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Elevate your well-being with PepperHub’s Pathimugam, the pinnacle of purity and potency in the realm of Ayurvedic remedies. Unlike other offerings, our Pathimugam embodies a deep commitment to quality, ensuring you experience the true essence of this ancient wisdom. Let’s explore what sets us apart:

Unmatched Purity:

  • Certified Organic: Sourced directly from USDA-certified organic farms in Kerala, India, our Pathimugam is free from harmful chemicals and adulterants. Breathe easy knowing you’re nurturing your body with nature’s best.
  • Mature Heartwood: We meticulously select only mature heartwood, renowned for its highest concentration of beneficial compounds. Experience the true potency of Pathimugam, uncompromised.

Traditional Wisdom, Modern Excellence:

  • Sun-Dried Perfection: We adhere to the time-tested tradition of sun-drying our Pathimugam, preserving its vital nutrients and ensuring optimal quality. No harsh processing methods here, just the gentle touch of nature’s sun.
  • Food-Grade Packaging: Your Pathimugam arrives in a resealable, food-grade pouch, safeguarding its freshness and hygiene. Convenience meets sustainability, allowing you to savor its goodness for longer.

Empowering Your Wellness:

  • Holistic Support: Pathimugam, also known as Sappan wood, boasts a rich history of Ayurvedic uses. Support your detoxification, digestion, and immunity with this powerful natural remedy.
  • Expert Guidance: We provide detailed usage instructions and comprehensive information on Pathimugam’s health benefits. Feel empowered to integrate this wisdom into your wellness journey.

Beyond Ordinary, Embrace PepperHub’s Pathimugam:

Don’t settle for average. Choose PepperHub’s Pathimugam and unlock the true potential of this treasured Ayurvedic herb. Our unwavering commitment to purity, potency, and tradition guarantees an experience unlike any other.

Invest in your well-being, choose PepperHub’s Pathimugam today!

Pathimugam or Sappan wood is a medicinal plant that has been valued for ages for its indispensable medicinal purposes. It is also known as East Indian Rosewood, a native tree to Kerala, the bark of this healing tree is boiled with water and transformed regular water into a medicated infusion brimming with umpteen health benefits. The active compound brazilin in pathimugam is credited to possess antimicrobial action and it is potent in fighting against bacteria like Streptococcus mutans, the most severe cariogenic bacteria that cause dental decay.

Try this refreshing drink instead of regular water for reaping its incredible health benefits. AUTHENTIC AND TRADITIONAL HERBS – Pathimukham is extremely popular and widely consumed in Kerala as herbal water. The ayurvedic drink is prepared by just adding a pinch of sappanwood in water and boiling it for a few minutes. This gives you vibrant pink colored ayurvedic water.


Pathimugam is locally sourced and is directly from the farmers. So it doesn’t include any harmful chemicals or other adulterations. They are hygienically sourced and packed to retain the aroma. Pathumugam is the native tree of the Kerala region and the bark of the tree is widely used for medicinal purposes.


Regular consumption of Pathimugam water helps in flushing out toxins and thereby helps in improving the overall function of the body. When the waste products are out, the digestive capacity is improved therefore absorption of nutrients and minerals is increased. It helps in purifying the blood and improves heart health.


Pathimugam water is rich in antibiotics, minerals and other micro and macronutrients. It is the best thirst quencher. It is rich in antibiotics which fights against free radicals and protects the cell. It prevents the body from other chronic diseases. Adding Pathimugam to the drinking water helps in purifying it.

Pathimukham (Caesalpenia sappan) is a perennial tree with pinnate compound leaves. The water kept in the heartwood of pathimukam tree is rich in minerals and has diuretic, anti-oxidative, thirst quenching, anti-bacterial and tonic properties. If “Pathimugham” Is Boiled In Water, The Water Gets Purified And Thereby Drinking This Water Can Prevent Epidemic Diseases Spreading Through Water. This Herb Is Used As An Ingredient In Almost All Ayurvedic Medicines And Because Of Its Prophylactic Nature; It Can Be Used By Itself As A Medicine. It is also blood purifying and is a good drink for persons with diabetes. Pathimugam Ayurvedic Water is a hot drinking water, slightly pinkish in color, used by many people in the state of Kerala, India. It is made with a hard part of the wood of a multipurpose tree that is widely used for various medicinal purposes. It is a prophylactic and its wood powder is used to reduce pain and swellings caused by external injuries. It is also used to treat certain conditions of the blood, namely dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea and to reduce abdominal pain in women, following child- birth. It turns red when dried in the sun before use. After that, take a few pieces and use them to make the best Healthy drink.

