Panniyur 9 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

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Buy best quality Panniyur 9 pepper variety online

It is the open pollinated progeny selection from panniyur 3.  It released on 2017.Performs well in open condition and hilly tracts, field tolerant to phytophthora foot root, drought and cold stress, high quality berries. It has greenish yellow coloured shoot tip, medium long spikes. It gives 3150 kg/dry pepper / ha.


Pepperhub provides one of the best quality panniyur 9 plants india. Panniyur 9 pepper variety is available online in Pepperhub.

Weight 5 kg

24 reviews for Panniyur 9 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

  1. Varun Kumar

    I’m amazed by the impeccable quality of the plant– healthy and vibrant, exceeding my expectations! Thank you Pepperhub

  2. Basil

    The plants look healthy and carefully packaged to prevent any damage during shipping. .

  3. Shijin chacko

    Good to see more varieties in my farm, thank you pepperhub for bring most varities

  4. Aakash

    I was waiting for this variety. Thank you Pepperhub for adding this variety.

  5. Gangadharan Nair

    one of the best plants in Panniyur variety, got in good condition

  6. lintu jinu

    Panniyur 9 plants ….I have beensearching for this for a long and now i got this. Thankyou pepperhub

  7. Abhishek

    Healthy plant saplings. Great packing too.

  8. Prakash Balan

    good quality plants reached safe, well packaging. thank pepper hub you

  9. mathew.tharakan

    plants are very quality ,well packed

  10. Ratheesh

    Very good Quality plants

  11. Vinodkumar

    good plants nice packing, reached in good condition

  12. surya prabha anil

    Average not much …packaging is good that’s why plants stay in good condition.

  13. Manikandan

    Panniyur 9 plants are very good quality. panniyur 9 plants are available online in pepper hub.

  14. vinayan.K

    panniyur 9 is the high yielding variety healthy plants, got good condition healthy stem and leaves

  15. Makesh

    Never expected to find this variety online. Really amazed by the Pepperhub services and plant stock. The plants arrived in unique pack with air hole.

  16. Nandhu krishnan

    Happy to find this variety online. Even though the price is high, these varieties are no were found. The arrived plants were healthy and lively.

  17. Harsh

    I have been looking for this variety. But couldn’t find near by me. Happy to find many variety of pepper plants here.

  18. Narayanan.p

    Bought a pack of ten black pepper plants quality best seedlings got this online store, on time delivery …….

  19. Prakash Bhatia

    The panniyur 9 plants themselves seem healthy and promising. I highly recommend PepperHub for their quality plants and fast shipping.

  20. Suhas Menon

    Look for the plants with robust growth healthy foliage and no signs of diseases or pests. Healthy plants are more likely to establish well and produce a good yield.

  21. Chandramouli.M

    Panniyur 9 plants are known for their prolific fruit production yielding abundant clusters of high quality black peppercorns. This trait makes them economically viable for commercial cultivation and rewarding for home gardeners

  22. Akhil murali

    It wasn’t as bushy as I expected from the pictures. Still happy with the purchase, though.

  23. Sethu.M

    Panniyur 9 would probably be selected for traits such as high yield potential, disease resistance, and adaptability to various agro-climatic conditions. It would likely share similarities with other Panniyur varieties in terms of cultural practices and market demand.

  24. tlover tonet

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

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