Aruval/ Curved Saw/Arappu Kathi/Sickle knife – Traditional Handsaw for Grass Cutting

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Constructed with a keen focus on traditional craftsmanship and functionality, this handsaw features a comfortable wooden handle that ensures a secure grip for prolonged usage without compromising on maneuverability. Whether used for maintaining gardens, trimming grass, or tending to agricultural fields, the Arrival / Curved Saw proves to be an indispensable tool. Sourced directly from Wayanad

This specialized curved saw stands as a testament to precision and efficiency, perfectly suited for various outdoor tasks. Crafted for versatility, the Arappu Kathi boasts a durable and finely crafted curved blade, allowing for swift and precise cutting through dense grass, bushes, and agricultural crops. The curvature of the blade provides an optimal cutting angle, enabling users to navigate through intricate spaces and dense foliage with remarkable ease

4 reviews for Aruval/ Curved Saw/Arappu Kathi/Sickle knife – Traditional Handsaw for Grass Cutting

  1. Aditya vinay

    Amazing quality product. It has firm handle and Good quality iron. Has sharp and smooth cutting edges.

  2. Lokesh Bhoopan

    Grass curved saw is a practical addition to our gardening arsenal, simplifying the task of keeping your outdoor spaces tidy and well maintained

  3. Kedhar.Kadak

    The Koduwal curved grass saw proves highly effective in tackling dense vegetation, with its curved design enabling efficient cutting and trimming, making it a valuable tool for landscaping and gardening tasks.

  4. Mini.Sajan

    The curved blade of the saw is specifically engineered to optimize cutting performance and precision. The curvature of the blade allows for better leverage and control, especially when cutting branches or limbs in tight spaces.

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