Panniyur 7 + Panniyur 3 Plants (Pack of 5+5)

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  • Panniyur 7: Pack of 5 plants
  •  It has long spike
  • Light purple coloured shoot tip.
  • Avarage yield of 1410 kg dry pepper/ha.
  • Panniyur 3: Pack of 5 plants
  • Late-maturing variety of black pepper
  • Has pale yellow coloured shoot tip
  • potential yield 1953 kg dry/pepper/ha

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Panniyur 7 : It is a vigorous, hardy and a regular bearing variety. It is a open pollinated progeny selection from “kalluvally lV”. It is released on 2000,It is recommended for Kerala under open conditions and partial shade. It has high piperine content and has long spike, light purple coloured shoot tip. It gives an average yield of 1410 kg dry pepper /ha potential yield of 2770 kg dry pepper/ha.

Panniyur 3 is a hybrid variety developed from Uthirankotta and Cheriyakaniyakadan. It is released in the year 1991. It is a late maturing pepper variety. This variety is suited to all pepper growing regions of Kerala. Its peculiarities are well in open condition and high oleoresin content. It has pale yellow coloured shoot tip and long spikes. Potential yield is the maximum yield possible given rainfall in the absence of any other constraints.(potential yield kg dry/pepper/ha 3,296.)

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3 reviews for Panniyur 7 + Panniyur 3 Plants (Pack of 5+5)

  1. PV vijayan

    Happy with my purchase! Highly recommend

  2. Gayakanth M

    The combined pack of Panniyur 7 and Panniyur 3 pepper plants offers gardeners a diverse harvest of flavorful peppers, providing culinary versatility and enjoyment.

  3. Priyanandan

    Happy to inform you that really loved your services get the plants are very safe, and good, highly recommended.

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