Coconut Husk Peeler Heavy duty

(51 customer reviews)


  • Heavy Duty Steel Tube
  • 200 L X 130 W X 700 H . Dimension in mm
  • Easy Way to Remove Coconut Husk with Less Effect
  • Material : Mild Steel tube with Silver coated
  • Designed by Professional with Good Quality
  • Coconut husk remove condition : Raw (Green Color) – Easy, Dry ( Brown Color) – Moderate, Full Dry ( Grayish color)- Hard
  • Available in Multi Color : Green, Blue, Pink

Conquer Coconut Husks with Ease: Introducing the Ultimate Heavy-Duty Peeler

Tired of battling stubborn coconut husks? Say hello to your new kitchen (or industrial) hero: the Heavy-Duty Coconut Husk Peeler. This game-changer streamlines the process with unmatched efficiency and precision, making coconut processing a breeze for individuals and industries alike.

Built to Last:

Crafted from premium, corrosion-resistant materials, this peeler stands up to heavy-duty use without flinching. It’s your trusty companion, season after season, husk after husk.

Effortless Husk Removal:

Forget about hacking away at coconuts with knives or struggling with flimsy tools. This peeler boasts a specially engineered blade that effortlessly slices through tough husks, minimizing both time and effort. Get ready for fresh coconut flesh in a fraction of the time!

Comfort That Counts:

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the sturdy build and comfortable grip prevent hand fatigue, even during prolonged use. Husk away the day without discomfort!

More Than Just Hometown Hero:

While perfect for home coconut enthusiasts, this peeler shines in professional settings too. Restaurants, coconut oil producers, and culinary artisans can all benefit from its exceptional performance and durability.

Here’s what makes this peeler the ultimate husk-conquering champion:

  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting reliability
  • Sharp, specialized blade for effortless husk removal
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable, fatigue-free use
  • Perfect for home and professional applications

Ready to experience coconut processing like never before? Grab your Heavy-Duty Coconut Husk Peeler today and unlock a world of delicious and versatile coconut possibilities!

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51 reviews for Coconut Husk Peeler Heavy duty

  1. Suja Nambiar

    Strong and good quality peeler

  2. Snehamol

    Heavy and strong product. Will recommend this 👍

  3. Rajan Mathew

    Received the product yesterday. I have started to use it now, it feels stronger than my previous one

  4. Abhirami

    Good quality

  5. Vijin

    Good quality product…


    A much needed item at home with coconut and coconut tree.

  7. Sreekala

    The peeler received is heavy, sharp, and pointed. Happy with my purchase.

  8. Bhavan

    Respect to op, good product.

  9. Rajesh

    Good and strong product

  10. Jomin Jose

    Sharp pointed peeler. Good one

  11. Jagan.Mohan

    Happy to inform you, quality product

  12. Swetha.Ramachandran

    Quality material product from pepper hub, Nice packing

  13. Jay Martin

    Good peeler. It arrived on time without delay. It was pointed as well.

  14. Rajeev Shankar

    I am happy that i could purchase good quality organic product online. Thank you pepperhub

  15. Lija Mathew

    Nice, good product

  16. Nandhan

    Nice and good one. Recevied yesterday

  17. Gangadharan

    Received the product yesterday. Good and strong Product

  18. Bhoomi Trivedi

    Good peeler. Hope the sturdiness and the peeling sharpness remain.

  19. Punam Nijam

    Quality material, reasonable price

  20. Mukesh Shyam

    The order arrived one day prior. The product is of good quality and sharp.

  21. Amit Shubham

    Its my first time using this type of peeler. I totally loved the product. Sharp pointed edges makes the peeling easier.

  22. Reshma Karun

    Peeler is good and it made my kitchen duty so easy.

  23. salomy thankachan

    This heavy-duty Coconut Husk Peeler is a game-changer! The quality and durability of this tool are exceptional. I’ve used it extensively for peeling coconut husks, and it performs flawlessly.

  24. Mercy.Kurian

    The coconut husk peeler proved to be an efficient and reliable tool, effortlessly stripping coconut husks with precision and ease, making kitchen tasks a breeze

  25. Zia Ul Haq

    Sharp and perfect peeler. It peels coconut perfectly.

  26. Sushmitha Reddy

    Cococnut Husk Peeler is superb and it makes my job easily..

  27. Mahesh Kumar

    I ordered it for my coconut farm. This product is amazing and my workers loved it.

  28. anamika anil

    he build quality is top-notch, and the sharp blade effectively removes coconut husks with minimal effort.

  29. Farshad

    Strong and heavy product. This made my peeling lot easier. At first use it seems little difficult. But now I totally loved the product. It’s easy to use.

  30. Nizar.Hamza

    The coconut husk peeler efficiently removes husk with its sharp blades, providing a durable ad user friendly tool for coconut processing.

  31. Gaya.Gagan

    A coconut husk peeler can be a useful tool for efficiently removing coconut husk, making it easier to access the coconut meat.Its practical for cooking and extracting coconut products, streaming the process compared to manual methods

  32. sindu sabu

    The sharp blade effortlessly removes husks, making the task quick and efficient. The sturdy construction ensures it can handle tough, fibrous husks without any issues

  33. latheef shareef

    This peeler has significantly reduced the effort required in processing coconuts. Highly recommended for anyone working with coconuts in large quantities

  34. Nidha Fathima

    The coconut husk peeler efficiently removes coconut husk ,making the process of extracting coconut coir for various applications such as gardening, mulching, and manufacturing coconut based products much easier

  35. Seema

    Amazing product. It made my peeling task really easy.

  36. Nayanamohan

    Quality material, this make easy to our cooking duties

  37. lijin mathayi

    The sharpness and precision of this coconut husk peeler are outstanding. It effortlessly cuts through the husk, making the peeling process quick and efficient.

  38. Medha.Melin

    Quality product, I got yesterday so happy to this purchase

  39. lijo s

    The comfortable grip ensures a secure hold during peeling. A fantastic addition to any kitchen for those who love working with coconuts.

  40. Mintu

    Just received the order got good iron material ,very needy product for our kitchen

  41. kiran raj

    It’s a time-saving tool that allows me to enjoy fresh coconut without the usual struggle. Highly recommended!

  42. Shreya Desai

    The sturdy blade effortlessly removes the fibrous husk, saving you time, energy, and potential injury. Loved it.

  43. Hebin John

    Eventhough I didn’t get the color of peeler I needed. This product seems to have good build quality. I recommend this product

  44. Ashish Kumar

    The blade is incredibly sharp and cuts through the husk effortlessly. It seems well-made and durable

  45. Harish.natwa

    The coconut husk peeler demonstrates exceptional quality, efficiently removing husk layers with precision and ease, making it a reliable tool for coconut processing.

  46. Shiju.Asokan

    Let me start by saying that this tool has revolutionized my coconut-opening experience. Gone are the days of struggling with cumbersome machetes or dull knives. With this coconut husk peeler, husk removal has become a breeze.

  47. Raj Kumar

    Received the product yesterday

  48. Iniya.Chandrasekharen

    Coconut husk peelers are typically constructed using sturdy and durable materials such as stainless steel or high-quality iron.
    The main components of a coconut husk peeler include a frame, blades, and a handle or crank mechanism for operation.
    The blades are precision-engineered to effectively strip away the tough outer husk of coconuts while minimizing damage to the inner shell.

  49. Kurup M

    Strong and super product, we can open coconut without any risk

  50. Ashokan

    Easy to use and super product. we can open a coconut with 1 – 3 pulls

  51. Navaneth

    Quality material, The blade is incredibly sharp and cuts through the husk effortlessly

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