Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram 2 sided

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  • Traditional high quality Bamboo moram made by well skilled illage craftsman.
  • Premium quality Bamboo moram.
  • 2 sided Muram
  • 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Best quality ” Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram” online.

It is one of the traditional product which is used for winnowing the grains mainly rice remove the dust and others foreign particles present. The muram made of 100% food grade. BPA free materials is an essential kitchen item for every household. It is basically used to separate husk brawn from the rice or to separate stones from grains. This products are used in marriages and it is a famous handicraft items for multipurpose use. Widely used during puja, festivals., namakaranm.

Introducing our Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram, a culinary essential deeply rooted in tradition and functionality. Handcrafted with precision using natural bamboo, this 4-sided muram embodies the essence of authentic cooking, offering a versatile tool for various culinary tasks.

The 4-sided design of this muram provides flexibility and efficiency in sifting, straining, and draining various ingredients with ease. Whether it’s washing rice, straining lentils, or draining vegetables, each side of the muram caters to different culinary needs, ensuring convenience and practicality in the kitchen.

KASHMIR, INDIA – SEPTEMBER 24: A farmer separates chaff from rice seeds during the harvesting season in Ganderbal district on September 24, 2022.(Photo by Faisal Khan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

It is made from Eata or Kkiatha, a plant like Bamboo. Muram is also used to dry vattal pavakka, mulaku… In sunlight, dry chillies and coriander for powdering, dry mango and other delicious items.Muram is one of a natural product used since ancient times, popular among south Indians. Sulagu is also known as winnower in English and Muram in Tamil. It was very popular and handy kitchenware in ancient times which was used on a daily basis.

12 reviews for Traditional Bamboo Kitchen Muram 2 sided

  1. athira vijayan

    Every product from pepperhub meets the expectation ….good one for kitchen use

  2. athira vijayan

    Every product from pepperhub meets the expectation ….


    It is very useful during rice harvest and can be used in kitchen too, I bought one too. its a good bamboo product.

  4. Vimala Menon

    It is a useful product for every kitchen, good quality bamboo.

  5. Meghana

    I have been looking for this product for a long time and finally bought it from Pepperhub. The quality of the Muram is really good.

  6. Navin John

    Quality is just amazing.

  7. ansu joshi

    Good product from pepperhub …most useful one thing kitchen

  8. akshara mohan

    my father had brought this type in my childhood and glad that this type of products are still vailible

  9. irine mathew

    The Bamboo Muram I purchased was well-crafted and sturdy. It’s been a versatile addition to my kitchen, perfect for sifting grains and washing vegetables.

  10. Karunya.Bijoy

    One of the key advantages of bamboo muram is its non-reactive nature. Unlike metal or plastic utensils, bamboo does not leach harmful chemicals or flavors into food, ensuring that your culinary creations remain pure and untainted.

  11. Kumar

    It is a useful product for every kitchen, build with strong bamboo

  12. Thridya.k shenai

    Murams can also be used for other kitchen tasks such as drying and sorting grains, washing vegetables, and even serving food items.

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