Nazar Battu Face Mask

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  • Traditional practice of blocks negative energies
  • Used to hang these in front of their house
  • Durable & easy to hang
  • Traditional design

NAZAR BATTU’ is totem, or an object having spiritual significance and when hung at the entrance of a house, it blocks negative energies from entering the house. A “Mahakal” face mask at the entrance prevents any kind of bad energies from entering the home and is very popular. The Nazar Battu protects the person from evil spirits, black magic, negativity, with craft, and the evil eye. People also hang these in front of their house above the main entrance or door to get rid of evil spirits and negativity and tie these in front of their vehicles, etc. A typical nazar is made of hand made glass featuring concentric circles or tea drop shapes in dark blue, white, light blue and black occasionally with a yellow /gold edge.’ The bed is made of a mixture of molten glass, iron, copper water and salt. Ingredients that are thought to shield people from evil.

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