmeric Powder 500g Pack

(7 customer reviews)

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  • Organic Product without preservatives
  • Coriander Powder – 500g Pack
  • Turmeric Powder – 500g Pack
  • Chilli Powder – 500g Pack
  • All India Delivery
  • Vegetarian Product

Spice up your curries with the natural aroma of our specially-made Chilli powders. 100% organic curry powders without any chemicals or preservatives. As we are not adding any colours, it brings the authentic taste and color of traditional chilli powder. It comes in a 500g package with an amazing package.

Coriander Powder is an essential spice in any kitchen, adding flavor and depth to a variety of dishes. Our Coriander Powder is made from the finest, sun-dried coriander seeds, sourced directly from farmers. The seeds are ground into a fine powder, preserving their natural aroma and taste. At Pepperhub, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products. Our Coriander Powder is pure, unadulterated, and free from any fillers or preservatives.

We collect Turmeric directly from farmers, where the farmers use the traditional way to dry them by washing, slicing, and sun-dried. Then the dried slices are powdered to perfection to meet the traditional delicacy of Indian cuisine.  Which makes PEPPERHUB spice powders tastier and healthier than any other brands.

Buy best quality spices powders from India’s Agriculture store – Pepperhub. We provide best quality powders for household fresh from our farms in Wayanad. We always make sure that our customers get the best deal without compromising the quality. Buy more products from us to know more about us. Buy Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Chicken Masala, Coriander Powder, Coconut Oil.

7 reviews for Combo – Organic Chilli Powder 500g + Coriander Powder 500g + Turmeric Powder 500g Pack

  1. beena joy

    Good quality powders and preservative free.

  2. Adithya

    Received the combo pack last week. The powders had a rich aroma. The vibrant flavors and organic purity made a noticeable difference in my dishes.

  3. Seetha. Joonish

    I bought this combo curry powders in last week Home grown powders color and taste, nice packing affordable price

  4. Mathew joseph

    good quality. no need to search anywhere else.

  5. ashraf thekkethil

    I got only 2 .. one is missing…I just complained, and they said they will deliver it as soon as possible.

  6. aswathy shaji

    This combo pack is a fantastic deal! The quality of these organic powders is top-notch.

  7. Megha Santo

    This combo powders are super, perfect taste an aroma recommended it for my friends

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