Plastic UV Protected Poly Growbag size 34x20x20cm (Pack of 10 )

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  • Grow Bag
  • UV stabilized
  • Size 34x20x20 (cm)

Introducing the Pack of 10 Plastic UV Protected Poly Growbags, each measuring 30x16x16cm, designed to provide an optimal environment for nurturing plants, herbs, vegetables, and flowers. These growbags are crafted from premium-quality UV-protected polyethylene, ensuring durability and longevity, making them an ideal choice for gardening enthusiasts, nurseries, or professional growers.

Poly Growbag for your vegetable garden that are UV protected and lasts long. Size 34x20x20 cm. Row bags are extremely strong and Uv stabilized. They are widely used to grow all types of small plants. These bags are long life use while resisting harsh sunlight with 7 years of life. Commonly used for Terrace garden, vegetable gardening and more horticulture related.

The UV protection incorporated into these growbags shields plants’ delicate root systems from harmful ultraviolet rays, thereby enhancing their durability and promoting healthy growth. The sturdy construction of these growbags offers excellent resistance against wear and tear, ensuring they withstand varying weather conditions, including exposure to sunlight and moisture.

4 reviews for Plastic UV Protected Poly Growbag size 34x20x20cm (Pack of 10 )

  1. Baby

    I had brought 5 sets and all of them are of good quality and reached on time.

  2. amala


  3. ALBIN Xavior

    Normal one….not much to say

  4. Anumol.P

    Unlike traditional pots, grow bags offer superior drainage due to their breathable fabric construction. This prevents waterlogging, a common problem that can lead to root rot in plants.

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