Stainer for Rubber Latex

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  • Rubber plantation accessories
  • Latex stainer
  • Aluminum stainer

Stainer is used in rubber plantation to remove debris and other particle from the latex.  This aluminum stainer can last long. The stainer net are small enough to let only latex with the pores.

Introducing our Rubber Latex Stainer, an indispensable tool crafted to refine and purify latex extracted from rubber trees. Engineered for efficiency and precision, this stainer ensures the removal of impurities and foreign particles, optimizing the quality of collected latex. Made from durable materials suitable for rubber plantation environments, it features a fine mesh sieve that effectively strains and filters the latex, providing a refined and purified end product. The stainer’s ergonomic design and ease of use make it an essential component for latex processing, enhancing the quality and value of harvested latex.

4 reviews for Stainer for Rubber Latex

  1. Maiurik Sanshi

    This stainer is strong and the net is bold too. Good product for plantation

  2. James mathew

    Good stainer

  3. Biju Kuttan

    Bigger in size than my current one. It seems strong 👍

  4. Baby Mathew

    It is very useful product in rubber plantation.

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