Chilli Powder 500g pack

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Spice up your curries with the natural aroma of our specially-made chilli powders. 100% organic curry powders without any chemicals or preservatives. As we are not adding any colours, it brings the authentic taste and color of traditional chilli powder. It comes in a 500g package with an amazing package.

Why PepperHub Chilli Powder?

Experience the fiery kick of PepperHub Chilli Powder! Made with the freshest, hand-picked chillies sourced directly from the farmers of Wayanad Kerala, this 100% organic powder is bursting with natural flavor and aroma. Unlike commercially processed alternatives, PepperHub Chilli Powder is free from chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors. We use a special grinding process to preserve the chillies’ natural potency, ensuring an authentic and delicious taste in every bite.

Packed in a convenient 200g package, PepperHub Chilli Powder is the perfect way to add heat to your favorite dishes. Spice up your curries, stir-fries, and salsas, or sprinkle it on for a touch of fiery flavor.

As a support for our farmers, we collect red chillies directly from them, where the farmers use the traditional way to dry them. Then the dried chillies are powdered to perfection to meet the traditional delicacy of Indian cuisine.  Which makes PEPPERHUB chilli powders tastier and healthier than any other brands.

Now you can cook your favourite dishes in a healthier way. Try our premium Chilli powder and spice up your dishes. Chilli powder is Blended with natural ingredients and loves from the farmers. Your urge and support for natural and healthier products can make our day. Let’s support small businesses. 

Buy best quality spices powders from India’s Agriculture store – Pepperhub. We provide best quality powders for household fresh from our farms in Wayanad. We always make sure that our customers get the best deal without compromising the quality. Buy more products from us to know more about us. Buy Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Chicken Masala, Coriander Powder, Coconut Oil.

19 reviews for Chilli Powder 500g pack

  1. Manjima Suresh

    Real chilli powder. Felt it right when I opened my pouch. Good initiative to provide quality products. Keep it up 👍

  2. Anju Mariam Baby

    Amazed with the quality of chili powder and the packaging is also excellent

  3. Anju Mariam Baby

    Good quality powder and good packaging

  4. K T Joseph

    Quality Product. And the packaging is also good.

  5. Bindhu

    Perfect spiciness for curries. Will purchase again for sure.

  6. sneha satheesh

    Quality Powder. And Received the package with well pack


    Really good quality powder perfect aroma and colour

  8. Catherin T

    Feels like prefect chilly powder.

  9. sherin

    chili powder with good taste and smell like homemade

  10. Shimji sanu

    Good one

  11. Saina N

    Good and the best chilly powder

  12. Anila Nair

    Good quality chilly power.

  13. Nimmy.David

    good quality chilly powder good color and quality

  14. Sohankk

    Good product. I didn’t find anything wrong while using it.

  15. Nikhil

    Best Quality Powder

  16. Devan Rekhu

    Perfect for those who loves spicy foods.

  17. Minta.Aloku

    PepperHub Chilli Powder has become my go-to choice for adding that perfect kick to my culinary creations. This fiery red powder is a game-changer in the kitchen, elevating dishes with its bold flavor and vibrant color. One of the standout features of PepperHub Chilli Powder is its exceptional quality. Made from premium-quality red chillies, it delivers a consistent level of heat and flavor with every sprinkle. Whether I’m making a spicy curry, a zesty salsa, or a flavorful marinade, this chilli powder never fails to impress.

  18. aleena

    A perfect blend of red chilles… Color texture and everything is soo good

  19. Kala.Madhav

    I recently tried PepperHub’s chilly powder, and I must say, it’s a game-changer in the kitchen. The moment I opened the packet, the rich aroma of freshly ground chilies filled the air, promising an intense flavor experience. This chilly powder packs a punch with its bold and spicy flavor profile. It adds just the right amount of heat to my dishes, whether I’m making a fiery curry or a zesty marinade. What sets Pepper Hub’s chilly powder apart is its consistent heat level and vibrant color, indicating high-quality ingredients and meticulous processing.

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