Rubber Tapping Knife – Rubber Kathi


  • For small and medium age rubber plants tapping
  • High quality wood handle
  • Please cover the sharp edges with pastic or paper when not in use

Rubber Kathi, also known as a rubber tapping knife, is an indispensable tool used in the process of extracting latex from rubber trees. Crafted specifically for the meticulous task of rubber tapping, this tool features a durable and specially designed blade ideal for precise cuts on the bark of rubber trees. With its precision, durability, and functionality, the rubber tapping knife, or Rubber Kathi, remains an essential tool for rubber plantation workers worldwide, contributing significantly to the extraction of latex, a crucial component in the production of various rubber-based products.

The knife’s construction typically comprises a sturdy handle made of wood or plastic, ensuring a comfortable grip for the user. The blade itself is the highlight, being forged from high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel. Its sharp edge allows for clean and efficient incisions on the tree’s bark without causing extensive damage, thus facilitating the collection of latex while promoting tree health and sustainability.


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