Rubber Latex Collection Dish – Silver White Aluminium Dish , Rectangular



  • Color : Silver-white finish, providing a clean and reflective surface.
  • Material : High-grade aluminum construction, offering durability and lightweight handling.
  • Shape : Rectangular design with slightly curved edges, maximizing the collection area while preventing spillage.
  • Features : Raised edges for containment of latex and prevention of overflow during the collection process.

Silver-white aluminum dish designed specifically for rubber latex collection serves as an essential tool in the process of harvesting latex from rubber trees. This rectangular-shaped collection dish is crafted with the primary objective of efficiently and hygienically collecting the latex from tapped rubber trees in plantations. The rectangular shape of the dish is purposefully designed to maximize the collection area, allowing for efficient latex collection during tapping activities. It features raised edges or rims to prevent spillage and ensure that the latex is contained within the dish, minimizing waste and facilitating a clean and organized harvesting process.



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