Pepperhub Coffee Powder 250g Pack

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  • Instant coffee powder
  • 250g pack
  • No chicory
  • 100% Organic

Bringing back the traditional taste of coffee. Pepperhub Instant coffee powder comes with the unique taste of tradition. Pepperhub instant coffee powder contains 100% coffee powder with no Chicory in it. Thus we bring the real and complete taste of coffee. We have also added some ingredients to bring the special taste of our coffee. All added ingredients  are completely organic and is only used to bring the special taste.  The coffee beans are produced at PepperHubs own farm at Wayanad, Kerala.

Coffee powder quality is a multifaceted aspect that influences the taste, aroma, and overall experience of the brewed coffee. Several factors contribute to the quality of coffee powder, making it a nuanced topic for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. One of the primary elements defining coffee quality is the bean itself.  Arabica and Robusta are the two main species of coffee beans, each with distinct characteristics. Arabica is generally considered superior, known for its mild flavor, acidity, and aromatic nuances. Robusta, on the other hand, tends to be stronger, more bitter, and has a higher caffeine content. The origin of the beans, including factors like altitude, climate, and soil conditions, also plays a pivotal role in determining their quality.

The roasting process significantly influences the flavor profile of coffee. Light roasts maintain more of the original bean flavors, often featuring fruity and floral notes. Medium roasts strike a balance, while dark roasts, with their longer roasting times, bring out richer, bolder flavors with a distinct bitterness. The degree of roasting is a crucial factor in coffee quality, as it directly impacts the final taste experienced by the consumer.

Grind size is another crucial element. Different brewing methods require specific grind sizes to extract the optimal flavors from the coffee. For example, espresso demands a fine grind, while French press requires a coarse one. Consistency in grind size ensures uniform extraction during brewing, contributing to a well-balanced cup of coffee.

Freshness is paramount in coffee quality. Coffee is at its peak within days to weeks of roasting, after which it undergoes flavor degradation due to exposure to air, light, and moisture. Quality coffee powder is often packaged in airtight bags with one-way valves to release gases produced during the roasting process while preventing external air from entering.

The quality of water used in brewing is often overlooked but can significantly impact the taste of the final product. Ideally, water should be free from impurities and have balanced mineral content. The temperature of the water during brewing is equally important, as it affects the extraction of flavors from the coffee grounds.

Ethical and sustainable sourcing practices are increasingly becoming integral to coffee quality. Beans sourced from responsibly managed plantations not only contribute to environmental conservation but also often result in a better quality product.

In conclusion, the quality of coffee powder is a culmination of various factors, from the type and origin of the beans to the roasting process, grind size, freshness, water quality, and ethical sourcing practices. For true coffee enthusiasts, understanding and appreciating these nuances can elevate the coffee-drinking experience to new heights.

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62 reviews for Pepperhub Coffee Powder 250g Pack

  1. Sumiksha Sinha

    Superb taste!
    If you are a Coffee lover you will sure love this new taste❤️.

  2. Sachin Mathew

    Love the taste,like the one I used to have from family home that my grandmother used to make ❤️

  3. Jinto mathew

    Loved the unique and different taste. Just takes us to a whole new feel

  4. Abhilasha Thampi (verified owner)

    An amazing coffee powder which is highly rich in taste, I will reccomend this product to all coffee lovers. I have ordered this multiple times and it’s my favourite now. It has a unique flavour.

  5. Vyshnav charan

    Tasty Coffee ☕
    This coffee has a different taste! Donno how you people brings it, anyway I just loved it.

  6. aleena

    Best choice for coffee lovers

  7. Neenu Sunny

    Great product with unique taste.

  8. Thomas K

    Best Coffee Powder


    The best coffee powder, good tasty coffee

  10. Meenu Mohan

    I loved the unique taste. Its rich aroma and smooth flavour create a perfect cup of coffee. Just try it.

  11. Sreedharan

    Good quality coffee powder at a reasonable price

  12. Arun Dhamodhar

    Loved this coffee powder. Its really good

  13. Neena Thomas

    Best Coffee powder

  14. Nithu

    I enjoyed the unique taste.

  15. Minnu sabu

    This Coffee is different has a special taste and loved it’s flavors

  16. sajna basheer

    I’ve been enjoying this coffee powder for the past few weeks, and I must say it’s become a part of my daily routine.

  17. seethal m n

    A must buy from pepperhub…am addicted with their coffee powders

  18. Nikitha S

    Super coffee powder

  19. Nikhil

    Good and Tasty coffee powder

  20. Devika Thanayan

    I loved the unique taste.

