Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram 4 sided

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  • Traditional high quality Bamboo moram made by well skilled illage craftsman.
  • Premium quality Bamboo moram.
  • 4 sided Muram
  • 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Best quality ” Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram” online.

The muram made of 100% food grade. BPA free materials is an essential kitchen item for every household. It is basically used to separate husk brawn from the rice or to separate stones from grains. This products are used in marriages and it is a famous handicraft items for multipurpose use. Widely used during puja, festivals, namakaranm.

It is made from Eata or Kkiatha, a plant like Bamboo. Muram is also used to dry vattal pavakka, mulaku… In sunlight, dry chillies and coriander for powdering, dry mango and other delicious items.Muram is one of a natural product used since ancient times, popular among south Indians. Sulagu is also known as winnower in English and Muram in Tamil. It was very popular and handy kitchenware in ancient times which was used on a daily basis.


Pepeprhub takes pride in presenting the Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram, a testament to our dedication to preserving culinary traditions with a touch of contemporary flair. Designed for the discerning home chef, this four-sided bamboo muram is a versatile companion in the kitchen. It features a unique blend of textured surfaces, making it ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks, from sifting flour to draining fried foods. The use of bamboo not only enhances the muram’s strength but also aligns with Pepeprhub’s ethos of promoting sustainability. Elevate your cooking experience with this exquisite kitchen tool that seamlessly combines functionality and cultural heritage, ensuring that your kitchen reflects the timeless charm of traditional Indian culinary practices.

Weight .5 kg

59 reviews for Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram 4 sided

  1. Ramaswami

    Nice product, received in good condition.

  2. Harsha Nagade

    I was looking for a quality product like this, i received the product last week, i am happy with product.

  3. Gopi K M

    Good quality product. I recommend the product.

  4. Harikumar

    Quality material, packed and delivered safely.

  5. Sreenesh Kumar

    I have received the product in good condition, It seems to be good in looks and quality

  6. Arjun S

    Nice muram, quality is very good. Product was delivered in 3 days

  7. Anagha

    this is a much needed item in my kitchen

  8. Jisha

    A very useful product for the kitchen



  10. Neethu Rajeev

    A must have in every kitchen ,quality bamboo product.

  11. Soorya Sam

    BPA free material is an essential kitchen item for every house hold

  12. manu


    Quality Product. Super finished work on outside and inside.

  13. Geetha Bineesh

    Received exact product as shown. Perfect size and strong product.

  14. Vinodu

    It’s sturdy and easy to clean. Highly recommended!

  15. Binu Nair

    The muram made of 100% food grade, nice product

  16. Beena.Namboothiri

    Traditional bamboo product needs to pooja festivals

  17. G Gangadharan

    Strong Muram

  18. Abin Abraham

    Big and nicely hand-loomed product

  19. Remadevi

    Its a good food product for bamboo, quality product

  20. Radhamani

    Nice hand made Bamboo product, good in quality & affordable price

  21. Suraj Rajeev

    The bamboo is sturdy and beautifully woven. I’m very pleased with this product and would recommend it

  22. Nayana Vishnu

    Great purchase. If you’re looking for a versatile and good quality muram, this is a fantastic choice.

  23. Chethan lal

    Best quality bamboo product

  24. Aju

    Quality material

  25. Rani.Mathew

    Nice product, Quality handmade product

  26. Ansmary John

    Big and steady product.

  27. Pristeena Joy

    Well made quality product.

  28. Ranjini.Jomon

    Muram is always needed in a house, Pepper hub sells it at a rate that suits us

  29. linchu bhasker

    A must have for all kitchens…traditional products are always good..thankyou pepperhub

  30. Nayana

    Bamboo Muram , quality product got in safe packing

  31. sreebin Sreedhar

    Quality bamboo, reasonable price needed for every kitchen

  32. Renju Shivan

    It is of the best quality and of perfect size. The order received on time without delay.

  33. Kanchana.Nair

    I got this from pepper hub as I needed it during pooja, good product thankyou Pepper hub

  34. Ravi V.V

    Perfect product. Its is really strong and steady. Well packed product received on time.

  35. Nancy

    Good product. But not to my expectation.

  36. John Kalathiparambil

    Very High Quality Product

  37. Drisya.Gopal

    The Bamboo Muram impresses with its sturdy construction and eco friendly appeal, making it a practical and sustainable choice for various household needs.

  38. Vijayakumari.M

    Using a bamboo muram provides a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for sifting and separating ingredients, showcasing a commitment to environmentally conscious kitchen tools.

  39. Jobitha.jobin

    the bamboo muram’s traditional design offers a lightweight and eco friendly option for efficient winnowing, making it a reliable choice for separating grains.

  40. selin mathew

    this muram is a perfect choice for traditional pot lovers

  41. Nehal

    The product arrived safely without damage. The bamboo muram received is of best quality. Happy with the purchase

  42. Janaki.k

    I bought one for our housewarming ceremony ,nice one needed to every households

  43. neema mathew

    a must buy for traditional cookware lovers.

  44. Sreekumar

    Good quality product.

  45. Minnumani

    The bamboo muram showcases impressive quality, offering a sturdy and efficient tool for various kitchen tasks. Its durability and traditional design make it a reliable choice, seamlessly blending functionality with a touch of rustic charm in the culinary space.

  46. Minnu.Mathew

    The bamboo muram showcases impressive quality, offering a sturdy and efficient tool for various kitchen tasks. Its durability and traditional design make it a reliable choice, seamlessly blending functionality with a touch of rustic charm in the culinary space.

  47. ahana mohan

    A durable and eco-friendly tool that combines functionality with elegance.

  48. Neethu Mathew

    It is four sided muram flat bottomed tray made entirely f bamboo, each side serves a distinct purpose, contributing to the overall functionality of the muram

  49. shara saj

    The quality is outstanding, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to embrace sustainable kitchenware.

  50. omman chacko

    Upgrading my kitchen with this bamboo muram was a fantastic choice. It’s eco-friendly, and the bamboo material is not only sustainable but also durable. The design is effective for various kitchen tasks, and the natural beauty of bamboo adds a touch of warmth to my kitchen space.

  51. Sobhana .k

    A needy product for every household, pepperhub bamboo muram is good quality product, nice service

  52. Sunita Reddy

    It’s incredibly versatile. I use it for draining vegetables, drying dishes, and even as a trivet for hot pots. Its size is perfect for handling various kitchen tasks.

  53. Manpi.Manilal

    Bamboo muram a traditional kitchen utensil stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness, crafted from bamboo, it provides excellent ventilation ,making it ideal for drying grains, pulses and vegetables.

  54. Kamal.Nath

    This Muram quality is exceptional with sturdy construction and sustainable materials

  55. Chintha .Saleesh

    First and foremost, the durability of this bamboo muram is outstanding. Unlike traditional murams made of plastic or metal, bamboo offers a robust and long-lasting alternative. It withstands daily wear and tear with ease, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

  56. Ashna asraf

    A must have in my kitchen… I would definitely buy this for my relatives

  57. Maithreya Kiran

    Bamboo muram exhibits impressive durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use in the kitchen. The sturdy construction ensures that it maintains its shape and integrity over time, even when used for sifting, straining, or draining heavy ingredients.

  58. Niranjana.M

    The design of a muram includes a flat base with raised edges, forming a shallow tray-like structure. The surface usually has gaps between the bamboo strips, allowing air to pass through while retaining the grains or pulses placed on it.

  59. Basi

    The Bamboo Muram impresses with its Strong construction and eco friendly too

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