Malabar Hoe Head (sharpened) Ready to use

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  • Agriculture Tool Primarily Used for Digging.
  • best quality Hoe head Color – Red
  • Ready to use Sharpened Hoe
  • Heavy duty hoe 1.8kg
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  • Agriculture Tool Primarily Used for Digging.
  • It Contain a Blade Attached with a Long Handle.
  • The Handle is Very Strong & Spade were Made with Sharper Tips of Metal.
  • Heavy Duty Gardening Spade with Strong Wooden Handle Suitable for digging, balancing, forming hard/raw ground soil
  • like as a kassi fawda khurpi spade or hor shovel

The art of growing food and cash crops to fullfill the requirements of all living beings is referred to as agriculture. In ancient times agriculture occured in a small field with the help of minimal tools but nowadays it occurs on a very large scale with various modern tools and techniques.
It is used for loosening the soil and for removing weeds. Draw hoe is used for removing undesired vegetarian, which is grown along with crops. A sweeping hoe is used for slicing and sweeping the weeds on the surfaces of soil. A flat hoe is used for flattering the soil by push and pull activities.The tool is used for weeding, collection if weeds and gathering of harvested crops, paddy straw etc.
The straight black hand hoe is a long handled hand tool for operation between the crop rows. It consists of a blade, curved arm, ferrule and along wooden handle.

3 reviews for Malabar Hoe Head (sharpened) Ready to use

  1. James K.P

    Its sturdy build and has sharp edges as specified.

  2. Baby

    Quality 👌

  3. Nikesh

    Super quality and edges are too sharp

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