  21. Sonali

    It has well balanced unique taste – not too bitter, just right. If you’re a coffee lover, this coffee powder is worth a try.

  22. Tharun K

    Best coffee powder

  23. Giridhar

    Love the smell and taste

  24. Binju Thomas

    Unique taste. Really worth trying.

  25. Akhilesh

    Adding a small amount can bring strong flavour to your coffee.

  26. Gopika.Nair

    Coffe powder has good taste , requires less powder and has a good color and aroma.

  27. Nitha. Syam

    The quality and taste of Wayanad coffee is unique to pepper hub coffee powder

  28. Pooja Mishra

    This brings a unique taste to the coffee. I really love it.

  29. Neha

    Slightly different from normal coffee. But definitely worth trying for those whose explore different taste.

  30. Jithya.Jinup

    Perfect taste and aroma, pure Wayanad coffee powder

  31. Akash Joy

    It has a unique taste. I personally love it. Will definitely reorder.

  32. Sangeetha.Sanith

    Perfect taste and Aroma, loved it .

  33. Likha.K

    Good smell with taste and quality, From Wayanad

  34. Jinta.Jibin

    This is my second order quality coffee powder with good smell and taste I recommended it…..

  35. Manikandan

    Enriching taste of coffee.

  36. Varadharaj

    Robusta beans are lower in cholesterol than arabica. Great to find a good quality robusta for a great morning.

  37. Geetha Vasanth

    I just love this. It’s not too strong.

  38. Shinija

    loved its flavor and smell, recommended it….

  39. Vedha.Amal

    Happy to inform you got super product , perfect taste and aroma highly recommended it

  40. Ajina sasi

    A must try coffee powder from pepperhub

  41. Anup

    Good coffee, I had my first cup yesterday and I’m surprised that taste nice. The product was in a nice package. Looking forward for the long term effects. Good product

  42. Victoria

    Fantastic company to deal with, fast delivery, beautiful packaging but best of all incredible coffee, that does what it promises. Bringing a bit of calm to a crazy world!

  43. Anupama Gautam

    Love starting and ending my days with these blends. Great service and definitely worth trying if you enjoy coffee.

  44. Hemanth

    Great coffee ☕️ with excellent balanced taste & and benefits. Thank you to Pepper Hub

  45. Huda Parveen

    What a fantastic product and the company is a pleasure to deal with. Lots of personal contact to make sure I was a happy customer. Excellent delivery. But the highlight are the coffee’s themselves.

  46. Lija Samson

    I really enjoyed these, tasted good and helped me focus. Great customer service too, I will definitely be getting more in the future.

  47. Shalima Babu

    Perfect coffee for the kickstart day!
    Really like the smell, taste and effect.

  48. Mathew

    Great tasting coffee ☕️ full of flavour.
    Would highly recommend if your a coffee lover like myself and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

  49. Balaganesh

    absolutely beautiful – would definitely order this again!
    perfect to start the day with.

  50. Kavitha Ajith

    My husband is a fussy coffee drinker but absolutely loves these . Will be placing another order shortly.

  51. Silpa.Krishnan

    The quality of the coffee beans used in PepperHub coffee powder significantly influences its taste and aroma. Premium Arabica or Robusta beans sourced from reputable coffee-growing regions ensure a rich and flavorful brew.

  52. Hemandha Regi

    I tried this coffee when I went to my friends house and I totally loved it. Thus here to buy it today.

  53. megha v

    The coffee powder and roasted beans from Pepperhub are incredibly fresh, resulting in a rich and aromatic cup. I can definitely taste the difference compared to other brands.

  54. Shijin Mathew

    It’s so far the best coffee for Indians. The tastes never disappoint.

  55. Krishnendhu

    Pepper Hub classic coffee is very good in taste and it is very strong.
    It’s aroma is very good smelly.

  56. Varadha

    It gives a light to medium roast flavour and is a good option for instant black coffee when there are no filter coffee options around.

  57. Monisha

    It is authentic and very good aroma and long validation of product

  58. Maneesh

    The product is really good and would buy more of it in future! Bought it for my parents, and glad that Pepper Hub is reaching out to distant locations.

  59. Mallika

    This is the best coffee you can have as it doesn’t have chicory in its ingredients.

  60. Thangam

    have tried various coffee brands but Pepper Hub coffee is my favorite. I love the perfectly brewed taste of the coffee powder. I use it to make hot as well as cold coffee and both types of coffees tastes delicious.

  61. Rajath Nambiar

    If you like coffee and if you like taste of black coffee. Then buy it.

  62. Kanika

    The aroma of this coffee is definitely not strong enough for me to purchase again.

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