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84 reviews for Pathimugam 100 Gram Pack

  1. Chandran .Nair

    It is a nice colored thirst quencher, nice packing

  2. Dipu.Subrahmanian

    good product, good covering and nice packing

  3. Sajan V S

    Good product 👌

  4. aparna s kumar

    A must buy for all…reasonable price

  5. Abhinav Chandra

    Small amount give rich and vibrant color, a clear indication of its quality. Go for it

  6. lijo mathew

    I recently tried pathimugam my kids loved the taste of water and its also good for good digestion.

  7. Sija Mathew

    good product and good color and tasty product

  8. Saranya

    It is a good thirst quencher, i like the color and the packaging is good

  9. santhosh sivan

    A must one in my home for several years..thankyou you that i found these types of products here.

  10. Sanvika

    I like its color and taste, the price is bit high

  11. Ritha .Uthup

    colorful and tasty thirst quencher, I loved it…

  12. Neelima.Balachandran

    I got this product yesterday, like its color and taste

  13. Soly Paul

    Good product. Small amount is giving good color to water. Will definitely reorder later.

  14. Krish k

    Very good product

  15. Johan

    Good Product. Its smells too good

  16. Miya.Mejo

    Pathimugham, also known as Indian redwood, offers a traditional herbal beverage with its unique antimicrobial properties, contributing to its reputation as a health-promoting and refreshing drink.

  17. Pranav Bhat

    It is of high-quality and authentic product. Tried the product just now. Really a gud product with reasonable rate.

  18. Swati Jain

    A reliable purchase that meets my expectations for both quality and price. A few more large pieces would make it better. Thank you Pepperhub

  19. Menaka

    Pathimugham also known as Indian redwood, imparts a distinctive earthy flavor to beverages and is valued for its potential health benefits, making it a unique and health conscious choice for those seeking traditional herbal infusions.

  20. Miya Libin

    Good thirst cruncher, got in reasonable price

  21. Veena Namboothiri

    Trying it for first time. Aroma and colour are excellent. Loved the product. Definitely recommend to my relatives and friends. Good job team Pepper Hub

  22. Yogesh

    Good product. Small amount is enough to get color and taste. I definitely buy later

  23. Jaas

    Known for its potential health benefits such as detoxification and skin related treatments. Good products nice packing

  24. Unnikrishnan

    Nice product and tastes really good. Thank you Pepper Hub

  25. Shilja.Jinto

    Pathimugham offers a captivating blend of traditional flavors and modern twists, making it a must try destination for those seeking an authentic culinary experience

  26. Kanakaraj

    Healthy product. Smells really good and soothing flavor.

  27. Sushanth Raina

    Ordered Pathimugham. It turns red colour when water starts to boil and also its taste is super.

  28. Ashis

    The product is really good and is giving good flavor and color to drinking water.

  29. Ashis

    The product is really good. It gives stong flavor and color to drinking water.

  30. asalam sahib

    The Pathimugam 100-gram packet I received was fantastic! The product was fresh, and the packaging ensured its preservation. I’ve been using it to make a herbal decoction, and I’ve found it effective in maintaining my health.

  31. Navaneth

    Best product for water purification

  32. Vipanchika.vinod

    My kids very like this thirst quencher my second order ,delivered on time

  33. Vindhuja. Vijay

    Really nice product, loved it my kids its my second order good service

  34. anjaly mariam

    The Pathimugam 100-gram packet I received was fantastic! The product was fresh, and the packaging ensured its preservation.

  35. Dona

    Good color and taste is getting when a little amount is used

  36. Vindhya.m

    Pathimugham is an excellent thirst quencher, with its refreshing and cooling properties making ita popular choice especially in traditional beverages, to hydrate and soothe.

  37. asif aslam

    The earthy aroma and taste are authentic and reassuring of its quality.

  38. Dileep k

    The Quality of product was good, timely delivered and packed nicely too.

  39. Janaki.M

    Pathimugham, is the best healthy drink, got in pepper hub.

  40. Geetha .Sudheer

    Pathimugham, also known as Indian Sarsaparilla or Hemidesmus indicus, is traditionally believed to have cooling properties and is sometimes used as a thirst quencher in certain cultures. Some people make a decoction or infusion using pathimugham, attributing it to potential benefits like hydration and cooling effects, especially in hot climates. However, it’s essential to note that individual experiences may vary, and it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

  41. saly mathew

    The Pathimugham I ordered arrived in excellent condition. The packaging was secure, and the wood chips were fresh and fragran

  42. Ambika

    It’s genuine product and worth buying it.

