Oranic Mixture Based on Cowdung (5 Kg Pack)

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  • Cow dung Mixture with Neem cake & NPK
  • 5 kg pack

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The cow dung based organic mixture is made for the complete nutrition of crops like black pepper, coffee, coconut, areca etc. It contain essential nutrients for the growth and strength of the plant. It includes Cow dung, Neem Cake, NPK mixture.  it can be given once in a year for the plant. This can be mainly applied just before the rainy season. Always take care that the mixture is covered by the soil so that it doesn’t wash away in rain.

This cow dung based organic mixture is one of the best online. It is the best organic mixture for black pepper plants, coffee plants etc.

Mode of application

  • Clean the plant foot area with a hoe (Do not dig the area)
  • Apply the mixture around the plants 1-5 kg depending on the age & size of the plants
  • cover the applied area again with previously removed soil, leaves etc



Weight 5.8 kg

250g, 500g

2 reviews for Oranic Mixture Based on Cowdung (5 Kg Pack)

  1. Sabu Mathew

    Pure product with great results
    I have bought a pack and got good results using this. My plants have started growing well after applying this mixture

  2. Sajush Kumar

    Good product

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