Woven Bamboo Cane Ceiling Lamps

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  • Traditional high quality Bamboo decorative bulb holder made by well skilled village craftsman.
  • Premium quality Bamboo bulb holder.
  • Suitable for Home, Kitchen, Office, Restaurants & Cafes
  • 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Best quality ” Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Decorative Bulb Holder” online.

Traditional Bamboo decorative bulb holder  is made up of mature bamboo with polish coating to avoid any termite problem.  This is 100% eco-friendly and promotes sustainable living. Composite style design with very thin sliced bamboo, environmentally friendly materials & exquisite hand-woven. Suitable for restaurants, bedrooms, cafes, restaurants, etc to add traditional touch.


These lamps holders allow you to invest in sustainable decor. We sincerely believe in curating green products for homes. Bamboo hanging bulb holder are handcrafted by the hands of skilled artisans from Village tribals and have a rustic feel to it. It will definitely add an element of style to your home. This traditional  bamboo bulb holder is a showstopper and act as an iconic element in any corner , suitable for indoors as well as covered outdoor spaces like the living room, balcony, patio or a roofed terrace.

Crafted from sustainable bamboo cane, each lampshade is intricately woven to create captivating patterns, casting mesmerizing shadows when illuminated. The natural texture and earthy tones of bamboo lend a warm ambiance, making these ceiling lamps an exquisite addition to any interior décor style.

Perfect for both ambient lighting and focal point statements, these ceiling lamps offer a gentle, diffused glow, creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether suspended in a living room, bedroom, or dining area, they effortlessly enhance the aesthetics while infusing your space with natural elegance.

Easy to install and maintain, you can place this in any room and it will surely add a charm to it.  Keep it in dry and cleaning can be done easily using a duster.

6 reviews for Woven Bamboo Cane Ceiling Lamps


    After putting the light on at night , you cannot say that it is a bamboo product because it looks good.

  2. Jesty jain

    Brought 2 of them for my balcony…Both are of good quality


    Good product

  4. Vivek

    It gives a touch of tradition to my restaurant. Loved the warm atmosphere it creates. Thank you Pepprhub

  5. sandeep menon

    Good one .. recommend for those who wish to buy

  6. Shone George

    Created good ambiance for my balcony. Loved it

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