  43. Liju Samson

    It’s ayurvedhic, natural water purifier which is using by Keralite in their home.

  44. Sunandha Jayaram

    Worth receiving the item. Gives good smell and taste of water is really good after boiling.

  45. Sreekumari

    Worth for price and good for health.

  46. Sini

    It is amazing to have water wit this wood particles. The color is good and encouraging. Price is worth.

  47. Anila

    The order received on time and the product is really nice with strong flavor

  48. Lovely mathew

    I recently bought the black pepper plant, and I’m impressed with its quality and growth. The plant is sturdy, and the leaves have a vibrant green color.

  49. neha reji

    I always buy pathimugam from local shops …but this is something different ….Thankyou pepperhub

  50. douglas wilson

    I bought Pathimugham to make a herbal drink, and it has become a daily ritual. The wood chips are of high quality, and the drink is not only refreshing but also offers potential health benefits.

  51. Neha.Thakkoor

    Pathimugham good thirst quencher, price is high but product is super

  52. Eble Baselel

    This is the natural thirst quencher my kids very like this product

  53. sree K S

    Ordered Pathimugham. It turns red colour when water starts to boil and also its taste is supe

  54. Meera Iyer

    I am satisfied with my purchase of Pathimugam and would recommend it to my friends.

  55. Malavika Lal

    Good for health, tasty thirst cruncher, recommended it

  56. Nisha M

    The product was good in quality, I made water with the same and it had Good color

  57. Leena sunny

    Got my second order today.. And satisfied with the quality of pathimugam

  58. Nandini Das

    I just add a teaspoon to my water, and it brews into a delicious and healthy drink. I was initially hesitant about the price, but the quality and benefits of Pepperhub’s Pathimugam definitely justify it.

  59. Shankar

    Best Quality Pathimugam.

  60. Malavika Janardhanan

    Product is genuine and it taste nothing no flavor at all. color is pink and its look good in glass.

  61. Roopa Chaddha

    Product is good. No problem. But you should be having the patience to boil the water and drink it.

  62. Harilal

    I’ve been using this for nearly a week now and the product is the same as it’s advertised! The colour that is gives off is very distinctive.

  63. Praveen Theerthan

    Worthy recieving the item. Gives good smell and taste of water is really good after boiling

  64. Satish Prasad

    The Pathimugam I received has a truly authentic taste and aroma, reminding me of the ones I enjoyed back home.

  65. Anju.Kuriakose

    Ensure that the pathimugham is free from contaminaants and adulterants. High quality Pathimugham should be pure and free from any foreign substances.

  66. Lavanya.K

    Pathimugham possesses potent antimicrobial properties, making it effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It has been traditionally used to treat various infections, including skin diseases, urinary tract infections, and respiratory ailments.

  67. Sree

    Good product

  68. Sara thomas

    I got it yesterday… Good color… Love it

  69. Nihara .Mathew

    Pathimugham contains active compounds with strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it effective against a wide range of microbial infections.

  70. Sidharth

    Very good product

  71. saranya deepak

    Pathinmugam is a new discovery for me, and I’m thoroughly impressed! It adds a unique, earthy aroma to drinking water. loved it

  72. Gagan M

    Trying it for first time. Aroma and colour are excellent.

  73. Feba

    I’ve been using this for nearly a week now and the product is the same as it’s advertised. The color that is gives off is very distinctive.

  74. Vinod

    Worthy receiving the item, wanted the dahashamani very badly during his summer. Gives good smell and taste of water is really good after boiling.

  75. Remya Manoj

    I will never regret buying this product as it is 100% pure and will do numerous benefits to my body. Loved it.

  76. Rekha

    It is amazing to have water with this wood particles. The color is good and encouraging. Price is worth. Thanks Pepper Hub

  77. Ammu

    Best for body to satisfy thirst. And has medicinal values in it.

  78. Balaji

    As a Malayali, I have been using this since long. Great product. And also it is good for health.

  79. Manju Bhargavi

    Using it for the first time. Started seeing the difference. Will recommend this.

  80. Aiswarya Sriram

    I recently spent a month in Kerala and enjoyed drinking this water. When I returned home, I was looking for it online. I was so excited when I found it. This was perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

  81. Namratha Rahul

    Makes water safe and does make it colorful.

  82. Abhishek

    In love with this. I boil a pinch of it in 1 litre of water and drinks everyday. A very good coolant, prevents acne too. I personally see a lot of changes in my face.

  83. Mithreyan.G

    The taste might be an acquired one for some, but for those who appreciate herbal concoctions, it offers a refreshing and distinct experience.

  84. Kurup M

    Best product and it too tasty after boiling.

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