Green Chilli DIY Vegitable Kit (Grow Bag+Pot mix+Green Chilli Seeds)

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  • DIY Packs
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Contains Seed, Grow Bag, Pot Mixture
  • Pot mIx –  1 kg + 1 cover

Now you can grow your favorite veggies in your own kitchen garden. Mix, fill, plant, and enjoy.  Make your daily routines easier and healthier
with our DIY veggies kit. All your planting essentials in just one pack. Green chillies are a common vegetable used in Indian kitchens for their spicy taste. Green chillies are scientifically known as Capsicum frutescens. The spiciness of green chillies comes from a chemical called capsaicin. Apart from providing a hot and spicy taste, capsaicin is responsible for numerous other health effects on the heart, stomach, and pain relief.  Now no need to worry about pesticides in veggies, you can grow green chillies in your own garden in just a few simple steps. Feel the joy of farming.

The Green Chilli DIY Vegetable Kit provides an easy and convenient way to cultivate vibrant green chillies at home. This kit includes a specialized grow bag, pot mix, and high-quality green chilli seeds. The grow bag is designed for optimal aeration and drainage, ensuring a healthy growing environment. The pot mix is carefully formulated to provide essential nutrients for robust plant development. Simply sow the green chilli seeds in the provided mix within the grow bag, and watch as your home garden comes to life with these flavorful and spicy peppers. This DIY kit is perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners, offering a hassle-free experience to enjoy the pleasure of growing and harvesting your own green chillies. Elevate your culinary adventures with homegrown, freshly picked chillies straight from your garden.

1 review for Green Chilli DIY Vegitable Kit (Grow Bag+Pot mix+Green Chilli Seeds)

  1. sindhuja menon

    brought 2 packs for my terrace farming…as its comes in combo ..its easy to plant …

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