Rubber Tapping Knife – Rubber Kathi Shorter


  • Good quality medium size Kerala Rubber Tapping Knife Shorter
  • For small and medium age rubber plants tapping
  • High quality wooden handle

For large-scale rubber plantations, a high-quality Rubber Kathi, or rubber tapping knife, is an essential tool in the process of latex extraction from rubber trees. Crafted specifically to meet the demands of extensive rubber tapping operations, this tool boasts robust construction and design features to enhance efficiency and durability in large plant setting

Rubber Kathi knives come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different preferences and tapping techniques employed by rubber plantation workers. Some models may have additional features such as protective sheaths or ergonomic handles for enhanced safety and ease of use.

With its precision, durability, and functionality, the rubber tapping knife, or Rubber Kathi, remains an essential tool for rubber plantation workers worldwide, contributing significantly to the extraction of latex, a crucial component in the production of various rubber-based products.


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