Bitter Gourd DIY Vegitable Kit (Grow Bag+Pot mix+Bitter Gourd Seeds)

(9 customer reviews)


  • DIY Packs
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Contains Seed, Grow Bag, Pot Mixture
  • Pot mIx –  1 kg + 1 cover

Introducing the Bitter Gourd DIY Vegetable Kit, an exceptional package tailored for cultivating robust and nutritious bitter gourds in the comfort of your home. This comprehensive kit includes a durable grow bag, a specialized potting mix meticulously crafted to promote optimal bitter gourd growth, and premium bitter gourd seeds. Ideal for gardening enthusiasts and beginners alike, this all-in-one kit equips you with everything necessary to kickstart the cultivation of these versatile and health-enhancing vegetables. Bitter gourds, renowned for their unique flavor profile and rich nutritional content, are now easily within reach. With simple instructions and high-quality components, this kit empowers you to nurture a flourishing bitter gourd harvest effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy the satisfaction of homegrown produce and the health benefits it offers.


Now you can grow your favorite veggies in your own kitchen garden. Mix, fill, plant, and enjoy.  Make your daily routines easier and healthier
with our DIY veggies kit. All your planting essentials in just one pack. As a rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids, and other polyphenol compounds, bitter gourd may help to reduce your risks for a number of health issues. Now no need to worry about pesticides in veggies, you can grow bitter gourd in your own garden in just a few simple steps. Feel the joy of farming.

9 reviews for Bitter Gourd DIY Vegitable Kit (Grow Bag+Pot mix+Bitter Gourd Seeds)

  1. Shamla

    The Kit has everything you need for a successful harvest. The most of the seeds started to spout.

  2. aswin mani


  3. Janaki

    Reviewing the product after 2 weeks. The seeds spouted quickly. Thank u pepperhub

  4. Das Kuruvila

    The kit contain lots of seeds and got needed amount of pot mix with it. The seeds seems of good quality. Hoping to spout quickly

  5. arub baby

    My seeds begin to grow faster than expected ….happy with the delivery

  6. Neha Choudhury

    I’m a complete newbie to gardening, but this Bitter Gourd DIY kit was fantastic! Everything arrived promptly and in perfect condition.

  7. Sneha Patel

    The grow bag is sturdy, the pot mix feels rich and healthy, and the seeds look plump and viable. The price was very reasonable, especially considering the convenience and quality.

  8. Shilpa.Syam

    Satisfaction of growing our own bitter gourd outweighs ant initial reservations. I would recommended this kit to anyone looking to expand their gardening skills and try something new.

  9. Ishita Joshi

    The pot mix seems decent, but I would have preferred a slightly larger bag for better root growth. The seeds look good

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