Panniyur 7 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

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Buy best quality Panniyur 7 pepper variety online.

It is a vigorous, hardy and a regular bearing variety. It is a open pollinated progeny selection from “kalluvally lV”. It is released on 2000,It is recommended for Kerala under open conditions and partial shade. It has high piperine content and has long spike, light purple coloured shoot tip. It gives an average yield of 1410 kg dry pepper /ha potential yield of 2770 kg dry pepper/ha. It is a variety released from Pepper Research Station, Panniyur. It is recommended for Kerala under open conditions and partial shade.

Pepperhub provides one of the best quality panniyur 7 plants India. Panniyur 7 pepper variety is available online in Pepperhub.

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8 reviews for Panniyur 7 Pepper Plants (Pack of 10)

  1. Haridas Sai

    The plants were well packed and arrived on time. The plants seems healthy. Happy to add this new variety to my cultivation.

  2. Ramu

    It’s a rare plant. I have been looking for this plant in shops and nowhere found. Thank you pepperhub for providing with healthy and lively plants

  3. Salimkumar. J

    Panniyur 7 plants are known for their exceptional productivity, providing growers with a substantial harvest of quality black peppercorns.

  4. Jayesh .S

    Panniyur-7 is a hybrid variety of robusta coffee plants, which means it is a cross between different coffee plant varieties to combine desirable traits such as high yield and disease resistance.

  5. Jayesh .S

    Panniyur-7 black pepper plants are specifically adapted to thrive in the climatic conditions of Kerala and other regions where black pepper cultivation is prevalent. This adaptability ensures that the plants can perform well in their intended environment, leading to more consistent yields.

  6. malu sarath

    Great selection of pepper plants on PepperHub’s website.

  7. sindhu ram

    Highly recommend . The website could benefit from more detailed care instructions for each variety, though.

  8. Subrahmaniyan Kartha

    Panniyur 7 is likely selected for its high yield potential, disease resistance, and adaptability to various agro-climatic conditions. While specific details may vary, it’s expected to exhibit traits typical of Panniyur varieties, including vigorous growth and resilience to common black pepper diseases.

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